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These are Our Top Wedding Registry Essentials for the Kitchen

These are Our Top Wedding Registry Essentials for the Kitchen

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Today we’re gonna talk about the top wedding registry essentials for your kitchen. These items should be the highest priority, friend… any way you slice it. So what am I talking about? I’ve got three words for you: luxury knives + flatware. Not only do these kitchen gadgets look the part, their performance makes all the difference. And if you’ve ever suffered from dull-knife-meets-tough-potato syndrome like I have, then you’ll know how important something like performance is. So take a stroll through Macy’s Registry Lane with me for a spell, and let’s talk premium instruments for cooking + serving.

walnut handle and hammered blade knife set on magnetic strip

No doubt you’ll be planning some inspired gatherings with your loved ones these next few months, whether you’re celebrating an engagement, coming together for holiday parties or hosting your first party as newlyweds! Whatever your season, the high end kitchenware that Macy’s carries is always something to keep your eye on. So let’s start with the Shun knives I recently added to my stockpile of kitchen goodies.

walnut handle and hammered blade knife set

Handcrafted in Japan, I was immediately drawn to the artisan feel of the walnut handle and hammered blade aesthetic. My head started spinning with all the decor possibilities when I landed upon the idea of a magnetic strip to display these pretty pieces in all their glory. I opted for the 3 piece starter set for the versatility of function and can say confidently that the slicing quality is pro-level across the 4″ paring knife, 6.5″ utility knife and 8″ chef’s knife included.

silk flower bouquet kitchen arrangement

But holiday season is around the corner, and what can I say? This is the big leagues! So I found myself adding the 7″ Santoku and 5.5″ Nakiri knifes to my cart too. I like to consider myself a Top Chef (let my kids be the judge), so I was sold when the word precision caught my eye with the Santoku knife. This curved blade is great for that belly rocking slicing motion that make cooking fun… and also keeps me out of the hospital. The Nakiri knife, on the other hand, features a blunt tip that allows you to dice onions and other veggies like Julia Child without a hitch. Anything that makes me look better as an amateur chef is a winner in my book!

walnut handle and hammered blade knife set

When it comes to flatware, I’m a big believer that you can’t go wrong with modern metallics. So these polished gold utensils certainly resonated with my spirit. Stylish, sleek and most importantly, dish-washer safe, this 45-piece Oneida flatware set is going to be a high-quality staple of my serveware for years to come. And my, how they elevate a tablescape!

metallic gold flatware

Now even fresh off the shelf, these pieces are a must. But moreso if you have a Macy’s wedding registry that you can add them to! One quick glance at their Registry Guide and you’ll be breathing a sigh of relief – and not because of all the pretty (though there’s pretty for daysssss!). Their roadmap to registry building serves it to you in bite sized chunks that you can totally handle – curated pieces that have been coveted by engaged couples through the years which you can filter by category, personal style and price. And lemme be real with y’all… the For the Entertainer edit is my JAM, fam!

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walnut handle and hammered blade knife set

There is seriously no end to the luxury registry items at Macy’s, but I wouldn’t be the first to say that high quality kitchen essentials should be priority #1. Not only do pieces like this make cooking easier for you, they facilitate unforgettable gatherings with your loved ones and become staples of your lives from the daily moments to the meaningful memories. Shop the Macy’s wedding registry now, and share your own life hacks using pieces from this household name brand in the comments below!

walnut handle and hammered blade knife set

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