DIY Travel Paper Plane Mobile

We’ll be picking up the pace posting more entries next week, but I wanted to leave you with one more DIY Contest submission before the weekend! Remember you have until next Thursday to send over your DIY project for a chance to win $500 (for first place) and $100 gift certificate to drool worthy jewelry from Wendy Mink. Just email me 4-6 images that are 600 pixels wide, a list of materials and instructions to amanda All you have to do is incorporate an old or used item in a DIY project!

Julia is our next contestant, who made this adorable paper plane mobile. The little planes were made out of maps from an old atlas, which gets me thinking of engaged couples with long distance relationship or just having a travel inspired wedding…

DIY Travel Paper Plane Mobile Materials

What you will need:

-old maps (I picked up a huge falling apart atlas at a thrift store for 50 cents)
-branches (from my backyard)
-several ribbons (local fabric store)
-pliable metal wire (local craft store)

DIY Travel Paper Plane Mobile Materials


Step 1: Measure and cut the map into 10-15 squares measuring 4×6” and 5×7”.
Step 2: Fold each map square into a basic paper airplane.
Step 3: Cut string into varying lengths and tape one end in the middle of each airplane. Tape airplane wings shut with double stick tape for a neater look.
Step 4: Gather branches into a snowflake shape to make mobile. The middle of each branch should be overlapping in the center. Take a piece of wire and wrap it around the middle of branches going in and around each branch until structure feels secure.
Step 5: Tie ribbons to the center of mobile and tie airplane strings from branches. Be sure to nicely trim ends of ribbons.
Step 6: Attach string to mobile and hang from ceiling.

DIY Travel Paper Plane Mobile

From Julia:

This airplane mobile is a great alternative to a centerpiece at a wedding. A collection of mobiles can be used as a decoration elsewhere, such as above the guest book or cake table.

  1. Yay it’s me!

    I still have this mobile hanging in my living… don’t really want to take it down. You can’t tell it’s meant as wedding decor, right??

  2. Oh, this is adorable, and really meaningful too! My sister is in a long-term, long-distance relationship and they’re always flying over the country to see each other, so this would be perfect for a couple like them. Love the use of twigs!

  3. LOVE this! Going to definitely use this for home decor AND wedding decor. I especially love the moss on the branches! So awesome!

  4. Love it! But how do you attache it to the ceiling? I hate the idea of centerpieces getting int the way of looking across the table and we’re going with a travel theme so this could be perfect!

  5. Love the twigs! I would like to make this with butterflies instead of airplanes for my girls!

  6. I love your paper airplanes. Could you tell me how you folded your airplanes so that the mapping is on the bottom also?