DIY Contest: Time to Vote!

It’s been so much fun sharing many creative ideas from readers! I know a lot of people say this, but it was reaaaally hard to select just 24 projects.

diy shoe clips
Now let’s get to the fun part, the voting. You can vote for one favorite project by leaving a comment below this post. Don’t forget to add the # (number) of the project you would like to see win (i.e. #30). The top two projects with the highest number of votes will receive, $500 and a $100 gift certificate to Wendy Mink Jewelry, respectively. Voting will be open till next Thursday, April 8th. You can vote only once, so choose well!

Finalists, time to let the world know you need their vote. You can share this post with your friends on Twitter and Facebook by clicking on the small icons below. Good luck everyone!

#1: DIY Steampunk Cake Topper
#2: DIY Window Pane Menu
#3: DIY Moss and Milk Glass Centerpieces
#4: DIY Vintage Postcard Save-the-Date
#5: DIY Travel Paper Plane Mobile
#6: DIY Planter Centerpieces
#7: DIY Just Married Sign
#8: DIY Vintage Comb
#9: DIY Pinwheel Table Numbers
#10: DIY Vintage Crystal Statement Necklace
#11: DIY Pom Pom Bouquet
#12: DIY Favor Bags
#13: DIY Votive Vellum Wrapper
#14: DIY Bundt Pan Centerpieces
#15: DIY Shoe Embellishment
#16: DIY Vintage Wedding Book
#17: DIY Faux Milk Glass Centerpieces
#18: DIY Vintage Lace Headband
#19: DIY Vintage Hanging Centerpiece
#20: DIY Tin Can Vases
#21: DIY Teacup Cake Topper
#22: DIY Bow Tie
#23: DIY Photobooth Wall
#24: DIY Wine Bottle Centerpieces

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  1. I vote for #10, because it was the only one that I was so in love with that I had to try making it immediately! That’s the definition of good DIY instructions to me. 🙂

  2. LOVE #17. I have so many small vases at home that i don’t know what to do. Now it gives me an idea to revamp them to this elegant looking Faux Milk glass centerpieces. Totally stealing the idea. Thanks.!

  3. I have to vote #23 as I’ve already bookmarked it to use for our big day! It’s exactly what I wanted to do and presented in such an easy way for even non handy types like me to easily do! Second choice would be for #17 – another idea I’ll be using!

  4. Wow, really tough choice. I’m going with #16, because it’s a charming idea and I’ve never seen anything like it on a wedding blog/DIY tutorial before.

  5. There are so many great ideas! I vote for #24 though. I love this one! Great way to use your wine bottles. The bottles are beautiful and you can use them for so many different parties and occassions. The instructions sound pretty easy too. Can’t wait to try it!

  6. I’m voting for #16. I’d searched for a DIY tutorial like this and hadn’t seen anything similar. Excited to try it out.

  7. It’s so hard to choose – my vote is for #11 since I will likely make some of those flowers for decoration at my wedding.
    But I totally want to reuse vintage postcards (#4) at some point in my life – very cool

  8. I vote for #5! I am planning our best friend’s going away party and I’m doing travel theme. I am definitely doing this project!

  9. #17: DIY Faux Milk Glass Centerpieces

    I’ve often thought of doing this and would love to see people start using regular glass to “fake” milk glass not only because it’s cool and less expensive, but because I have about 30 of those clear Anchor Hocking bud vases to sell after our wedding!

    Great project.

  10. so many awesome ideas, but i vote #16. it’s a great idea for mini scrapbooks. i would use this idea for several occasions!

  11. #7–Such an easy way to make something that usually looks like an after thought beautiful and memorable.

  12. #2 Window Pane Menu
    Cute, rustic, and you can easily go find something free on CL from people renovating if you don’t have anything around the house.

    my second choice is 24 just because I love those pop-art colors and think this would be great for a lot of different applications.

  13. #3, using DIY milk glass from #17. 😉 I truly enjoyed this DIY countdown! Fantastic ideas! Thank you!

  14. REALLY hard to choose…. I think I have to go with #23, #2 is a really close second, though!

    <3 you vintage/mod ladies 😉

  15. My favorite is #16. I’ve always loved (and collected) old books so this is just perfect for me.

  16. I vote for #17 since it was the only one that really caught my eye! :] I wouldn’t have thought of them!

  17. Firstly, there are some great projects.
    Our favorite is #17. Annie is a genius– this is an amazing idea for any party, wedding or just decorating without spending tons of $$.
    Our second favorite is #14 because you can find old bundt pans in interesting shapes at thrift stores + after the wedding you can use them to bake!

  18. I vote for #16.

    I love the vintage wedding book, it is a great idea for more than just weddings and it is gorgeous! You can also try different styles but with the same general idea, so it’s versatile as well.

  19. #23 … I’ve seen this idea before, but the simple construction and personalization of this project really inspired me!

  20. #15 – I’m totally stealing this idea, and will be embellishing all my shoes (not just my wedding ones) from now on! So adorable!!

  21. My vote goes to #18 — I’m going to have to make one (or two!) — my second choice was #16 — perhaps I will find the time to make that one as well!

  22. #10 for sure! The necklace is beautiful and with those instructions even someone as DIY challenged as I am can make this!

  23. I choose #16 – excellent tutorial and the book would be something to cherish long after the wedding day was over. I’m sending the idea over to my sister now for her wedding!

  24. Well, I’m going to vote for myself, #24, but am so excited to try some of these other projects out! What wonderful entries there are!

  25. #24 – love them. I think you should send some to your Aunt Nikki so that she can share them with her friends. jk. It’s a wonderful idea for the wedding centerpieces.

  26. 23 – such a unique spin on a current trend (and awesome idea!) I love this especially since my venue is rather small and I didn’t think I could work in a photobooth due to space. Their idea can allow for the photos to go outdoors.

  27. #17 is amazing! I had just started collecting milk glass for my wedding and it was already getting pricey with the few pieces I have! This is going to be a great project for me! 🙂

  28. #21! How cute and with that cake it would be lovely at the top of tiered cupcakes to give you something to slice through for the photo album 😉


  29. #23!! I had so much fun with this and really liked ALL of the entries. I’m using quite a few of the ideas for my own wedding!

  30. #3. I know I’ve seen something similar but I’m biased as we are using the same vases and compotes for our centerpieces.

  31. #1! Reviving her parents’ cake topper, and including robots? I wish I vote vote 3462349 times for it!

  32. #23! This entire contest gave me so much inspiration!! (I loved #21, too, so if I could have a second vote… that would be it!)

  33. #11… I love yo yo flowers! They’re so fun! I’ll be making my boutonnierres out of them too.


  35. #3. great that you can make it all ahead of time. Plus I want to make these just to have around my house.

  36. I vote for #24. So unusual and fresh — I love that it is low cost and recycled and eyepoppingly pretty!

  37. Absolutely #1 – the details are incredible and show the amount of work that was put into it!

  38. Wow #10 is simply beautiful, inexpensive, and great environmental-reuse of materials!

  39. My favorite is #17, the DIY milk glass, because it really looks like milkglass, which is a money and time saver! My second favorite is #16- so original!

  40. All of the posts were so creative! It was tough, but I think my favorite is #23: DIY Photobooth Wall.

  41. #19, it works as art and decoration, so lovely and delicate while still making a statement.

  42. definetly #1.. was the most creative and innovative by far!! absolutely fantastic job 🙂

  43. I love number 23 – the photo booth. This idea could be customised to suit any wedding theme & a box of fun props behind the wall would make for some great guest photos! LOVE IT!

  44. Wow, this was kind of hard cause I really like several of the DIY projects. I’m going to vote for #18, too cute! (I also really likes 2 & 14)

  45. I’m a total jewelry junkie so I have go with #10: DIY Vintage Crystal Statement Necklace. Such a great way to make custom pieces for a bridal party. But they were all awesome inspiration!

  46. #9 for sure…so easy to find scraps of old wallpaper anywhere and who can cover a wall with a small piece? Perfect example of clever repurposing.

  47. Entry #17. LOVE this idea. It’s easy and inexpensive and creates a look that so many of us want but just don’t have the resources to pull off (ie: months searching for milk glass pieces). I love so many of the ideas, but this one is so doable even for the craf challenged!

  48. #16 Great idea! Wonderfully displayed! Very memorable, step by step visuals/instructions very well done.

  49. This was close for me – between both the painted bottle projects and the pinwheels but the uniqueness of #9 makes it a winner for me. NUMBER NINE NUMBER NINE NUMBER NINE.

  50. #14 is genius! I love all the DIY ideas but I think this one is something anyone can do (especially me that is completely arts and crafts challenged)

  51. #24 is beautiful and uses items i already have! love the idea! It’s the most practical and easy to reproduce. Definitely my favorite.

  52. close between 17 and 23, but i’m going to go with #17.

    it’s easy, affordable and accessibly to even noncrafty brides and grooms!

    such a fun contest amanda!

  53. Very good ideas from all of them. but my preference is number… 24
    yes, the wine bottle… the color, the simplicity… you can use them here and there… not just once. That is good and green…

  54. #24 DIY Wine Bottle Centerpieces for the win!! It’s creative and inexpensive, but most of all it was created by an amateur, which to me is a requirement for something to be “do-it-yourself.”

  55. I vote for Veronica’s lovely pinwheels! #9 all the way! They seem like a fairly easy project (some of the others looked a bit daunting), but just so original and sweet.
    Seriously, everyone’s projects are awesome. Lots of great ideas here!

  56. #11 rocks my socks!
    I especially love that she used little mementos from the bride and groom.

    I definitely vote as many times as one can vote for #11 🙂

  58. #4! Love the upcyled creativity! And it was great that she included tips on how to remove the old ink…

  59. I love #4. It looks like a ton of work if you have to get the ink off of old cards, but so worth it.

  60. #4 because my mom always sends me vintage postcards in the mail and I LOVE this idea and might steal it for my own future wedding!

  61. Love #17-great idea for a wedding or your home-so easy with such great results. Will definitely try this.

  62. My vote goes to #4 Vintage Postcard Save-the-Date. This is so creative–terrific idea!

  63. My vote goes to #4 Vintage Postcard Save-the-Date. This is so creative–a terrific idea!

  64. My vote is for #4 Vintage Postcard Save The Date! LOVE LOVE LOVE the thought and creativity put into this project. How original!

  65. I have to vote for #4 – I love vintage stuff and scrapbooking/cardmaking (even though I’m terrible at it).

  66. I gotta go with #4. A lot of work, but such a cool finished product and a great souvenir for friends and family.

  67. #4 Vintage Postcard Save-the-date, absolutely!! What an awesomely creative and unique idea! Bet the guests had a blast getting these in the mail! 🙂

  68. #11! Something you can make with treasured meaning and then save to pass down from generation to generation. Love the idea!!!

  69. Entry #11 DIY Pom Pom Bouquet, a very unique non-floral bouquet for wedding day as well as for keepsake purpose! I love it!

    Good Job, Alexandra.

  70. # 16 I’m very into the vintage look and think this is the perfect way to make your wedding book special.

  71. #16 The Vintage Wedding Book is beautiful and a new bride would cherish this crafted book keepsake made for her and her groom.

  72. Really cool ideas all around but Number 9 is the one I like best. No more white plastic table numbers!!

  73. #24 – These vases are extraordinary re-use creations, beautifully painted, and lovely centerpieces for tables!!!

  74. Gotta go with #17. What an easy and inexpensive way to make your own vintage looking milk glass.

  75. My grandmother used to have some milk vases, they look just like these. Thank you Annie- My vote is for you!

  76. #20 is the best so far. I am always looking for new designs, and Cori Cook floral has the best. Awesome job once again!!!

  77. Without a doubt # 19 is absolutely fabulous! So original, so unusual and so easy to diy. Would make a wonderful bridal table decoration for an outdoor wedding.

  78. Love #20! Supplies are easy to get with a great result! Can’t wait to make some for my next event

  79. #11 is adorable and uniques. So much easier to save as a permanent reminder of such a special occasion.

  80. I think #24 is the cutest thing here. It has a cool pop art look, very Andy Warhol. The bright colors are totally hip. Very clever idea!!