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Weekly Wrap-Up + winners!

Weekly Wrap-Up + winners!

What an incredible week it’s been! Weeks (months?) of anticipation has come to a titillating crowning point, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. Kate Middleton couldn’t have made a more lovely bride, and we’ve had such a blast taking a peek into history looking at past royal brides and wedding trends.

As usual, we’d like to leave you with some stunning images from some of our select Blue Label members. Trust me, if you’re looking around for vendors for your upcoming wedding, this is a fantastic place to start!

local wedding vendors photography

local wedding vendors photography

Congratulations to the winners of our Love vs. Design stationery giveaway, Leslie A. (#50) and Megan (#264)! We know you’ll love your fantastic prize packages from the ever-fresh wedding stationers.

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Have a wonderful weekend!

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