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6 Places To Display Your Wedding Hashtag

6 Places To Display Your Wedding Hashtag

Wedding Hashers Ruffled

Wedding hashtags, HUH. What are they good for? Absolutely everything. When used strategically, a wedding hashtag offers you a unique perspective of your entire engagement season from your loved ones’ point of view – visual heirlooms worth their weight in gold! You can collect hundreds of images you wouldn’t have otherwise, and not just from the wedding day itself.

Bridal showers, bachelorette weekends many other pre-wedding festivities are all opportunities to engage your guests with a creative, memorable and all-around fun wedding hashtag. So today we thought we’d partner with the masters behind such punny hashtags as #ToInfinityAndDupond and #Never Bean Better, The Wedding Hashers, to share our favorite places to display your wedding hashtag, before, during and after the day… because coming up with an epic wedding hashtag is just the half of it. 

Wedding Hashers Ruffled
Photo by Nikki Santerre with signage by Staccato

You don’t have to go overboard to make a wedding hashtag stick with your guests. Below are a few ideas to get started, but remember, it’s all about balance! 

1. Save the Dates & Wedding Website

Starting as early as the Save the Dates builds hype for your wedding, sets the mood and gives your guests a chance to register the hashtag so they can start using it during wedding-related events before the day. Because your actual invitations are meant to be a bit more formal, avoid using your hashtag on these mementos in particular. 

2. Welcome Gift

If you’re gifting some treats to guests staying at your room blocks, include your wedding hashtag on the welcome letter, along with the itinerary, local area recs, etc. It serves as a timely reminder, especially for destination weddings where they may want to use the hashtag with images they share during the weekend of travel as a whole. 

3. Wedding Day Signage

This one’s a bit loaded, as signage means everything from welcome signage at the ceremony to directional signage at the reception. You might even include it on your bar signage should you have custom menus made. They key to displaying your wedding hashtag is balance. You don’t need to include it on every single sign that you showcase throughout the day. Determine the main spots you want your guests to have a couple reminders, and leave the rest to them! 

4. Photo Booth

Whether used in the actual backdrop as laser cut or neon signage, or referenced in a frame or chalkboard next to the props table, make sure you give your hashtag a shoutout somewhere near this vignette as it’s likely where most guests will be utilizing the hashtag! 

Wedding Hashers Ruffled
Photo by James & Schulze

5. Cocktail Napkins

Personalized napkins placed at the bar or used during Cocktail Hour is a fun and easy way to include your wedding hashtag. Not only is it a good ice breaker for guests who don’t know one another, it’s a great opportunity for guests to snap pictures in gorgeous light playing lawn games, socializing, etc. Not to mention, this is early enough in the night to where everyone still looks their best!

6. Custom Treats

Wedding day favors, or even bridal shower goodies, can feature your wedding hashtag. Hey, they make for great photo props of their own, so three cheers for multi-purpose wedding details!  

So now that you’ve got some places to put your hashtag, aren’t you ready to get creating? 

How To Generate Your Custom Wedding Hashtag

Truth be told, not all wedding hashtags are made equal. That’s why we say leave it to the pros! The amount of time you’ll spend wracking your brain for the perfect pun that a) hasn’t been used before, b) won’t be too complicated for your guests to remember or spell and c) fits with the style + mood of your wedding is something you won’t regret until it’s too late.

Those are a lot of pre-requisites, my friend. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather fill my schedule with fun or relaxing activities than stress over something that I could purchase for less than the cost of a date night at Chipotle. Of course, generic wedding hashtag generators that don’t cost a dime exist, but you’ll quickly find they have yet to match the witty personalization only a human brain can deliver. 

Wedding Hashers Ruffled
Photo by Abby Jiu with signage by Underwood Letterpress

That’s why we feel like we hit the jackpot when we discovered The Wedding Hashers – a company with real writers brainstorming on unique hashtag options just for you. Because they have so much more to go on than your names alone, they can deliver the most genius puns and alliterations that fit with your wedding style, mood and destination. With over 100,000 hashtags under their belt, it’s clear they can whip together clever solutions for even the most difficult names. So even if you go by Saoirse Ronan, you can breathe easy 😉

Getting started is easy as 1-2-3

  1. Share a few basic details about you, your partner and the wedding HERE
  2. Let their expert writers craft personalized hashtags just for you
  3. Receive 3 curated hashtags in your inbox within 1 business day and share with the world! 
Wedding Hashers Ruffled
Photo by Brittany Dale with signage by Project Vow

If this doesn’t have you doing a happy dance because it’s one less wedding planning task on the to-do list, we don’t know what will! Whether you’re looking for a fun rhyme, word play or a memorable alliteration, The Wedding Hashers does not disappoint. Send them your deets in .07 seconds flat or pad your submission with extra information like nicknames, where you met, the proposal story, shared hobbies/passions, the wedding theme, location or date… the more details you share, the more information they can use to create something uber personalized for you! Get ready to see your names in a whole new light and spread the word in the most creative ways before, during and after your celebration. As beloved poet, Aerosmith, once said, you don’t wanna miss a thing.

This post was sponsored by The Wedding Hashers. All opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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