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DIY Vintage Bottle Centerpiece

DIY Vintage Bottle Centerpiece

Next up is Ashley’s DIY suspending glass centerpiece. Using small vintage bottles and manzanita branches, she created a gorgeous centerpiece that could be used to decorate escort card or guest book tables.

The first place winner will receive $500 and second place a $100 gift certificate to Wendy Mink Jewelry, so this is huge. Voting won’t start till all selected entries are published, so sit tight!

DIY suspending vintage bottle centerpiece chandelier

Materials Needed:

– A variety of vintage glass bottles in all sizes, such as old medicine & perfume bottles, and lonely salt-shakers that have lost their companion along the way. All of these can be found at any vintage or thrift shop.
– One spool of 24 gage wire in gold or silver available at hardware store
– Wire cutters available at hardware store
– Coral or Manzanita Branches found at craft supply stores
– One Tall Vase (that you already own or purchase at a craft store)
– An Assortment of Flowers found at any nursery or florist, or in your own backyard.

Prep work:
Wash and clean off old glass bottles. Prepare flowers for arrangement (I cut my flowers down for a Bradford Pear Tree in my yard and then trimmed the stem according to the bottle size)

DIY suspending vintage bottle centerpiece chandelier

Step 1: Take wire and measure across the neck of the bottle, add a little slack, cut the wire
Step 2: Wrap the wire around the bottle just below the rim, and loosely fasten it.
Step 3: Cut a short length (approx. 4 to 5 inches), this is for the handle.
Step 4: To create handle, attach one end to each side of the wire encircling the bottle, then twist each end to secure it.
Step 5: Now pull the loosely fastened end of the encircling wire, and secure the ends by twisting them together. Repeat for desired amount of bottles. (I did 4)
Step 6: Fill bottles with desired flowers
Step 7: Last drape hanging bottles throughout the branches

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  • Beautiful! I love the larger and smaller bottles and the Manzanita Branches are stunning. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ashley has done it again! So beautiful and natural! The bottles are so interesting. This is a very economical as well as environmental (recycling old bottles). The look that today’s bride is looking for!

  • Beautiful & very creative! Would make excellent centerpiece for outdoor party or wedding or every day sunroom decor!

  • I love it. It is very creative, and so unique. Simply Fabulous.

  • What a fantastic DIY! This is a beautiful way to use old glass bottles and flowers straight from your yard!

  • Love it!! Ashley is so creative. This is an excellent centerpiece for ANY event.

  • This looks absolutely lovely. I love glass, especially vintage bottles, and I love flowers, so what’s not to like? Great job, Ashley!

  • Simply charming! The bottles are wonderful! Such a great piece Ashley!

  • This looks like something even I could do. What a great idear and the instructions are short and to the point. lovely

  • Very unique; just what everyones looking for, and can do themselves!
    Great idea!

  • Beautiful and creative arrangement that can be made from items you have at home.

  • This is beautiful! Even a novice like myself could pull this off.

  • Ashley, this is sooo…beautiful.What a fun piece to display outside for summer!!! You have such creative ideas, you make us all want to use our imagination a little more. Love…love…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Where can I get some pretty clear bottles like this? I have some that are like 5 inches and I needs some taller ones (8-10in or taller) Any ideas?

    Thanks 🙂 Beautiful idea

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