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DIY Ring Bearer Bow Tie

DIY Ring Bearer Bow Tie

Wow, do we have a busy day today. Luckily for me I am loving every minute of posting these DIY entries! Next up is an easy to make bow tie Abbi made for a ring bearer, but it could be made for adults as well. How cute is her model?

What you’ll need:
– Vintage fabric
– Ribbon to match the fabric ( )
– A sew-on snap
– Thread

DIY Vintage floral fabric bow tie

Step 1: Cut your fabric to 4 ½ inches by 8 inches.

Step 2: Fold in half length wise with the right sides together and sew a ½ inch seam. This will make a tube that you need to turn right side out.

Step 3: Take your fabric tube and press it flat with the seam in the middle of the back.

Step 4: Now fold the tube in half with the seam side out and take a ½ inch seam to make the tube into a circle. Turn it so the seam is on the inside.
Step 5: Flatten it with the seam in the middle of the back and then scrunch it up in the middle to make it look like a bowtie. Wrap a piece of ribbon around it and sew it in place.

Step 6: Measure the wearer’s neck and cut a piece of ribbon long enough to go around plus 1 inch for overlapping and folding over.

Step 7: Sew one end of the ribbon to the ribbon on the back of the bow tie. Also sew one side of the snap in place there.

Step 8: At the other end fold over the ribbon ½ inch for stability and sew the other side of the snap on there.

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