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DIY Wedding Favor Tin Can Plants

DIY Wedding Favor Tin Can Plants

Today’s DIY contest entry comes from Melanie Blodgett of You Are My Fave. We love the idea of incorporating plants as your wedding favor, whether it’s fruit (seen here), herbs, or even flowers!
Reminder: Our DIY Favor Contest is still open to submissions! Submit any and all wedding favor ideas by April 3rd.

diy wedding favors tin can plants

diy wedding favors tin can plants

– sheet metal or a piece of wood painted with magnetic primer
– empty tin cans, label removed
– twine
– tags
– stamp (or just pretty handwriting)
– strong magnets
– strawberry plants and soil (herbs, wheat grass, moss or flowers would work well too)
– mini flag (made with a skewer and ribbon)

1. Paint the piece of wood with two coats of the magnetic primer and let dry.

2. Remove labels from tin cans and wash thoroughly and let dry.

diy wedding favors tin can plants

3. Stamp the tags and attach to the tin cans by knotting a piece of twine.

diy wedding favors tin can plants

4. Fill the can with soil and top with the strawberry plants. Stick the end of the skewer into the soil with the flag hanging over top.

diy wedding favors tin can plants

5. Attach two magnets to the back of the can and display in rows on the magnetized board for your guests to grab on the way out.

diy wedding favors tin can plants

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  • LOVE LOVE this! The magnetic board is such a great way to display these favors! I will be incorporating this in my wedding for sure!

  • What an unusual idea. This would be very memorable indeed. Thanks for sharing!

  • I LOVE this! I want to make one and hang it on the side of my fridge!

  • Really cute! I’m going to use these for my herbs on my kitchen counter. 🙂

  • This is super cute – I’m not getting married but I kind of want to do this in my apartment. The magnetic board is a great way to grow more plants in a smaller space. Thanks for sharing!

  • for anyone who is curious- the cute fabric is from liberty of london’s tana lawn collection 🙂

  • You should definitely poke a hole or 2 on the bottom of the tin cans prior to planting so that they are able to drain when watered… otherwise they are not going to last too long!

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