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6 Ways To Elevate Your Winter wedding Invitations With Minted

6 Ways To Elevate Your Winter wedding Invitations With Minted

modern greenery wedding invitations from Minted

I get it. It can be tough to find winter wedding invitations that reflect a sophisticated, chic vibe without getting into holiday aesthetic territory. But how can you blend the two seamlessly, while still reflecting that seasonal flair? If you’re feeling like literal representations are so yesterday, then we’re here to confirm your suspicion that there are tons of subtle nods you can give to all things merry + bright through font, color blends and texture to name a few! So today we’re partnering with Minted to talk about just that! And give you a glimpse into their newly unwrapped winter line showcasing a diverse collection of designs from independent artists all over the globe. ‘Tis the season!

black and gold wedding invitations

So what are some tried + true tricks for winter wedding invitations that stand in their own spotlight?

1. Custom Envelopes

Out of the box envelopes are a quick and easy way to make a lasting visual impact. They can set the tone for your signature pattern right off the bat and add interest to a suite that otherwise might stay in the solid zone.

2. Snazzy Script

Artistic script printing means elevated invitations for days. Not only does the script font employ this air of polish, it makes the eyes dance across the card in a way that encourages you to linger. We love the look of mixed fonts too. So if you want to up your creative edge even further, think about how you can combine modern typography with romantic script in a way that feels balanced.

modern greenery wedding invitations from Minted

3. Foil Embellishments

Call it gloss, shine or a holiday glow, colored foil is a mod way to dress up your invitation suite with a little bit of illumination. This trick comes in handy especially for cards with a deeper color like black, navy or burgundy. And you don’t just have to stick to classic gold! Minted has foil stamping options ranging from silver to rose gold to ice blue to bronze. Heck, if you wanted to have black foil pressed onto your black invitation card for some extra mystique, you can live your dream and do it!

4. Luxurious Cardstock

Speaking of cardstock, one thing Minted does unbelievably well is provide quality card stock. I’m talking the Dom Perignon of paper. And they do it for an affordable price. You can opt for thick + luxurious, pearlescent, recycled, doublethick and even luxe museum board. There’s no bending this baby in the post!

navy wedding invitation suite from Minted

5. Personalized Stamps + Wax Seals

Monogrammed stickers and custom wax detail… these are a couple of our favorite things. Not only does a symbol like this make you look like the master of a historic European manor home, it gives you the opportunity to make every little detail about you. And as your wedding paperie, every detail should reflect you!

6. Textured Bands

Now here’s the good stuff. Creating depth through texture is an understated, yet elegant way to build interest while simultaneously abiding by the “less is more” rule of thumb. From paper to nylon to burlap to gossamer, here’s a piece that can give your guests a sneak peek of what to expect in the wedding day decor.

aubergine wedding invitation suite from Minted with blended watercolor design

Minted makes the invitation design process so darn easy. And while you can choose from already outstanding array of design templates from real stationers + calligraphers that are internationally known, you can take it one step further and work with a dedicated Minted designer to create something 100% unique. And in terms of how much you can edit… the limit does not exist, pal.

If you’re thinking, “That’s cool Amanda, but what about the day of paper goods too. I don’t want to be left hanging on the wedding day itself!” Well… I’m glad you asked. These designer templates come ready with all the fixings from the invitation suite to day-of-goods like programs, menus, place cards to adorable extras like welcome bag tags. And no extra work for you! We’d say that’s pretty suite 😉

modern charcoal wedding invitation suite from Minted

So explore all of their winter wedding invitations that are fresh out the bag, grab a free sample and promise us that you won’t take tradition too seriously. Wedding paperie is meant to be all about you, so take advantage of these cool personalization tools and please report back with your fave designs!

P.S. We won’t judge you if you want to continue down the totally inspiration-packed rabbit hole of wedding graphics, so check out this post on how you can coordinate your invites with your wedding website next 😉

This post was sponsored by Minted. All opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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