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Transform Glass Vessels with these DIY Leather Sleeves

DIY Projects

Natural leather and brass, a combo we’re loving right now. These DIY leather sleeves are sitting pretty dressing up glass carafes and other glass vessels, and the how-to is almost too easy to share! Fiskars came to the rescue with the right tool for getting the perfectly straight cut = less expensive material wasted and the details on making your own in 15 minutes flat are below:

Leather Sleeve DIY

Leather Sleeve DIY

As with most of our DIYs, we dreamed up a project that could work in a wedding and translate to your home decor as well once it has served its initial purpose. We’d recommend using neutral colors if you want pieces that will work with decor for every season, and these baby pink + cream hues definitely do the trick!

Leather Sleeve DIY

What you’ll need:

Leather Sleeve DIY

Use a circumference calculator (like this one) to calculate the length of your leather piece. Add another 2 inches for the flaps. For the Ikea carafe, we used a 12×24″ pre-cut sheet of leather.

Genuine leather is expensive, so to avoid mistakes you always “measure twice and cut once”!

Leather Sleeve DIY

I started out by cutting the leather into long strips to make the cuffs. The sheet I had was 12″ tall, so I cut 3″ lengths giving me enough cuffs for 4 carafes. This 3 Piece Rotary Cutting Set will help you make sure you cut a perfectly straight line every time. The clear ruler allows you to align with the grid on the cutting board, so I knew the leather strips I was cutting were going to be 3 inches from the beginning to end.

This Rotary Cutting Set comes with an extra-large 18″ x 24″ Cutting Mat and a self-healing, double-sided surface, so I know I’ll be using for many, many projects to come.

The rotary cutter cuts thick leather like butter. The blade is sharp, so run it against the ruler just once but slowly. You don’t have to go back and forth with your cutter to cut think materials. In fact, don’t do it to avoid ragged edges. This tool would have been a godsend to make these ribbon wands!

Leather Sleeve DIY

It features a rolling 45 mm blade that cuts multiple layers and the blade gives clean edges, which is everything for a simple project like this one. It’s all about the perfect clean cut lines.

Leather Sleeve DIY

By now you should have 4 pieces that are 3″x 24″. Wrap one around the vase or carafe and mark where you’ll punch the holes for the snaps. You want them as close to the edge of the vessel as possible, but not so tight that the snaps won’t stay put. Make a template out of scrap fabric if you want to be sure before cutting the leather.

You’ll need 2 holes for each snap, so 4 total here. Follow the instructions on the box of snaps and hammer them with the help of the rivet anvil that they come with. So so easy, right?

Leather Sleeve DIY

Leather Sleeve DIY

Leather Sleeve DIY

If you’re making these for your wedding, you can use an alphabet stamp for leather and mark table numbers for the tables. Such a subtle but striking effect to a tablescape, if I say so myself!

Leather Sleeve DIY

Leather Sleeve DIY

Easy as 1-2-3, right? We live by the phrase simple, yet significant, and this minimalist design does just that. It means you can save a whole lot on the floral bill, by adding dimension in other areas. And we’re all for making every detail count! Whatever way you use them, they’re sure to make an impact. So head over to Fiskars to get the tools you need for this handy project, and we’d love to see what you create in the comments below!

This post was sponsored by Fiskars. All opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

Wedding Planning for the Busy Feminist

Wedding Planning

Some treats come in the form of a pizza box, a surprise date night in the city, or that simple engagement ring box that makes time stand still. But today the treat we’re bringing to you is a resource we can only equate to a wedding planning Bible. Amanda Pendolino, author of the newly-released book, Wedding Planning for the Busy Feminist, shares everything from comedic, yet relatable anecdotes to planning guidelines, modern etiquette tips and timeline advice. Naturally, as purveyors of laughter, lightheartedness and feel-good education, we had to get the word out!

mismatched bridesmaid dresses and bride with pink hair
Photo by Lauren Scotti

Modern women will agree that wedding planning is like a full-time job. One you’re supposed to commit as much effort to as your actual full-time job. (And if you’ve figured out a way to put a pause button on life, then please share your secret with us!) But for most people, it’s like a whirlwind of tasks that can be tough to navigate and a host of unsolicited “expectations” you’re not sure how to counter. The author describes the book as “an empowering survival guide that examines how modern women feel conflicted about outdated traditions and expensive social media fantasies but kinda want the perfect wedding anyway.” Solve all your problems? Heck yes!

This comedic book is like a wedding planning BIBLE! #weddingplanningresources #weddingtips #funnyreads #bridetobe
Photo by Charla Storey from this worn architecture wedding inspiration

leather jacket bride and groom
Photo by Jana Williams

Throughout the book, Amanda, who served as a Maid of Honor for her best friend and her sister at the exact same time, shares her first-hand experience in topics ranging from what to do if you’re thinking of nixing the bridal party tradition to reception ideas that surpass the bouquet toss standard. Below are a few sample chapters!

  • Your venue and date – why you need to keep both football schedules and elderly guests in mind!
  • Amanda’s Ultimate List of Money-Saving Tips
  • Your dress – what to expect at a bridal salon, how to deal with opinionated relatives or body insecurity, and tips for how to find something under $500
  • Photography – how to select the right wedding photographer and whether you should do an “unplugged” ceremony
  • How to write a speech
  • How to plan an unforgettable bachelorette party
  • Gift registries and showers – including nontraditional ideas for registries if you already have all the kitchen crap you need

colorful printed wedding dress
Photo by Let’s Frolic Together

farmers market wedding favors
Photo by Rachel Havel

glittery bridal booties and patterned socks
Photo by Lauren Scotti

We told ya she’d speak your language. In addition to these sections (and more – you can peek at the table of contents to see every topic), she provides a 20-page appendix to wedding resources such as vendors, online ministries, license information, registries, etc. Translation: this boss woman done the research for you!

Wedding Planning for the Busy Feminist Book Flatlay

MOH kiss on cheek
Photo by M & J Photography

vodka lemonade wedding favors
Photo by Cambria Grace Photography

“There is no single, correct way to have a wedding. Also, cultural and regional traditions and etiquette vary widely. YOU DO YOU is a wedding planning mantra that will serve you well. Say it with me: YOU DO YOU.” -Excerpt

wedding sparklers and bridal crown
Photo by Linda Lauva

waffle cake
Photo by Jadie Jo Photography

All in all, we’re confident this read is a winner. So take a weekend to lounge in a cafe, kicking back with Wedding Planning for the Busy Feminist for “research” purposes. Bring your bride tribe with you, or a friend who’s been through it before, and get ready to take this modern planning game by the nontraditional horns.

celestial white bridesmaid dresses
Photo by Dean Snushall from this all-white bridesmaid dress roundup

boho Spanish bride and printed groom suit
Photo by Elsa Campbell Photography


Wedding Planning for the Busy Feminist Book Flatlay

This post was sponsored by Amanda Pendolino. All opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

Cozy Engagement Session at a Cottage by the Lake

Engagement Sessions

Well if this isn’t the world’s most adorable couple, then we don’t know what is. Hailey and Robert’s cozy engagement session has us free fallin’ into a tunnel of warm fuzzies. A gallery that captures the essence of their personalities, they ventured to those natural places close to their hearts. No frills, no gimmicks. Their engagement session reflected their everyday.

at home engagement session breakfast
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