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30 Unique Engagement Rings for the Designer Bride

30 Unique Engagement Rings for the Designer Bride

Diamond Engagement Rings 21

Choosing the perfect ring is tough. Everyone’s tastes are unique and finding the piece of jewelry that your loved one would like to wear takes so much time and could be confusing. We are here to save you! We’ve rounded up 35 engagement rings every designer bride would forever cherish! With these unique engagement ring ideas, set yourself apart from all of the other stunning Instagram ring photos.

Ready? Catch your heart falling for these!

Elegant Diamond Engagement Rings Royal Vintage

Photo by Emily March Photography

Diamond Engagement Rings

Photo by Jake and Heather Photography

Clear Diamond Engagement Rings Large Pendant

Photo by Camille Catherine Photography

Stacked Sparkly Diamond Engagement Rings

Not used to wearing jewelry? Don’t get caught up in “carat envy”! If you want something that looks light and airy, go for a skinny wedding band and a stackable ring style for your wedding set.

Jewelry by Consider the Wild Flowers

Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring Ideas

Photo from Amalie Orrange Photography

Stacked Minimalist Diamond Engagement Rings

Stackable rings have been a trend for a unique engagement ring statement. It is also perfect for women who want to alternate the look of their rings each day.

You can also continue to wear it as an accessory after you select the actual ring.

Photo by Olivia Leigh Photographie

Classic Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

Wedding Photographer Kaylayestal

Diamond Engagement Rings

Wedding Jewelry by Melanie Casey Jewelry

Classic Diamond Engagement Rings

Photography by Justine Milton Photography and Classic Jewelry by Providence Vintage Jewelry

Minimalist Vintage Sculpted Diamond Engagement Rings

Jewelry by Grew and Co

Classic Diamond Engagement Rings

Handcrafted Jewelry by Trumpet and Horn

Floral Accent Diamond Engagement Rings 15

Oh la la. I mean seriously! The gorgeous shape of this ring has us glued to our screens and I don’t think we’ll ever recover from the beauty.

Photo by Justine Milton

Elegant Amethyst Diamond Engagement Rings 16

Captured by Anneli Marinovich and Jewelry by Ruth Tomlinson Jewellery

Exquisite Marquise-cut Royal Diamond Engagement Rings

Photography Mango Studios

Diamond Engagement Rings held by Invisible Settings

Fine Jewelry by Grew and Co

Glassy Diamond Engagement Rings

Photo by Jenna Joseph, Jewelry by Marrow Fine by Jillian Sassone and Stationery by Twinkle and Toast

Rectangle Cut Clear Diamond Engagement Rings 22

Photo by Joshmore House

Large Marquise-cut Diamond Engagement Rings with

Photo by Brklyn View Photography

Diamond Engagement Rings

Jewelry by Melanie Casey

Diamond Engagement Rings

Jewelry by Melanie Casey

Gold Diamond Endowment Rings

Talk about a match made in heaven! This gorgeous duo has officially taken our breath away.

Photo by Laura Gordon Wedding Photographer

Emerald Diamond Engagement Rings

Photo by Kylee Yee

Edgy Geometrical Diamond Rings

Photo by Nikki Rhodes and Jewelry by Victor Barbone

Thin Band Elegant Engagement Rings

Photo by Michael and Carina and Jewelry by Susie Saltzman

Constellation Inspired Large Engagement Rings

Jewelry by Marrow Fine by Jillian Sassone

Classic Simple Sparkly Engagement Rings

Photo By This Modern Romance and Jewelry By Trumpet and Horn

Garden Themed Green White Engagement Rings

Photo By Sydney Tolifson

3 Stoned Diamond Rings 33

Jewelry by Susie Saltzman

Sparkly Wedding Endowment Rings for Designer Bride

Tenth and Grace Wedding Photographer and Jewelry by Susie Saltzman
Styling + Design by Chloe+Mint + Nicole Chapman Design and Calligraphy by Seniman Calligraphy

Tear Shaped Engagement Rings

Photo by Sophie Epton Photography and Jewelry by Susie Saltzman

Want more? Who doesn’t! We have listed another 26 Cluster Engagement Rings. We love every style on this list of delicate rings for your engagement. You will surely fall in love with these too!

Oh, and if you love antique rings these are for you: 8 Vintage Engagement Rings That’ll Spark Serious Joy

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