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DIY Treat Bags

DIY Treat Bags

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Today we’ll be sharing more entries from our DIY Contest, so posting will be at full speed. We received so many entries that we may not be able to post them all, but we selected about 20 projects that will for sure be posted between today and tomorrow. We’ll be back to our normal schedule later this week, so not to worry! We’ve got some pretty amazing weddings lined up.

Remember voting won’t start till all entries are published, so keep your eyes peeled for the voting announcement!

First project up was sent by Kayla from Inkling Paper. She made a quick and easy favor bag embellished with a vintage map “ribbon”, and also shares a free download to complete the package.

DIY Treat bags wedding favors or welcome bags vintage maps travel theme

What you’ll need:

– Vintage Map (I used a super old thomas guide)
– Paper lunch sack
– Glue stick
– cutting mat
– X-acto knife
– Pencil and ruler
– Ribbon
– Zig-zag scissors (optional)
– Circle punch
– Circle template (download favor label.pdf)

Do-it-yourself welcome bags out of town travel theme vintage map


Step 1: Using your cutting mat, X-acto knife, and ruler cut a strip from your map (I made mine about 1″ by 6″). Trim the ends into an inverted “V” if desired.

Step 2 (optional):
Using your Zig-zag scissors (or pinking shears), cut about 1/2 and inch off the top of your paper bag to give it a little dimension and detail.

Step 3: Fold the top of your paper bag over on itself (I folded mine over about an inch).

Step 4: Open up your bag, fill it with treats, local goodies for out of town guests, or your wedding favors. Close of the bag and refold the flap along the crease you already made.

Step 5: Using a glue stick, glue the back side of your map strip. Fold the strip glue side down over the top of your treat bag with the “special” end facing the side you folded the paper bag flap towards.

Step 6: Cut 2, 3″ lengths of ribbon. Lay them “criss-cross-applesauce” on top of your map paper on the front flap of the bag.

Step 7: Using your circle punch, punch out an image from the downloadable template (you can scale the templates up or down to fit the size of your punch). I used a 1.5″ punch.

Step 8: Smear glue on the back of the paper circle. Flip it over and press it down firmly on top of your ribbon. The glue on the back of the paper circle should be enough to hold the ribbon down nicely.

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