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How To Choose Your Perfect Calligraphy Style

How To Choose Your Perfect Calligraphy Style

pink wedding invitations with scripty calligraphy

Today we’re chatting about why you should give much ado about lettering, and particularly, why the calligraphy style you choose is important. ‘Cause let me tell you, there are a whole host of fonts out there, as well as an epic collective of calligraphers with their own unique twist. While many couples today take advantage of digital printing for addressing their invitation envelopes, some people still love that personal touch offered by handwritten details. So if you’re one of these people, what defining style will be yours?

pink wedding invitations with scripty calligraphy
Photo by Teryn Lee with calligraphy by Rachel Jacobson Studio

wedding invitations with custom monogram crest and art card
Photo by Carmen Santorelli with calligraphy by Libby Rae Studio

The best place to start is to think about your wedding mood. Are you having a formal black tie wedding with a plated dinner or a laidback beach wedding with tiki torches and a grazing table? What kind of ambiance can your guests expect to feel, and how can that be reflected in your invitations? The first type might mean you go for the traditional, Old English strokes with elongated ovals and ornate flourishes, while the latter might mean you choose a whimsical watercolor brushstroke with curved lines and fun curlicues.

black dutch flower wedding invitations with gold calligraphy
Photo by Olga Siyanko with calligraphy by My Morning Glory

When researching different styles, just trust your gut! You don’t need to squint too hard at the brushstroke thickness or the letter shapes individually, but rather as a part of a whole. If the style is consistent and if it sparks joy with you (hey, Marie Kondo – we hear you!), it’s probably a good sign this style will be a good fit.

whimsical wedding invitations with handwritten calligraphy
Photo by Laura Catherine Photography with calligraphy by Hazel Wonderland

mixed font wedding invitations with handwritten calligraphy
Photo by Kayla Barker Photography with calligraphy by Dixie Design

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Take a look at your wedding invitations as well, if they’ve already been printed. You’ll want to keep the fonts used here in mind when finalizing your calligraphy style and choose something that’s complementary. Something that connects the addressing with the info, though calligraphy doesn’t stop there. You can extend calligraphy into your day-of goods like table numbers and seating charts, but also in your thank you notes after the fact. If your wedding invitations are the first impression, you’ll want to choose a style that is cohesive with every element of your wedding and that speaks to your personality.

watercolor brushstroke calligraphy with a farmers market bridal shower theme
Photo by Lisa Blume with calligraphy by Meant to Be Calligraphy from this farmer’s market inspired bridal shower

whimsical calligraphy with illustrations
Photo by Rebecca Langford Photography with calligraphy by Foxhare Designs

And if it feels like Sophie’s Choice between fonts, mixing them isn’t off the table! As long as the calligraphy style is cohesive with your wedding elements and complementary to the rest of the paper goods, we say go for anything that speaks to you. Remember, every artist will put their own unique twist on hand lettering, so the options out there are endless!

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