This is just a teaser of a gorgeous handmade wedding I will be featuring later today! They used vintage skeleton keys to create their save-the-dates, and the vintage feel carried over to their wedding invitations. The groom is a graphic designer, and he designed not only all the paper goods which were gocco’d by them, but also their wedding website, We Made This Ourselves, which was indeed the main theme of their wedding.

Vintage skeleton key save the date handmade DIY wedding invitations gocco
Vintage skeleton key save the date handmade DIY wedding invitations gocco
Vintage skeleton key save the date handmade DIY wedding invitations gocco

Credits: Olivia Leigh Photographie

  • Ulmer Studios

    These are incredible! love every aspect of it! Also, really digging the more handmade feel, in my opinion it’s almost a thing of prestige….would make me feel honored to get something like this!


  • Oh, what a wonderful idea! I love it!

  • This is a fabulous idea! I love vintage keys. In fact, I’m oogling over the line Tiffany & Co. launched this season: vintage inspired key pendants:

    Supposing the bride is really into vintage keys, a Tiffany box with a key pendant in it from the groom would be a dazzling gift.

  • ben

    This is such an awesome idea! I’ll have to pass this one on to the fiance!

  • this is such a cute idea!

  • This is so sweet! I wish we had done something creative like this for our save the dates!! XO!

  • Maria

    What a cute and wonderful idea.

  • I want to shoot their wedding! I love it! So unique and creative!

  • I’d love to do something like this!

  • Oh Me Oh MY!!!!
    I want to get married again
    we have nothing like this in Ca
    love the table centerpieces
    Way to go!!!

  • Jo-Una


    I love this idea and want to do it myself. Do you remember how much postage was? I am worried it will be really expensive to mail each key.

    Love love love the idea!


  • So I realize I’m a bit late responding on this post, but I just came across it, and the tags are so perfect! We actually bought these same tags from staples a couple months back, and are planning on aging them perhaps with tea bags… What was the process on these?

  • maria

    oh my gosh oh my GOSH i am totally doing this. seriously. i already ordered the keys. AWESOME. and the name of the website? lump in my throat!!!

  • Cindy

    ok I am doing this for my wedding invites, and I am just trying to find where to get the keys cheap, I have my own collection of skeleton keys but I don’t want to use my collection, I want either fake or cheap ones to send to everyone…

  • marlene

    how did you do the writing on the card.

  • Amanda

    I’m planning on doing this for my save the date card. I’ve heard some warnings that these keys may have trouble going through postage machines. Also, is the additional postage a significant cost?

  • Jessica

    I would love to incorporate vintage keys into my wedding. Can you please recommend where to purchase reasonably priced vintage keys? I need 115 of them. thanks!

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  • barbara

    I love these keys, i need 130 but dont know where to look. any ideas?

  • hi…this is our wedding (yay!). we got the keys on ebay. we bought the tags from kraft kottage online so they were already aged. then we ordered stamps for both sides. then, tied it all together with twine.

    postage was a bear but it was SO worth it. still cheaper than ordering save the dates and we made the invites ourselves too.

    i’m happy to answer any questions!

  • kim m

    Julie B ~
    how did you print on the labels???

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  • Leah

    Where did you order your tags at?