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DIY Wooden Coasters

DIY Wooden Coasters

This next submission for our DIY wedding favor contest is absolutely superb, but the most marvelous element is how eco-friendly they are. They are also cost next to nothing to make if you live in a woodsy part of the country. Our favorite part? The theme “Take a piece of Colorado with you!” message to guests. Thanks to Angela and Jeffrey for this submission.

diy woodsy wedding favors

1. Aspen (dead, to keep it eco friendly) or wood that is convenient in your location
2. Saw
3. Tung Oil and a rag
4. Twine and a favor tag

diy woodsy wedding favors

Find the wood you would like to use, make sure that it has a large enough diameter to work as a coaster for a mug. Saw 1/4″ thick (it is very easy to be consistent in size with a table saw, but any saw will work). Sand the coasters (we used several different grades of sanding paper). Use tung oil for a natural, but smooth polish. Wrap with twine and label – ours says “Take a piece of Colorado with you”!

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