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DIY Teacup Cake Topper

DIY Teacup Cake Topper

Another project sent by Julia, who also made this adorable DIY Travel Paper Plane Mobile. This time she made a teacup cake topper, that can be found either at thrift stores or in your grandma’s cupboard. It’s a great alternative if you would like to honor your grandparents if the traditional figurine cake topper is not your thing.

DIY Vintage Teacup China Cake Topper

What you’ll need:

-vintage teacup and saucer
-floral foam
-colored paper
-paper embellishments (I used pearl stickers)
-glue dots
-bowl of water

DIY Vintage Teacup China Cake Topper

Step 1: Trim floral foam to a size that will fit snugly into your teacup. Poke holes in the top to allow water to soak through better.

Step 2: Place floral foam in a bowl of water and tape down so it doesn’t float up. Make sure water gets into the holes you poked. Allow foam to soak at least ten minutes, but ideally over an hour (the more water it has, the longer the flowers will last).

Step 3: Arrange trimmed flowers in teacup, poking stems into the foam. If stems are soft or really thick, make a hole in the foam before inserting flower so you don’t break the stem.

Step 4: Cut paper into a flag shape and write names of the bride and groom on it. Embellish with whatever you choose (I used pearl stickers).

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DIY Vintage Teacup China Cake Topper

Step 5: Fold paper over end of twig and secure with glue dots. Insert twig into the foam of your flower arrangement.

Step 6: Place teacup and saucer on cake and take lots of pictures!

*All photos by Picture Party

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  • This is perfection. I love the teacup. I’m going to bake a coconut frosted cake tonight just so I can look at something somewhat as pretty!

  • WOW!!! girly ur SO inspirational….so vintagey. I LOVE IT!! n ur handwriting is amazing 😀

  • This is such a cute idea, and lovely photographs too – I really like the dreamy lighting! Snapdragons are one of my favourite kinds of flowers – great choice! 🙂

  • Wow, I really like it. At first I thought a teacup on a cake would be a little weird but this is awesome. Good job Julia.

  • I love the whole idea here, but the flowers and trig make it perfect. This one is my very favorite of all the entries! Anyone could pull this off, and it’s easy to make the cup complement the colors of the wedding.

  • wow! beautiful! this is way creative and yet so simple to throw together. a work of art!

  • I just stumble don this as I am planning on making my own wedding tablescapes. I’m wondering how long these will look fresh once assembled? Is it something I can do the evening before, or even a full day before the wedding?

  • I think these teacup arrangements would make fabulous centerpieces at a casual vintage weddings- you could put the table number on the little flag (which is actually my favorite part of the whole project!)

  • I love the idea! Only thing I’d like to add, is that DIY’ers can also use a wet floral foam (Oasis) that actually retains water like a sponge and is a much better idea to use with fresh flowers. If your craft store does not carry it, talk to your nearest florist and you can most likely buy a log from them! It’s also softer… Less stems broken!

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