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DIY Paper Eucalyptus

DIY Projects, Home Decor DIY

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You can make these DIY paper eucalyptus branches in a jiffy, for whenever you need some fresh greenery to make a wreath and accessorize small pots. We also whipped up a fun table number holder idea that you can make yourself, with free printables included! We’re sharing the full how-to after the jump:

DIY Paper Eucalyptus and wood table numbers with free printables
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DIY Gold Wire Wreath

DIY Projects

Photos by:

Here’s a gorgeous wreath you can whip up this weekend as a last minute holiday prep for your parties! Kathryn from Studio Cultivate created these gold ring wreaths using macrame hoops and winter greens, shot by Alicia White. I will be decking the halls with these pretties this weekend for sure!

DIY Gold Wire Wreath - Studio Cultivate for Ruffled - photo Alicia White

DIY Gold Wire Wreath - Studio Cultivate for Ruffled - photo Alicia White

What you will need:

Brass Macrame hoops – size of your choosing- 10, 12 or 14 inches work great
Winter Greens- juniper, cypress, fir
Flowers – dried from any hobby store or fresh from the market
Floral Tape
Floral Wire

DIY Gold Wire Wreath - Studio Cultivate for Ruffled - photo Alicia White

DIY Gold Wire Wreath - Studio Cultivate for Ruffled - photo Alicia White

1. Gather your foraged winter greens and supplies on your work table.
2. Starting with the largest sprigs of juniper first, tear off several inches of floral tape and begin to work the sprig around the curve of the ring. Floral tape has a bit of stretch to it that helps to make it stickier, pull it gently before wrapping, and it will hold to itself better.
3. Add a second sprig stretching the opposite direction. Pieces do not have to be the same size, embracing an asymmetrical composition makes it more interesting, and much easier for you!
4. Begin to add other greenery, of smaller pieces. Use floral wire to twist in place. Stiffer branches like Fir only needs wire twisted to hold it in place at one point, where as floral tape needs to be applied in mulptile places for branches of juniper or cypress.

DIY Gold Wire Wreath - Studio Cultivate for Ruffled - photo Alicia White


5. To add pinecones, wrap wire through the bottom shingles of the pine cone and twist into place around the ring. Alternatively, you can also hot glue in place.
6. You can either use wire to add live flowers, or hot glue to attached dried flowers.
7. For an alternative wreath shape and size, work with cypress first, and then add juniper.
8. Using dried leafy branches that were died red, break of small bits and tuck them into the greens for a bit of color.
9. These work great for wreaths on your door, or hung in clusters over a serving table for your next gathering!

North Carolina Wedding Sourced from Antique Shops

Romantic Weddings

This right here is a wedding after our own hearts. Andrea and Joseph, the very talented duo behind Connection Photography, exchanged their own vows in the heart of North Carolina with their friend and fellow photographer Kelly Maughan Photography behind the camera. The couple collected endless amounts of beautiful antique decor to display throughout the wedding day, so let’s get started!

North Carolina wedding sourced from antique shops - photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

From the bride, Andrea: As wedding photographers ourselves we see so many weddings and everyone would constantly say “You must know exactly what you want for your wedding!” But it was completely opposite. We knew for sure all the things we did NOT want on our wedding day but everything else we just kind of decided along the way. I’m from Ohio and Joseph is from North Carolina so we wanted to incorporate that in our wedding somehow so we used our state shapes for decoration on invites and menus. We spent hours walking through dozens of antique stores picking out gold and cream colored vases, tins and accessories to use for centerpieces. Then when we had countless boxes filled we spent a few nights setting up each table the way we wanted it to look and taking pictures. Joseph’s aunt was also our florist so it helped that she could bring flowers over to see what we liked and didn’t like.

wedding paper goods - photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

glam wedding gowns - photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

sequin bridesmaid dresses - photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

glittery bridesmaid dresses - photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

bride and bridesmaids - photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

groomsmen boutonnieres - photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

rustic wedding bouquet - photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

3 weeks before our wedding we were wondering through an antique store and found our gold backdrop for the ceremony! It was sooo big and heavy that I had to ride 2 hours home in the backseat because it would only fit in the car with the front passenger side seat down! Joseph built a lot of things too. He built our cake table, the arbor that went over it, our head table and the bar sign out of an old mattress spring, lights and a custom sign we made. Everything just seemed to fall into place. We had tons of family and friends from North Carolina and from out of town who came and helped set everything up and without them it wouldn’t have been possible! They were amazing!

first looks - photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

bridesmaids on wood slices - photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

North Carolina wedding sourced from antique shops - photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

gold ceremony backdrop - photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

ceremony recessionals - photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

wedding portraits - photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

display escort cards in a china hutch - photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

unique seating charts - photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

backyard wedding reception - photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

antique wedding details - photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

I think our favorite part of the day was our first look when we could finally see each other and all the stresses of the wedding day just melted away. It was so nice too because we knocked out all the pictures we wanted before the ceremony and it calmed the nerves! We also loved having our friends shoot our wedding. It made it so easy to just be ourselves. Also, our reception was a blast! We had the Band of Oz and danced and laughed and just really enjoyed each other and our friends and family during the reception!

hanging reception decor - photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

tablescape inspiration - photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

mattress spring wedding decor - photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

unique wedding cakes - photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

North Carolina wedding sourced from antique shops - photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

flower topped cakes - photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

North Carolina wedding sourced from antique shops - photo by Kelly Maughan Photography

View all images from this wedding in the gallery

Wedding Location: Albemarle, NC / Photographer: Kelly Maughan Photography / Floral Design: Salisbury Flower Shop / Venue: Il Bella Gardens / Wedding Dress: La Jeune Mariee Bridal Boutique / Wedding Shoes: ModCloth / Hair: Traci Almond and Madison McIlwaine / Makeup: Nicole Rose and CO / Groom’s Attire: ASOS / Groom’s Shoes: Aldo / Wedding Cake: Cakes by Whit / Wedding Music: Band of Oz

DIY Wire Orbs

DIY Projects

Photos by:

We were instantly smitten when we saw these wire orbs hanging above the tablescape in today’s inspiration shoot from Honey & Twine Weddings and Events, so just imagine our delight when we learned that Hannah and Tria were willing to share how they made these little beauties! Our thanks goes out to Kimberly Chan Photography for expertly capturing each step along the way.

wire pearl decorations
wire orbs chandelier
From Hannah and Tria of Honey & Twine Weddings and Events: These whimsical and delicate little atoms only require a couple materials and some manual dexterity. We designed them for our inspiration shoot “The Artist & the Scientist” and suspended them over the table, but they’re versatile little things and can be used in a number of ways!

diy wire orbs necklace

For this project, you will need:
-wire (feel free to use varying thickness and color)
-wire cutters
-pearl beads

1. Thread wire through pearl and bend tail down to secure.

wire pearl decorations

2. We’re going to use our fingers to measure. Line up pearl with your ring finger.

diy wire orb tutorials

3. Twist wire around your fingers once, twice, three times.

diy wire orb tutorials

4. Cut wire at the middle of the back of your fingers.

diy wire orb tutorials

5. Pinch loops together at this middle point, and wrap the tail of your wire twice to secure the pinch.

diy wire orb tutorials

6. Open loops to form an “atom” shape.

diy wire orb tutorials

7. At the point where all the loops touch (opposite of your first “pinch”), wrap the pearl end twice to secure.

diy wire orb tutorials

View all images from this shoot in the gallery

Photoshoot Location: San Francisco, CA / Event Styling: Honey & Twine Weddings and Events / Photography: Page Bertelsen / Florals: Church Street Flowers / Rentals: Classic Party Rentals, SF / Hair and Makeup: WowPretty / Dresses: Novella Bridal Boutique / Model: Maria Fang / Venue: The Allied Arts Guild

You can bend them to be perfectly shaped, but we also love the personality and charm that slightly imperfect forms communicate.

diy wire orb tutorials
DIY wire orbs
DIY wire orbs

DIY Ice Bucket

DIY Projects

Photos by:

Our favorite DIY projects are the ones in which materials cost next to nothing and that requires no skills. This chic ice bucket made by Kim Fisher captured by Anne Liles Photography, is just that. Perfect for winter weddings, refreshing in summer soirees – just add berries or flowers instead of eucalyptus! I will let Kim take it from here:

DIY ice bucket

This is a really easy and inexpensive way to add a wintry touch to cocktails. For our insert bottle we cut the top off of an empty 2 liter plastic Ginger Ale bottle (Ginger Ale bottles have straight sides which is what you want plus a two liter bottle allows you to use the ice bucket for larger champagne bottles as well as still wine bottles), and dropped several small rocks in the base to weigh it down and placed it inside a straight sided 2 gallon plastic bucket (found at any paint store). You will sandwich the two containers like in this project.

We poured tap water into the 2 gallon bucket around the inserted plastic bottle( if you want a clearer finished product use distilled water but I prefer the smokey look for winter) making sure there was a good 2 inches of water under the inserted plastic bottle for a good base of ice. We then used heavy duty florist tape to tape off (simple criss cross) the top so the plastic insert bottle stays firm in place.

ice shot glasses diy

I used cut seeded eucalyptus branches and tucked them down into the sides – keep in mind that if you do this with flowers anything that pokes up from the water will discolor during the freezing process, vines and greenery tend to be the better choice for this project.We then plop the whole thing(carefully) into our freezer and leave over night.

Once it’s all frozen you simply remove the tape and rocks from the plastic insert bottle and pour warm water inside to loosen it, work and wiggle the bottle a little and it’ll pull out nicely. Turn the 2 gallon bucket on it’s side and run warm water around the outsides to loosen your ice bucket creation, it needs to be coaxed a little but eventually it slips out. This project easily lends itself to DIY ice shot glasses – instead of a plastic bottle and a bucket we used a large and small size of clear plastic cups. Same instructions, smaller scale, perfect for cranberry infused vodka shots.

View more images from this icy winter inspiration!

Best of 2012: Ceremonies

Wedding Design

Photos by:

Continuing with our Best Of 2012 weddings, we’ve got some stunning ceremonies that we just can’t get out of our heads! We’ve got an assortment of huge Pinterest hits and some of our personal favorites that have grown close to our hearts. Make sure to chime in on our comments sections with any you think we’ve left out!

This Canadian wedding ceremony with pink and white paper lanterns shot by Rowan Jane Photography continues to perk up our spirits to this very day:
paper lantern ceremony decorations

This Pennsylvania wedding from Alison Conklin easily wins for the dreamiest enchanted forest ceremony:
enchanted forest weddings

This Mexican beach wedding from Elizabeth Lloyd Photography had a ceremony full of all the right details, especially these unfinished ribbon chair ties and painted bottle aisle decorations:
beach wedding ceremonies

He and She Photography brought us this 1950s-inspired wedding full of color and personality:
retro ceremony ideas

This Seattle wedding ceremony from One Love Photo stole our hearts with its hanging vintage picture frame backdrop:
bohemian wedding ideas

The ceremony seating in this Melbourne wedding from Jonathan Ong was too perfect to pass up — what a great and easy way to inject some personality into your wedding day!
ceremony pew seating

This “Mint to Be” styled shoot was one of our biggest hits of the year, and it’s easy to see why! Images by Christa Elyce and styling by Ellanesque Weddings.
mint wedding ceremonies

The ceremony backdrop in this Palm Springs wedding from Dave Richards stole our breath and our hearts with its whimsy and endless streamers:
streamer ceremony backdrops

This Brooklyn winter wedding from Christina Szczupak at the Green Building had an industrial ceremony with string lights that positively warmed our hearts:
industrial wedding ceremonies

The decorations in the ceremony for Jane and Ryan’s San Diego wedding shot by Studio Castillero are the perfect hit of eclectic style:
indoor eclectic wedding ceremonies

Stay tuned as we reveal more of our 2012 favorites, from flowers to fashion to DIY projects, in the next few days!

DIY Lightbulb Topiaries + Placecards

DIY Projects

Photos by:

As promised, bride Becky from this morning’s wedding is with us to share how to make her lightbulb arrangements! These beauties would be the perfect statement piece at the entrance to a ceremony, reception, or even attention-grabbing centerpieces. In case you love these fixtures but are short on time, Becky has four remaining lightbulb arrangements available in Recycle Your Wedding!

DIY wedding topiary

From the bride, Becky: These arrangements turned out to be a wonderful alternative to flowers, and if you have time, you can collect lightbulbs from family, friends and co-workers. This is not a one-day project, it might take a couple of weekends to accomplish. Despite the effort, they will turn out beautifully and a new way to make your wedding or event spectacular.

For this project, you will need:
-3 sizes of clear light bulbs: 11 small lightbulbs, 34 standard size bulbs, and 6 globe/oversized bulbs
– Floral Sticks and Wire
– Spray paint
– Old sheet, towel, or drop cloth
– Chicken wire: Using chicken wire propped up between two ends (we used saw horses) we spray painted our bulbs and allowed them to dry. Otherwise, the bulbs will always touch on surface or another and dry with marks or indentations.
-I KEA FNISS Wastepaper basket: We selected black, and you will need 2 per arrangement. You could use any type of material that can be drilled through.
– Nuts, Bolts, and Washers: You will need 2 washers, and 1 nut and 1 bolt for each arrangement.
– Floral Foam: We used almost 5 brick sized pieces of foam in each arrangement.
– Tulle : We purchased our tulle from Michael’s Crafts on a roll. 3 rolls covered our 6 arrangements.
– Power drill

1. Lay out all of your floral sticks on the drop cloth. Use your black spray paint to coat so that no green areas can be seen. You might wear gloves as moving the sticks to paint all sides can be very messy. Let these dry overnight.

lightbulb arrangement diy tutorials

2. Invite over a bunch of friends or your family and attach your bulbs to the floral sticks, using the floral wire. Begin by wrapping the wire around the socket of the bulb, and then around the stick, and back around the bulb. It should be secure before proceeding. I wore a glove after several stabs from the wire! This is probably the most time consuming step.

3. Set up your chicken wire and secure in an area that you are not worried about paint staining walls, etc… Outside is the best place for this step. Decide which of your bulbs you want to paint for the project. Pull aside the numbers mentioned above to paint for each arrangement. You can do them one arrangement at a time or all at once. Spray paint usually dries quickly, but we left these outside (it was a dry evening) overnight.

lightbulb arrangement instructions

4. Drill holes into the bottom of your trash cans. 1 washer goes on the inside of each trash can, and you will need to run the bolt through one side and the nut on the other to connect the pieces. This is really a two person job.

5. Prepare your floral foam. Due to the humidity of my home state (Florida) and how breakable these arrangements are, we did not assemble ours until the week of the wedding. However, you could get your foam ready in advance and place it in sealable bags. Taking note of the picture, you maybe be required to shave down some of the foam to ensure a proper fit and that you have all of the areas covered.

lightbulb centerpiece arrangements diy

6. Arranging your light bulbs. This is a lot like floral arranging. Start with a row of regular sized bulbs along the rim of the trash can. These should be even all the way around. From there you will build height by adding bulbs in the sizes noted above. You may be required to break some of the floral sticks to achieve the height you want when placing each bulb and that’s okay.

7. Use a left over floral stick or other skinny item to push pieces of tulle down into the arrangement to hide the floral foam. The basic idea is to hide all of the green floral foam. You do not have to push it all the way down to meet the foam, but rather allow it to rest near the rim of the trash cans.

lightbulb wedding decor diy

After Step Seven take a look at all of your arrangements and make sure they are consistent in appearance and you are ready! Four of my arrangements are still for sale in the classifieds section of this website, and includes everything mentioned above.

DIY calligraphy lightbulb placecard
lightbulb placecards DIY

photos above by Kallima Photography

– plastic cups (similar ones here)
– spray paint in silver and gold
– lightbulbs
– sharpie

Make a small hole on the bottom of the cups where the lightbulbs will be placed. Spray paint cups. While those are drying, spray paint a portion of the lightbulbs in gold. Hand write or hire a calligrapher to write your guests’ names on the lightbulbs and voila, a little piece of art placed at each setting.

View all images from this tutorial in the gallery

DIY Geometric Honeycomb Decor

DIY Projects

Photos by:

Jenny Batt of Hank & Hunt is sharing yet another easy project that I have a feeling you will love it too! With our current obsession for polygons, what is not to love about this DIY Geometric Honeycomb Decor? The best thing about this project is that you can come up with your own polygon shape – or several of them. We’re partial to the several of them option.

diy geometric honeycomb decor

I’m still crazy over geometric shapes, are you? I just can’t seem to find enough ways to incorporate them into a party, that said, I’m always looking for easy ways to change up traditional party decor. I’m constantly looking for inspiration and when I saw Confetti System’s PARTYPARTYdecorations, I had an idea. I have made my own honeycomb balls from honeycomb pads in the past, but thought I could make these one step easier. Check out the solution below. You can also purchase them here if you prefer buying them ready or don’t have the time to make them.

diy geometric honeycomb decor

You will need:

honeycomb balls, various sizes (here is my secret source)
sharp, heavy duty scissors

diy geometric honeycomb decor
diy geometric honeycomb decor
diy geometric honeycomb decor
diy geometric honeycomb decor

Mark the center of the ball on the cardboard. Draw two straight lines on either side, forming half a square. Cut on the line, be careful not to cut the corners, it makes it more stable. On each cut line, gently run your fingernail over the edge to loosen the paper. Open and enjoy. Decorate as desired. Experiment with new shapes and have fun!

DIY Flower Bottle Garland

DIY Projects

Photos by:

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers is back to teach us how to make the adorable apothecary bottle hanging garland shown below from today’s photoshoot with Maggpie Vintage Rentals, Belovely Events, Maria Mack Photography and a dream team of vendors from Philly. We love this idea for dressing up a wall or fireplace, or even lining up the aisle with stakes at alternating heights. I will let Jennie take it from here:

From Jennie Love ‘n Fresh Flowers: For our Old World Philadelphia photo shoot, I wanted to incorporate a whimsical element that would still be in keeping with the 1700s era we were emulating. Glass medicine and tonic bottles would certainly have been plentiful at that time. And they just happen to be very plentiful in modern day weddings as well right now. While I regularly use them for cocktail tables, the idea of creating a delicate bottle garland seemed like a fun twist for dressing up a mantle.

DIY vintage glass bottle vase garland

This bottle garland project is incredibly simple. All you need is a thin, yet strong, wire and a collection of medicine bottles that have a lip around the opening (to stop the wire from slipping off). Snippets of flowers, greenery and succulents can fill the bottles. I also added little paper tags with cute wedding sayings on them for this rendition of the garland. If you’ve got a big enough bottle collection or a small enough guest list, you could use these tags on the bottle garlands to serve as your escort cards!

– Thin wire; the pictured colorful florist variety can be purchased at craft stores like Michaels
– Medicine bottles with a lip around the opening
– Fresh flowers, foliage or similar to fill the bottles
– Scissors
– Paper tags (optional)

Begin by looping the wire twice around the first bottle, being sure to leave a six to ten inch “tail” of wire on the end for hanging the garland. After you’ve made the two loops around the bottle, pull the wire as tight as you can and twist several times to secure. Roll out several more inches of wire (do not cut!) and add a bottle using the same double loop and twist method. Leave six to eight inches between bottles. Repeat until you have a garland of the desired length. Be sure to leave another “tail” of wire at the end for hanging.

The most secure way to hang the bottle garland is with nails. Wrap the wire “tails” several times around the nails on the ends and then hang the wire in between over additional nails. However, if you want to hang the bottle garland from a surface that can’t be nailed (such as the marble mantle in our photo shoot), clear packing tape can be used for shorter garlands. Just be sure to really press down on the tape and seal it up around the wire.

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers is back to teach us how to make the adorable apothecary bottle hanging garland shown below from View all images from this shoot in the gallery

Top photo by Maria Mack Photography, all others by Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

DIY Ruffled Wreath

DIY Projects

Photos by:

Next up on the roster of tutorials from our ombre inspiration shoot shot by Stephanie Yonce is this oh-so-sweet ruffled wreath. Honey of Honeydew Events LLC used an organza-like fabric, but any fabric and color would work wonderfully!

diy ruffled wreath tutorialdiy ruffled wreath tutorial

To make two ruffled wreaths inspired by this project, you will need:
-2 14″ floral Styrofoam forms
-strait pins with small or flat heads
-hot glue
-about 2 yards of fabric. We used an organza-like fabric, but it did ravel a lot!
-ribbon for hanging
-rotary cutter
-cutting mat
-glue gun and glue sticks
-(learned afterwards to use hairspray as well- as explained)

diy ruffled wreath tutorial

1. Fold your fabric in half, and place on a cutting mat. Using a rotary blade, cut the fabric into strips about 1.5-2 inches wide. Cut all of your fabric.

diy ruffled wreath tutorial

2. Take one form, and wrap the wreath evenly with the fabric strips. Secure the ends with hot glue. Repeat on the other form.

diy ruffled wreath tutorial

3. I used 60″ wide fabric. This was too long for the ruffles I needed. I cut each of the strips into 3 equal parts. Make a pile of pre-cut strips.

diy ruffled wreath tutorial

4. Take a strip, and accordion-fold the fabric on itself. Pinch the bottom of the folded piece, and insert a pin there. When you let go of the rest of the folded piece, it will fan out to make a ruffle! Pin this into the middle of the form. Work from this point. The next ruffle you make is going to lay on top of the first ruffle, not behind it.

5. Do this all the way around the form, using 1 pin per ruffle. Once you get to the last few ruffles, you will have to space them out so the spacing looks good.

diy ruffled wreath tutorial

6. I did glue the ends of each ruffles down, to make the ruffles more stable. This is optional.

7. I did learn after this project that this fabric ravels a LOT. To prevent this, give your wreath ruffles a few coats of non-sticky hairspray THEN trim the hanging pieces off!

diy ruffled wreath tutorial

View all images from this tutorial in the gallery

Top images by Stephanie Yonce.

DIY Zip Tie Chandelier

DIY Projects

Photos by:

The Event Stylists HEYLOOK are back with another DIY Project perfect for any occasion, really: a chandelier made from zip ties! These are ridiculously low-cost with a huge design payoff, and can be easily customized to fit the theme of your event. I’d love to see these as a giant art installation for a ceremony!

From HEYLOOK: To give a little industrial edge to this sweet valentine’s table setting, we made a zip tie chandelier inspired by Anthropologie displays.

valentine's day chandelier diy project from heylookvalentine's day chandelier diy project from heylook

valentine's day chandelier diy project from heylook

For this project, you’ll need:
– Spraypaint in the colors of your choice
– Zip-ties (we used 200 small ties for this chandelier)
– Clippers and metal wire

Start by making a circle of metal wire. Depending on the thickness of your wire, you’ll need to make it a double or triple round. It needs to be relatively stable so it won’t bend too much when the weight of the zip-ties is added.

valentine's day chandelier diy project from heylook
diy zip tie chandelier

Then add some lines of wire to the inside of the circle to give your chandelier some layers. Depending on how full you want your chandelier to look, you will need to add more wire lines. Now, if you’re not going for the industrial edgy look, you can replace the wire circle frame with anything more sleek and pretty. You could use any ready-made wooden, plastic or metal hoops. Spray paint them if you like. Use a large hoop for the outside and smaller ones for the inside. Then either tie them together with thin metal wiring or make the entire chandelier separately (you’ll end up with different sized, single line chandeliers that you can use either apart or hang them layered into one another).

valentine's day chandelier diy project
valentine's day chandelier diy project

Now make the zip-tie chains. Tie one loop (just until you hear the first click, so you get a very open loop), then tie the next one into it. Continue in this way. Now again, if you’re going for a symmetrical look, you can make all the outside chains one length and all the inside ones another one (the inside ones should be longer). We variated the chain lengths throughout the entire chandelier.

valentine's day chandelier diy project from heylook

valentine's day chandelier diy project from heylookvalentine's day chandelier diy project from heylook

Tie the chains to the frame, then grab a bunch from one side, lay them out flat on a covered surface and spraypaint them in one color. You can spraypaint the chains entirely or go for a white to color gradient look as we did. Hang them up to dry (make sure the painted chains don’t touch the unpainted ones – just tape the unpainted ones together), then repeat with another color.

When you’re done, arrange the chains on the wire frame to get the look you want. Then add a dap of hot glue to each chain to fix it into position on the metal frame. We bent them wire frame a little bit at this point, because the perfect circle frame was well, too “perfect” for the look we wanted. Hang the chandelier with nylon string.

Now, imagine a whole venue full of these. Awesome! You can make rainbow colored chandeliers or keep them all in one color or different shades of one tone.

Best of 2011: Ceremonies

Weekly Wrap Ups

Photos by:

We’re continuing our look back on our favorites of 2011, with a focus today on our most adored ceremony sites and decor! It was no easy feat to narrow down our choices, but we picked some we know you’ll remember and love:

streamer ceremony backdrop ideas
1.Philadelphia wedding, captured by Love Me Do Photography

barn wedding ceremony decor ideas
2. Rochester barn wedding, captured by Eric Lundgren Photography

theater wedding ceremony ideas
3. Illinois wedding, captured by Deidre Lynn Photography

steampunk outdoor ceremony ideas
4. Wedding at Serenbe, captured by W Scott Chester

indoor woodsy ceremony decor ideas
5. New Orleans wedding, captured by Kelly is Nice

ceremony decor ideas using doors and furniture
6. Tennessee Wedding, captured by Dixie Pixel

industrial ceremony ribbon backdrop
7. Atlanta warehouse wedding, captured by Kyle Hale

big willow tree ceremonygreenhouse wedding ceremony

8. Texas wedding, captured by Ryan Price; 9. Dublin wedding, captured by Magda Lukas with Brosnan Photographic

desert offbeat wedding ceremony stage
10. Mojave Desert wedding, captured by Made U Look Photography

handmade outdoor ceremony backdrop
11. Canadian Wedding, captured by Sweet Heirloom Photography

ghost chairs ceremonyBig Sur elopement
12. Australian wedding captured by CKMetro Photography, 13. Big Sur California Elopement, captured by Evynn LeValley Photography

boat canoe ceremony backdrop
14. A Steampunk Wedding, captured by Feather Love Photography

church pews outdoors ceremony ideas
15. Florida garden wedding, captured by Ben Sasso

We have many, many more to show here in the photo gallery!

Right Now in Recycle Your Wedding…


Photos by:

We were so delighted to stumble upon bride Jennifer’s listing in Recycle Your Wedding, we decided to make a full feature of it! For those of you not yet in-the-know, our Recycle Your Wedding section allows individuals to sell wedding items from across the board — from votives to china to dresses — so that other brides may scoop them up. Not only does this keep things eco-friendly by reusing items, but it adds that extra special touch of thrifty charm to your wedding day. No need to create an account… and did I mention this service is free? Adorable bride Jennifer is listing nearly all of the items from her wedding in RYW, and we hope you’ll take advantage of these great deals! All photos by Peacock Photography.

We especially love these handmade signs — how cute is hand drawn banner below?

vintage wedding decor itemsvintage wedding decor items

vintage wedding decor items

vintage wedding decor itemsvintage wedding decor items

Burlap table runners, wooden table numbers, wooden flower box crates — the possibilities are never-ending with these rustic chic decorations!

vintage wedding decor items

The bride will ship the items, or you can pick them up if you’re in the Austin, TX area!

vintage wedding decor itemsvintage wedding decor items

See the bride’s listing here and gawk over oodles of cute vintage ideas from her wedding in the gallery.

Recycle Your Wedding


Photos by:

In celebration of our beloved Australian weddings, for this week’s Recycle Your Wedding we thought we would feature some items straight from Down Under. The dress, an adorable short vintage frock, and the ring bearer’s bird’s nest were both featured in this precious Adelaide wedding we featured earlier this year.

sell used wedding decor vintage wedding dress DIY centerpieces

Clockwise from top:
floral rose garlands, $40; ring bearer’s bird’s nest, $15; Vintage 1950s Wedding Gown, $550

Weekly Wrap-Up

Weekly Wrap Ups

Photos by:

Happy Friday, all! We were absolutely delighted to see Shanna Murray has launched a new line of her delectable decals. We adore the idea of using her garland decals as frames around vintage photographs, or scattering some of her new decal mirror packages around your reception area. This is merely a small sampling of some of our new favorites from the artist:

shanna murray wedding decals

Of course, we’ve selected some highly capable wedding vendors from our Blue Label vendor guide to help you with your planning:
Adair Beauty: A+ beauty treatment in Minneapolis, MN
Calligraphy by Cristine: A literal one-stop-shop for all things calligraphy and paper goods based in Illinois + online
Amanda Rose Weddings: Savannah, Georgia and beyond wedding planner
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VIP Transportation Group: Vintage wedding transportation in the Central Florida region

And finally, we hope you didn’t miss any of our incredible features this week, but just in case you did:
Michigan Winter Wedding
Handcrafted Wisconsin Wedding
DIY Project: Upcycled Lanterns and Vases
San Francisco City Hall Wedding
April Shower Inspiration Shoot
Vintage Adelaide Wedding

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Right Now in Recycle Your Wedding…


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What better way to celebrate Wedding Wednesday than to find some carefully pre-loved wedding decorations for your own reception? We’ve seen listings come pouring in, and we’ve picked a few of our very favorites from the past week to share with you all. Personally, I’m loving the amber glass bottles… I am a huge fan of all things apothecary-like, and a wedding inspired by vintage apothecary is at the top of my list of favorites! Everyone is welcome to sell items they no longer need… brides, event stylists, florists… around the globe. Start selling.

resell your wedding decorations

Clockwise from top:
Vintage Decor & Cake Plates, $500 obo for lot of 800 pieces including 300 vintage doilies, 200 vases and 300 candle holders; glass cake stand, $35; amber glass bottles, $2 each, 120 available

Right now in Recycle Your Wedding…


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In the spirit of Spring, our picks from Recycle your Wedding this week are just waiting to be part of another gorgeous garden wedding. One listing that caught our eye is the Ikea Tolsby Frame, which we shared as part of a menu download last year. We revamped it and added an editable form, so you can type in your menu and table numbers directly. You can download them here while you’re at it.

menu wedding frames and fabric bird cake toppers

Ikea menu frames, 20 for $15; handmade paper garlands tonnage, $100 for all; handmade fabric bird cake topper, $50

Download courtesy of Two Brunettes

Recycle Your Wedding


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True to our word, we’ve got more gems to share with you all from our classified listings! Ruffled’s classifieds are a wonderful way to keep the carbon footprint of your wedding down by reusing gently loved wedding decor. We update our classifieds daily with new listings, so keep checking back for even more goodies!

recycle your wedding used decor

Clockwise from top left: Manzanitta branch centerpieces, $500 for 8 centerpieces; milk glass, $200 for a lot of 30 pieces; burlap bags, $25 for a bag of ~90; clothespin table number holders, $75 for 15 clothespins; mason jars with lids, $10 for one or $25 for all three

Recycle Your Wedding


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Given that Earth Day is coming up this Friday, we figured we’d try to help out our eco-conscious brides looking for a way to stay as green as possible while they plan their upcoming weddings. You can also arrange to pick up items with local brides to decrease fuel emissions and save on shipping. Eco and budget-friendly. What better way could there be to preserve resources than to recycle decor already loved by past brides? Our classifieds allow you to do just that (and for free!), so take a look around for some great deals and best of all, ready made DIY projects and hard to find vintage items.

recycle your wedding used decor

Clockwise from the top: soda crate and vintage soda bottles, $40 for all; gold vases, $5 each or $50 for a case of 12 (bride is selling 5 cases); DIY cake stand, $48.

We’re thinking about turning this into a weekly feature. You can list your wedding items here and we will pick our favorite items that are still for sale for our next feature. How does that sound?

Luna Bazaar


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Luna Bazaar is stocked with all those “extra” elements that make your wedding or event one your guests will continue to talk about after the day concludes. Their pieces are curated into a worldly mix of shapes, styles and designs but each one would fit perfectly into a vintage-themed wedding.

vintage glass bottles with flowers
One of the hardest parts of pulling together a cohesive wedding is finding enough of a single decor element to carry over throughout the whole day. At Luna Bazaar, they’re always well-stocked so you don’t need to search high and low for those perfect pieces and they’re so affordable, you can afford to stylize your whole day!

candles and flower vase
mercury glass candlesticks with candle
I’m personally drawn to all things mercury glass– just a few pieces make the night sparkle! On dinner tables, at the dessert bar, speckled into seating nooks and crannies… they look good everywhere! Luna Bazaar has mercury glass in every possible form, from candlesticks to garland.
sparkly garland on mirror table
Aren’t these paper lantern shapes shown below fun? I see a bunch hanging above a bridal shower dessert table or framing an altar during the ceremony. They’re the perfect final touch for your winter wedding. You can find more of their ecclectic lantern selection here!

star and circle paper lanters

If you’re looking to add color to your reception, you can search by color for everything in the Luna Bazaar shop. Talk about one-click shopping! Tie together all of your elements with a cohesive color scheme. Check out Luna Bazaar for a huge (and I mean HUGE) selection of everything ranging from hand fans and colorful parasols to candleholders and favor bags. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a bridal shower, a cocktail hour or anything in between, it’s so fun to get lost in their world of pretty things!

DIY String Chandeliers

DIY Projects

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Jessica of Wednesday Inc shows us how to make those gorgeous twine chandeliers from the inspiration shoot she shared with us this morning. Using balloons, glue and twine, you can also make these lanterns for your wedding – and then bring it home and use it as your very own mid century lampshade.

twine yarn ball lanterns

What you will need are: balloons, glue, yarn, tray for glue, corn starch 1/2 cup of Corn starch, 1/4 cup of Warm water, clear fast drying spray paint, hanging lamp cord or fishing line (depending on your desired final product), and a lighting kit if you’re looking for a fully functional lantern. Jessica recommends using a sharpie to mark on the inflated balloon how much room you need to leave for the lighting cord. She also recommends coating the balloon with vaseline prior to wrapping the yarn coated with glue so it doesn’t stick on the balloon once it’s dry. You can see all the details on Jessica’s blog.

diy twine yarn chandelier

Are you getting excited to try to do this at home as much I am?

diy twine yarn chandelier glue balloons


1. Inflate the balloon to a medium size so the shape is a little rounder.
2. If you’re looking to make a lampshade out of the string chandelier, use a sharpie to mark around the knot on the balloon.
3. Before you start working, we recommend using a tarp.Mix corn starch, glue and warm water together until it has a smooth texture.
5. Smear the vaseline all over your balloon until it is completely coated so th twine wet with glue won’t stick on the balloon after dry.
6. You can start a little assembly line with friends by one of you feeding the yarn through the glue mix and giving to another person to wrap it around the balloon.
7. Start wrapping the balloon vertically, slowly changing to wrapping. For a seamless look, tuck the ends of the twine under one of the wrapped strings.
8. Wait 24 hours until the balloon has completely dried before popping the balloon.
9. Spray the string chandeliers with clear fast drying spray paint et voila!

DIY Floating Boat Place Cards

DIY Projects

Photos by:

Closing our showcase of selected entries for the DIY Contest is a project for floating sailboat place cards, to match the fishing in a jar table numbers posted earlier this afternoon. Another great project made by Jane, who submitted this project all the way from Switzerland!

 sailboat floating placecards tablen umbers

 sailboat floating placecards tablen umbers

– a cork
– a toothpick
– colored paper
– a pen
– some glue
– a glass
– water
– some sand
– a cuter
– a pair of scissors

 sailboat floating placecards tablen umbers

 sailboat floating placecards tablen umbers

 sailboat floating placecards tablen umbers

 sailboat beach sand floating placecards tablen umbers

Cut the cork in half.
Cut the toothpick in two equal halfs.
Stick one half of the toothpick in the cork.
Cut the boat’s veil.
Fold the small veil.
Write the name.
Stick the veil to the toothpick.
Fill a glass of water and add some sand to it.
Land the boat in the water.

 sailboat fishing floating placecards tablen umbers

Here’s the project for the fishing in a jar table numbers.

DIY Fishing in a Jar

DIY Projects

Photos by:

This project was sent all the way from Switzerland by Jane. She made “fishing in a jar” table numbers. So adorable, I can barely stand it.

 fishing line table numbers

 fishing line table numbers

 fishing line table numbers

What you’ll need:
– a big jar (like this one)
– a regular jar (like this one)
– a napkin (flea market)
– a branch
– natural string
– water
– clay
– a piece of cardboard
– a pen
– a pair of scissors

fishing line table numbers

fishing line table numbers

Step 1. Take the two jars, put them on the napkin.
Step 2. Fill one of them with water and the other one with clay.
Step 3. Tie a piece of string to an end of the branch.
Step 4. Cut a fish form in the piece of cardboard and pierce a whole in the fish’s head.
Step 5. Write the table number on the fish.
Step 6. Tie the fish with the string.
Step 7. Plant the fishing cane in the clay.

Stay tuned for the matching place cards project!

DIY Paper Cone Art Installation

DIY Projects

Photos by:

You will have to sit down for this one. Just when I think I’ve seen everything under the sun, this project lands in my inbox. Using only paper and chicken wire, Brenna and her friend made four massive art installations for her friend’s wedding reception. Yes, four of them. One for each corner of her friend’s reception venue.

This is my friend’s wedding, I was able to help her make these I thought I would enter this for her since it turned out so awesome!

 paper cone wedding backdrop

-Chicken wire
-Rope or twine for hanging

 paper cone wedding backdrop

 paper cone wedding art installation

 paper cone wedding backdrop

 paper cone wedding backdrop

Step 1. Cut chicken wire to desired length and width.
Step 2. Twist wire into the shape you want it to be. The more twists, the more interesting it will look.
Step 3. Tie one end of the rope to the chicken wire in a couple different spots. Throw the other end over whatever you will be hanging it from and pull the wire up until it is 4-5 feet above the ground. The the end you are pulling on to something heavy until you are ready to raise it to the finished height.
Step 4. Roll paper as shown in the pictures. Start at one of the short ends and roll towards the other. Try to roll it into a cone shape.
Step 5. Stick the smaller end of the cone into one of the chicken wire squares, and the cone should pop open to fit the whole and will stay in place.
Step 6. Continue adding paper cones until the chicken wire looks full (you do not have to fill each and every square, just eye it until it looks right)
Step 7. Raise the finished sculpture to whatever height you wish and then tie the end to the finished piece to keep it in place.

DIY Escort Card Magnets

DIY Projects

Photos by:

We’re getting close to the end of our contest, and the final entries are just as amazing as the first ones. Brittany’s DIY entry is a magnetic paper accordion wheel escort card project for her own wedding. You can also make your own magnetic board seating chart like she did for maximum DIYness!

paper rosette escort cards

What you’ll need:
For the tags:

– Scrapbooking papers in many coordinating patterns
– Plain colored scrapbook paper
– Round scrapbook punch (you can find it here)
– Paper scoring tool
– Zip Dry paper glue
– Hot glue gun
– Ribbon
– Printer-friendly vellum paper ( )
– Glue Dots
– Sheet magnet (Avery makes a good one available at office supply stores, I got mine from a local print shop in large sheets)

pinwheel seating chart

For the display frames:

– Large picture frames (thrift shop)
– Plywood cut to size
– Magnetic paint (you can find it here)

magnetic escort cards

The pinwheel is a basic scrapping/cardmaking flower pattern. There are plenty of online tutorials you can follow, but I’ll do my best. Use 12”w scrapbook paper squares. Cut into 1.5”w strips to make 3”w flowers. Use a scoring tool to score paper at .5” intervals. Fold, accordion-style, at creases. This is a good job to offer to EVERYONE YOU KNOW! Once strips are scored and folded, glue the two ends together to form a circle with Zip Dry glue. Pile up your little paper circles until you are ready to start making the flower.

Cut 1” circles out of plain colored paper and also out of sheet magnet. Place parchment paper on your work surface to avoid sticking your flowers down. Put a dab of hot glue on your plain colored circle and let it cool slightly. While it’s cooling, press your circle down flat to make the flat circular flower- this takes a bit of finesse, but you’ll get really good at it. Carefully pick up your hot-glued circle and press into the center of your flower. Put a little something on top of the flower to keep it flat- I used a small glass spice jar. Allow flower to cool completely, and it will stay perfectly flat. Turn the flower over and add a round magnet to the back with hot glue. Your flower is done!

To make your name flags: print out your guests’ names on vellum paper, allowing enough space in between rows to cut the names into strips. Cut your strips to a width just a smudge thinner than the ribbon you have chosen. Cut your name strips to uniform length (based on the longest name!), leaving enough space to tuck the flag into the flower center, then cut out the triangle at the end by hand. A bit time consuming, but it’s the best way to have perfect lines.

Using a glue dot, attach a single name flag to a your ribbon. Cut the ribbon off just a bit longer than the name flag, and fold/cut to make the pointed detail at the end of the ribbon.

paper accordion wheel escort cards

Get out your pretty magnet flowers. Take a name flag and adhere it to the center dot using a glue dot. Add one more paper circle to the top, covering the straight end of the name flag (but not covering the name! This is why you left extra space on your names when you cut them.). Once all your names are done, you can write the guest’s table number on the magnet side using a metallic Sharpie.

Make your display frames by removing the glass from thrift store frames. Spray paint if you want, or leave them distressed. Cut plywood to fit inside the frame and paint with magnetic paint- several coats. Carefully nail the plywood into your frame.

Arrange the escort flowers in alphabetical order onto your magnetic display frames – you may need several depending on the size of your guest list. Display the frames on decorative art easels- I found mine on CraigsList.

It’s a labor of love, but I LOVE these escort tags! Ask everyone you know to help, really, and plan on spending plenty of time on this project. For me, it was worth it!

DIY Ceremony Chair Flowers

DIY Projects

Photos by:

Kelsey created a charming project to be hung from a chair during the ceremony (and reception afterwards) for her own wedding.

diy ceremony chair decor

What you’ll need:
– Mason jars (your choice of size, a variety can create a little whimsy)
– Fabric (I used burlap, but a colorful print can be fun as well)
– Lace
– Ribbon
– Wire
– Hot glue or fabric glue
– Pliers

diy ceremony chair decor
diy ceremony chair decor

Start with your desired size mason jar, any size will work and multiple sizes can add a fun ambiance to your event. Begin by cutting the fabric of your choice into a strip long enough to go all the way around the mason jar, leaving about a 1/4 of an inch extra to overlap slightly (It doesn’t have to be perfect, a little imperfection shows that it was handmade and special). Glue your base fabric to the outside of the mason jar. You can use either fabric glue or hot glue, I suggest using whichever you are more comfortable with. Only glue the end of each side of the strip, with one end directly onto the jar and the other end slightly overlapping the first end. Cut a strip of lace the length of the first piece of fabric, if lace isn’t your thing you can skip this step. Again, glue the lace only on the ends to give it a clean look and sightly overlap one end over the starting end of the lace. Once the lace is added you can add a piece of ribbon that goes with the theme of your wedding. Pull the ribbon very taunt and place a dab of glue underneath the knot that you tie. After this dries you can tie a bow to finish off the project.

diy ceremony chair lace burlap

If you want you can leave the mason jar vase as is and use it as a centerpiece with flowers, or fill it with candles to line a walkway.

If you prefer to have the mason jars hang as vases for an aisle way you can proceed with the last step which is adding a wire hanger. Pliers are necessary for this step and the wire can be found at any craft store; choose whatever thickness you prefer. If your look doesn’t work with wire, you can always use string, yarn, twine, or ribbon, just make sure that you fasten it with some glue to keep it secure enough to hang. The wire can be fastened by cutting one long piece and twisting loops into each end-having a round object such as a pencil or pen to keep a firm loop will help. Once the loop has been made on each side cut a second piece of wire to wrap around the top of the mason jar. A quarter of the way through wrapping the wire around the top of the jar, loop the first loop made on the hanging part of the wire through the wire and make a loop in the base wire to hold it in place. Continue wrapping the base wire around the jar until it’s across from the first loop and create a second loop with the hanging wire looped through. When you get to the start of your wire, use the pliers to twist the two ends together and tuck them neatly against the edge of the jar.

DIY Lightbulb Terrarium Place Cards

DIY Projects

Photos by:

You may remember this idea I posted a a months ago of Crystal’s wedding lightbulb terrarium place cards. Crystal is back to share the instructions on how to make them.

lightbulb terrarium wedding place cards

What you’ll need:
-light bulbs (globe, incandescent, clear)
– tillandsias (the pretty red bromelias): ordered online from here to be delivered 1-2 weeks before wedding
– dry moss
– spray Paint (flat black)
– metal wire
– cardstock for tags
– self adhesive silicone bumpers

lightbulb terrarium placecards

lightbulb terrarium placecard tags

lightbulb terrarium placecards

Step 1. Hollow out light bulbs. The following link is a step-by-step tutorial: (it’s messy and time consuming! get a couple friends to create an ‘assembly line’)

Step 2. Spray paint the cap of the light bulb to flat black for a cleaner look (make sure to tape around the edge of the cap to protect the glass from the spray paint)

Step 3. Print the place cards at home: guest’s name on front and instructions for care of terrarium/tillandsia on the inside. (husband did this with photoshop – i am terrible with photoshop!)

Step 4. Insert the tillandsia and a bit of dry moss into the light bulb. Tillandsia may need to be trimmed to fit through small opening of bulb. (we completed this step 2 days before the wedding with family)

Step 5. Attach silicone bumpers to the bottom of bulb for stability
Step 6. Hole punch place card and secure with metal wire

DIY Bird Bath Candles

DIY Projects

Photos by:

Courtney and Amber Moon sent this project that Amber’s mom helped create for her wedding.

vintage bird bath diy candle

bird bath bowl candle

What you’ll need:
– Candle Wax
– Candle Wicks
– Found Objects
– Mismatched Ramekins & Containers
– Cappuccino Milk Pot or Teapot for melting
– White Appliance Spray paint
– Optional: Glue gun


vintage bird bath bowl candles centerpieces

vintage candle

Step 1. Gather materials – Explore thrift shops, dollar stores, even your grandma’s home for objects that represent your relationship and theme.
Step 2. Spray found objects white, or color of choice – the palette is yours.
Step 3. Arrange object and candle wicks in ramekin or containers… lightly tack down with glue gun if desired.
Step 4. Cut wax to fit in melting vessel – thrift store teapots and cappuccino frothers both work perfectly.
Step 5. Carefully melt wax on low heat, slowly stirring – keep a watchful eye – wax is very flammable!
Step 6. Slowly pour wax into candle container.
Step 7. Let wax cool thoroughly.
Step 8. Repeat with other combinations of objects and ramekins.
Step 9. Trim wicks to 1/4″ above wax level.
Step 10. Light candles and enjoy!

DIY Paper Flower Wreath

DIY Projects

Photos by:

Brace yourselves for paper flowers galore! Hillary created tissue paper flower wreaths to be used for one of her brides’ wedding as centerpieces. We’re in awe of the color burst of paper craftiness.

diy paper flower garland

mixed paper flower wedding garland

tissue paper wedidng flowers

tissue paper flower

Paper Rose Tutorial:
Step 1. Take six or seven layers of tissue paper and cut about 4 different sizes of petal shapes into the paper, giving you about 25 individual “petals”. You can make round petals or pointed petals depending on your taste.
Step 2. Pick up each petal and twist the bottom of it, creating a base
Step 3. Grab your stamen on floral wire, (these can be hard to find, Hilary found hers at a craft and party supply in San Francisco, check your local craft or floral shop) and your floral tape and your first petal. Place the base of the petal next to the base of the stamen and wrap floral tape around it to secure it.
Step 4. Petal by petal, secure them to the wire with floral tape, creating a rose shape.
Step 5. When you have a full flower, wrap the floral tape around the base one more time to secure it.
Step 6. Cut the base of the wire to about 1.5″ and push it into the Styrofoam ring adjacent to the next flower.

tissue paper flower petals

Paper Lily Tutorial:
Step 1. Cut a square out of about ten layers of tissue paper and fold it into quarters.
Step 2. Cut a petal shape (with a round or pointed tip) into the folded paper, being sure to leave an uncut piece at the base.
Step 3. Unfold the paper into a four pointed “clover” type shape. Fold again lengthwise from tip to tip to give the shape a little substance.
Step 4. Fold the shape up so all four points are facing upwards and the points are going in different directions.
Step 5. Grab a corsage pin and pierce the tissue paper at the bottom
Step 6. Repeat the folding and piercing process until you have multiple layers on the pin, with multiple points facing upward.
Step 7. Place the pin into the Styrofoam, making sure the end of the pin isn’t visible (Hilary likes to use these flowers to fill space in the middle of the ring.

Paper Dahlia Tutorial
This is the most commonly made tissue paper flower and you can find tutorials all over the web (you may have made them in elementary school as well).
Step 1. Grab four sheets of tissue paper and cut them into a strip about 3″ wide by 8″ long.
Step 2. Take the short end of the paper and begin folding it accordion style until you have an accordion about 1/3″ by 3″.
Step 3. Cut a small piece of floral wire and wrap it around the center of the folded paper, twist the wire at the bottom to secure it.
Step 4. Cut the ends of each side of the paper into a rounded or triangle shape, depending on how you want the edges to look (round or spiky).
Step 5. Beginning with the center sheet, pull each layer of paper up towards the center, fluffing as you go.
Step 6. Move side to side and downwards, separating the layers until you create a purty flower.
Step 7. Push the wire end into the styrofoam ring adjacent to the next closest flower.

diy paper flower garland

Paper Daisy Tutorial
Step 1. Repeat steps 1-3 of the lily tutorial by grabbing 10 or so sheets of tissue paper, folding them into quarters and cutting a petal shape. Unfold them so you have a four leaf clover type shape and fold the centers in from tip to tip.
Step 2. Pierce the center of the flower with a corsage pin. This will be the center of your flower.
Step 3. Fan out each of the layers of tissue paper, making sure each layer isn’t right on top of the last layer, filling out the flower.
Step 4. Insert the corsage pin into the styrofoam adjacent to the last flower.

You may remember those orange carnations from this tissue paper pomander project from back in the day. These centerpieces are fairly easy to create, but also fairly time consuming, so be warned before you, say, decide to create 26 of them for your wedding (like Hilary did). A single wreath would look beautiful as a centerpiece for your dining room table however, or a few of them would be perfect for a shower or dinner party. You could even hang them up on the walls like a traditional wreath.

Wreath Instructions:

Start with a 12″ or comparable white Styrofoam ring. This will be your base. Begin creating flowers and inserting the floral wire stems into the base next to each other, slowly building out the ring.

Hilary decided to build the wreath by creating the flower and then inserting it into the Styrofoam ring based on what color and style of flower she needed at the time, but you could also create a bunch flowers and then insert them into the base all at once. As you build out the wreath, try to make sure that no two styles of flower or colors of paper are next to each other.

Continue building out your wreath flower by flower until you have a full ring. Be sure to go all the way to the base on the outside so no styrofoam shows, Hilary wasn’t as careful on the inside of the ring because she plans on inserting the lantern into the center of the ring to complete the centerpiece.

She plans on putting these centerpieces on top of lake blue taffeta linens in the centers of her dinner tables at her wedding next June. As she finishes the centerpieces she is storing them in wreath boxes, available on Uline.


DIY Branch Lanterns

DIY Projects

Photos by:

There are rustic centerpieces then there are these. Sanja created these branch and clay lanterns and sent us all the way from Bosnia and Herzegovina!

diy perforated lanterns

diy rustic branch centerpiece

What you’ll need:
– vine branch
– modeling clay
– tealight candles
– rolling pin
– knife
– toothpicks
– skewers
– emery or nail file
– glue gun

diy branch centerpieces

diy perforated candle lanterns

Step 1. Clean the branch. Make any necessary adjustments for the branch to stand flush on the surface.
Step 2. To make one tealight holder, roll a piece of modeling clay (2x2x1 inch piece) into approximately 2×5 inch rectangle, 0,1 inch thick.
Step 3. Cut into desired size and shape and punch the desired pattern with the toothpick. Turn the clay and repeat on the other side. Once the holes are defined, take the clay into your palm and widen the holes by using the skewer.
Step 4. Take the votive and roll the long side of the rectangle around it. When the circle around the tealight is closed, cut off the excess clay. Fasten the seam by tapping it between two fingers. Leave to dry.
Step 5. Once the clay is dry, you can treat any wrinkles or cavities with emery paper or even nail file.
Step 6. Glue the tealight bottoms to the branch.

diy lantern centerpiece

perforated lantern diy