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Zankyou: A Wedding Registry for Today’s Couple

Zankyou: A Wedding Registry for Today’s Couple

Building my wedding registry was one of the most exciting parts of my wedding planning process! I’m a gal that loves lists and picking out cute and useful things together for our home was a blast and a breeze! One of the things we loved the most was the fact that wedding registries have gone digital now and have been made easier with websites like .

 offers ultimate flexibility, because no matter what items or experiences you put on your registry, Zankyou lets you receive those in the form of monetary gifts, which will be deposited directly into a bank account.

Aside from their wedding registry, also provides their couples with a free personalized wedding website that keep their guests up-to-date with all of their wedding details. Let’s say that you’re planning a beautiful destination wedding in Jamaica and your guests are flying in from countless states or countries. They can easily access any wedding itinerary, hotel recommendation, or transportation methods that you add and it can also be translated to nine languages!


If you’re marrying later in life or you and your spouse-to-be already have a fantastic home with all of the necessities, caters to you, too! Instead of not having a wedding registry altogether because you don’t “need anything”, consider ’s online honeymoon fund! Your guests can make a contribution towards the entire honeymoon trip, or they can make contributions towards cool activities during the trip. Let your friends and family gift you with dinner at that critically-acclaimed restaurant, or a couples massage or your lifetime dream of swimming with dolphins! makes it possible to register for experiences and not just items.


If everything is covered with your home and your honeymoon, you can also decide to ask your guests to donate to your favorite charity. Guests can simply choose the charity gifts that they want to donate towards and it is paid directly into the couple’s fund, ready to be given to cause or organization you believe in.

So if you are ready to get registering, you are in luck because is offering discounted rates to Ruffled readers who choose to create a registry. You get discounted rates of 2.50% + 85c (originally 2.85% + 99c) per contribution AND free premium designs for your wedding website!


When you’re starting to create your wedding website, enter the promo code ZKYUSRUFDL1216 and the offer will be applied upon the activation of your wedding registry. It’s valid until December 2016, so get a head start for your 2017 wedding! Head on over to to get started!

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  • i wish there was a wedding registry site that gave the option of asking for general types of products instead of brands. Eg. instead of dyson vacuum, kitchen aid mixer, cuisinart food processor. have an option to just say vacuum, stand mixer, food processor. either that or let guests claim or “dibs” a gift without committing to buy it right away or from the specific store. I want to give my guests some financial and creative freedom! I dont care what brand of vacuum i get as long as it works! 🙂

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