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A French Pastry-Filled Romance at Château Bouffémont

A French Pastry-Filled Romance at Château Bouffémont

Cha?teaubouffe?mont Wedding

Carefully crafted by PIEvents and Co, join us as we delve into the timeless allure of Château Bouffémont, where love stories unfold amidst opulent surroundings and culinary delights tantalize the senses. Whether you’re dreaming of a fairytale wedding or simply seeking inspiration for your own celebration of love, let us whisk you away on a journey filled with romance and gourmandise at Château Bouffémont.

Originally constructed in the 19th century as a private residence for French nobility, Chateau Bouffemont has since evolved into a cherished landmark and lucky for us, is available for weddings and exclusive stays as well while preserving its rich heritage while welcoming guests to create its own timeless memories within its historic walls.

Chateau Bouffemont Wedding
Château Bouffémont Wedding

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Nestled amidst the idyllic countryside of France, Chateau Bouffemont stands as a majestic testament to timeless elegance and refined beauty. Dating back to the 19th century, this enchanting castle exudes a sense of grandeur with its stately architecture, lush gardens, and sweeping vistas. Each room within its walls tells a story of opulence and luxury, inviting guests to step into a world of old-world charm and sophistication.

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Cha?teaubouffe?mont Wedding
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Cha?teaubouffe?mont Wedding
Cha?teaubouffe?mont Wedding

Photography: Camy Duong

Location: Château Bouffémont

Wedding planner & Designer: Pievents and Co- Luxury Designs

Floral Design: Le Fancy Deco 

Floral and Décor: La Clais d’Union

Film maker: Ohana Paris

Beauty: Widnie Alexis

Wedding Cake: Enjoya Events

Invitations: Promesse Graphique

Furniture Rentals: Maison Options

Event Rentals: Vaisselle Vintage

Dessert Table: Maison Laduree

Bride’s Gown: Millia London

Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes

Fine Jewelry: Lena Rom

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Lingerie: Glamuse

Formalwear Groom: Jonas et Cie

Wedding Bands: Chaumet

Accessories: Fringe and Rose

Stylist: Estelle Chatorrier

Decor: Fleurs de Muse

Staging: @arts_distributor Karina Florist

Dessert table: Stohrer, Angelin, Eric Kayser

Film maker:  @donovan.filmaking

Shoes: Jimmy Choo, Sophia Webster 

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