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Quality Kitchen Staples for Creating the Best Meals + Memories Together

Quality Kitchen Staples for Creating the Best Meals + Memories Together

Nothing makes a house truly a home more than cooking. If you’re in the fun wedding registry building stage or you’re looking for a step up in your culinary adventures, having the right instruments in the kitchen is essential for effortless cooking. Anolon gourmet cookware collection is a must for anyone who loves to entertain and is available at , so you can register for them too.


Watch the video to get a little snippet of what Anolon offers right here:

Anolon provides high quality, durable cookware for now and ever after, perfect for all the dinner parties and get-togethers to come in your new home. Trust me, a few years after the wedding, many kitchen items are done for, so you want to go for top notch cookware + bakeware that will last a lifetime. And if you’re just wanting to slowly get in the habit of cooking more (hello new year’s resolutions!), they carry the best of the best that will inspire you to get adventurous with your foodie creations.





We all think that practicality may not always marry design, but Anolon has the modern cook in mind. What’s not to love about copper, right? Anolon Nouvelle Copper is a high performance cookware collection that is just as pretty to look at! Being that Anolon is the practical name for all things cooking tools, this collection is dishwasher safe, oven safe to 500°F, and is available in , which features metal utensil safe nonstick won’t scratch, stain, or chip, or , which is dishwasher safe.




Are you more of a baker? is basically everything you’ll need to make brownies, gingerbreads, lasagnas, layer cakes, cookies or anything else that your heart (or stomach) desires. It was designed with the passionate home baker in mind, so these are a dream to use. Distinctive two-tone nonstick inside and out provides effortless release of baked goods with fast cleanup and generous handles offer ample grip, even with bulky oven mitts. These are just some of the reasons why Anolon is the name to look for when it comes to bakeware instruments.



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