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Timeless Beauty…

Timeless Beauty…

One of the most exciting questions of the past few weeks has finally been answered, and we couldn’t be more pleased! Kate Middleton (or shall we say Duchess Catherine) chose Sarah Burton of fashion house Alexander McQueen to design her wedding gown, and we couldn’t help but see a parallel between Kate’s gown and Grace Kelly’s timeless lace wedding dress. Kate has brought modest simplicity back to bridal sophistication, from her simple tiara to her small posy lily of the valley bouquet. Classic brides, take note from these royal brides of times past:

kate middleton wedding dress

royal wedding dress
1956 Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco
royal brides wedding style
1937 Duke of Windsor to Wallis Simpson and on the right, 1978 Baroness Baroness Marie-Christine von Reibnitz

royal wedding dress
1947 Princess Elizabeth

royal wedding dress
1963 Princess Alexandra; on the right, 1961 Duchess Katharine Worsley

royal wedding dress
1967 Queen Margarethe of Denmark

royal wedding dress
1976 Queen Silvia of Sweden; on the right, 1960 Princess Margaret
What did you guys think of Kate’s look and bouquet?

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  • You’re right, Kate did a fantastic job of combining elegance, modesty, and jaw-dropping beauty with her dress choice. Her long lace sleeves show refined style that will be appealing to the current generation of brides. I am eager to see if the trend catches on!

  • Her dress was simply stunning and the absolute perfect choice for her!

  • She was a lovely bride! The dress fitted perfectly and the design was great! Timeless and stunning.

  • I may be the only one here, but I thought it was too simple. Yes, she was beautiful and elegant, but the skirt looked a little dated to me with the pleats. Don’t get me wrong, she was GORGEOUS, it was what I expected and I wish it wasn’t.

  • I sure do hope the trend catches on! I loved how timeless her dress was. Simple & elegant. Perfection! 🙂

  • I thought it couldn’t have been more perfect – classic, timeless beautiful and also it seemed very ‘her’ too. I’m so pleased as well that it was Sarah Burton!

  • Thanks for posting this, I loved all the photos. I loved Kate’s dress yesterday, really enjoyed the Royal Wedding coverage

  • I’m hoping this will lead more brides to chose sleeves or at least straps on their dresses – I think it’s much prettier than the sleeveless dresses. The girls always seem to be pulling them up to keep from falling out. Of all the weddings you posted here, I like Kate’s dress the best. Thanks, Karen

  • I too loved Kate’s dress. It was the perfect combination of timeless beauty with her young, fresh appeal. I loved that she didn’t try to “out-do” Diana’s dress and that she and Will were able to keep their personalitites involved in the entire wedding. I also hope that the trend of long sleeves catches on–or at least some sleeves. I think the sleeveless, strapless gowns have enjoyed their time.

  • Can’t believe how many people I’ve heard say “Kate’s dress was too plain!” — it wasn’t always obvious through a lens, but how could you overlook the deep band of custom-made hand appliquéd lace around the hem? And the impeccable structure of the bodice? Those precious buttons at the cuffs? I thought it was stunning. And I agree with the previous comments – I hope now we’ll see more dresses with sleeves and straps.

  • I loved her dress so much that, even thoguh I was married January, I want to buy a copy of it and find an occasion to wear it. She looked exquisite- she couldn’t have chosen a more perfect dress. I already love Kate, and her dress was just that much more endearing!

  • Oh, I love these timeless classic wedding gowns!:)
    Btw. It is Queen Silvia and Queen Margarethe. Silvia became the queen of Sweden when she got married to our King Carl XIV Gustav Bernadotte.(I’m Swedish:P)

  • @Matilda: Thanks for the correction! Such beautiful ladies 🙂

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