Can’t pick a Holiday Card? Text Your Photo and Get 5 Free Card Designs!

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One of our favorite holiday rituals is steeped in tradition. Holiday cards are not only a delight for the eyes, they’re the perfect way to spread some extra cheer to the loved ones you haven’t seen in years (and also the ones you had coffee with yesterday). Minted is always one of our top sources, and their wide variety of designs from a collective of independent artists has us tumbling happily down the rabbit hole every time.

Personalized Holiday Cards Designed in a Pinch #Minted #holidays #holidaycards See More:
Photo by New Darlings | Design by Melanie Severin

But let’s face it, between the shopping, the cooking, the parties and the decorating, who has time to design and address personalized holiday cards? That’s why we love Minted’s efficient process that lets you filter by themes and customize multiple designs at once so you can get your favorite result faster. By turning on FindItFast, you can try your holiday photo on lots of designs at once! Once you’ve selected the design, you can tweak away in terms of color, font and of course your preferred lyric from Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You. It goes without saying that the text is entirely up to you, and Minted’s customization tool makes it uber simple to try out different combinations.

Personalized Holiday Cards Designed in a Pinch #Minted #holidays #holidaycards See More:
Designs by Kristie Kern and Baumbirdy

One thing we recently discovered was just how intuitive Minted designs services can be! If you have one stellar image in mind, you can text it to 415-301-CARD and get 5 free card designs that match your particular photo and include your family name + holiday message. How easy is that? And if you still prefer a design that’s entirely custom, you can work with your own Minted designer and receive unlimited proofs throughout the quick, yet thorough process.

Personalized Holiday Cards Designed in a Pinch #Minted #holidays #holidaycards See More:
Photo by The Tomkat Studio | Design by Oscar & Emma

Once your design is set + cards ordered, you can opt-in for a little goodie called recipient address printing, which does exactly what it sounds like. Your writing hand will thank you and the post office will too, with perfectly legible addressing on envelopes that coordinate with your holiday card.

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Personalized Holiday Cards Designed in a Pinch #Minted #holidays #holidaycards See More:

Snail mail is just one of life’s little pleasures that we hope stays around forever, and it gets even better where a couple snowflakes and self-portraits are involved. With seriously fine paper quality and printing as crisp as candied pecans, Minted’s knack for creating something beautiful and fresh is something people are talking about more + more. So browse their collection of over 1000 designs for Christmas, Hanukkah and business holiday celebrations here!

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