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Vintage Orange Crate Art Labels

Vintage Orange Crate Art Labels

I love to wander the aisles of a library or bookstore, it seems like on every trip I always come back with something interesting. This time I found a book at the library called “Orange Crate Art – The Story of the Labels that Launched a Golden Era”, by John Salkin and Laurie Gordon, with dozens of original vintage crate label designs. These are perfect for an outdoor Summer wedding! I envision a beautiful wedding in California using these pretties:

Vintage Orange Fruit Crate Labels
Vintage Orange Fruit Crate Labels
Vintage Orange Fruit Crate Labels

You can find this book at most libraries and also here.

Images from this book are copyright protected thus are not allowed for commercial use.

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  • These would be fantastic wedding decor! A vintage grove theme would be so whimsical! I smell mimosas!

  • How beautiful! I would adore having these at my summer California wedding next year. Hmm…

  • Love it! I’m from Redlands – they sell these designs all over. Never thought of using them as part of anything wedding related, but I’ll now consider!

  • Love this idea, We am having a vintage/chinese themed wedding next summer and these inspired me to look up some old vintage chinese firecraker posters. The ones I found are great but i am not sure what to do with them, and how to encorporate them into the wedding, Does anyone have any ideas??

  • Hi Karla,

    You can use them on your wedding favors, as table numbers, as save the dates, … you name it!

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