Earth Day is coming up next week, April 22! With that in mind, I would like to introduce one of our newest sponsors: Dream Green Weddings. Everyone knows that vintage and eco-friendly go hand in hand, so this one is for our eco-conscious brides! Dream Green Weddings is an online eco-wedding boutique offering the largest collection of eco-friendly wedding favors, invitations, gifts and décor. They also offer an eco-lovely selection of wedding invitations including seeded invitations that grow when planted, gorgeous invites printed on 100% PCW paper with soy ink, and handmade luxury tree-free letterpress invitations.

Dream Green Weddings

The 40th anniversary of Earth Day is April 22, and to celebrate, Dream Green Weddings is giving away 40 seeded eco wedding favors to one lucky couple for their upcoming wedding or bridal shower. Click here to enter!

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  • Nichole

    Very cute! And it coincides with our wedding date! :)

  • Maria

    Thank you so much for recognizing Earth Week!! I want my wedding to be gentle to the Earth and I can’t wait to see all the ideas to come. Love your blog!

  • love the idea of green weddings ! and tree-free letter press invite?! nice!

  • Dream Green is a brilliant idea! Maybe 10 years or so, there won’t be anything BUT eco-friendly weddings. I’ve heard about seeded invitations and I think it’s genius. :-)

  • Ashley

    I used the birdseed favors at my wedding, they were a huge hit! We also chose to have “Earthblooms” which were clay shapes with wildflowers seeds inside to plant!

  • We love the hearts!