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Love vs. Design Giveaway

Love vs. Design Giveaway

Do we ever have a treat for you! The ever-fresh, ever-pretty Love vs. Design stationers are offering two prize packages for two very special Ruffled readers! We’ve been longtime admirers of their innovative and customizable designs, and we’re sure you’ll be a quick fan too. Keep reading for details on the giveaway!

love vs design wedding invitation giveaway

Love vs. Design offers modern vintage wedding stationery. We offer products in three different printing options to fit everyone’s budget: DIY Ready-to-print PDF, Digital and Letterpress. Love vs. Design also offers Printable Templates of items that you can download for free or for a small fee. Our website always gets updated with new designs and styles. Complete custom designs are also offered.

love vs design wedding invitation giveaway

Love vs. Design is offering two prize packages including:
– $100 gift card to Love vs. Design
– Customized rubber stamp for return addresses on envelopes.
– Simple Sweet Gift Tags Printed.
– Cute Hand screen printed Love vs. Design Tote bag

love vs design wedding invitation giveaway

Enter to win one out of two Love vs. Design Prize Packages, valued at $150 each. Check out Love vs. Design‘s website for a rainbow of designs and let us know your favorite in the comments! The contest will end on Thursday, April 28th, so be sure to enter before we announce a winner in the weekly wrap-up on the 29th!

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  • I love the “In Full Bloom” invitation suite. The color and style would be perfect for our outdoor wedding!

  • I love love love the Cheri invitations and I absolutely have to have the Subtle Elegance STD! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for with both a picture and calendar!!!

  • Oooh, I was just looking at the Love vs. Design web site yesterday, and I’m torn between the Antique Chic and Victorian Luxe invitation suites.

  • I absolutely love the In Cursive design! It would be perfect for my programs and menu cards.

  • I love the ‘stamped bubble’ save-the-date card. That pop of color on a black & white photo is perfect and I love how handmade the stamp looks!!

  • I love love LOVE the Victorian Luxe invitations. The design has a old-timey yet slightly rock and roll feel, but it’s parent friendly too. Well played!

  • The High Seas line would be perfect for my wedding! My fiance was in the Navy and proposed on a Civil War ship in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

  • I love the full bloom wedding invites! Yellow and Grey are my wedding colors so they are very fitting!

    Just beautiful!

  • I have a top 4! 1. Victorian Luxe 2. Sweet Antiquity 2. Lovely Vintage 4. Subtle Elegance
    All would be perfect for my wedding invitations!

  • I love the clean & classic! There are so many great ones to choose from 🙂

  • I fell in love with Love vs Design at the Wedding Wise event in San Diego. My favorite is the Zigzags Invitation – looks even better in person! There’s so much texture to the print…just awesome!

  • The postmark Save the Dates are really lovely- it’s hard to go wrong with so many great options!

  • Definitely love the Lovely Vintage Invitation!!!!

    Using that one, I would feel like an indie folk song came to parade to everyone that we were getting married.

  • I love the Cheri Invitation. It fits my wedding theme and is gorgeous!

  • I love, love the “Cheri” invites. They gorgeous and simple. Perfect.

  • I think the In Cursive is my favorite but they are all just gorgeous. glad to add this site to my list 🙂

  • Love the High Contrast. Especially the Thank you card, which is what we really need right now!!

  • I absolutely adore the Love vs Design website. I am in the process of choosing a save the date design that complements our invitation. I would have to say that my absolute favorite is the CHERI design. This design is phenomenal because it is an mixture of elegant yet chic. The main color is grey….which is our main wedding color. The added bonus is that the CHERI design includes the invitation,response card, inset card, and program!

  • The Cheri invitation is very beautiful and elegant. It would go great with my wedding theme as well!

  • I absolutely heart the bubble stamped save-the-date cards and the refined invitations…the simplicity of both with a touch of quirkiness goes a long way.

  • I love everything at their website!! I love the simple yet elegant and modern creativity. My favourite is the Keep it Simple Thank You card.

  • <3 <3 <3 <3 There were so many amazing things but Victorian Luxe,Love Struck, and High contrast are my Favorites, but there are so many adorable ones i couldn't choose just one 🙂

  • I love the Antique Chic invitation suite… the little keys are adorable and I am using antique keys to attach to the escort cards! 🙂

  • I absolutely adore the “I Heart You” invitation. It’s simple but yet so unique. Clean but creative. Positively perfect!

  • I love the “ZigZags” invitation! It’s boldness caught my eye right away.

  • I love the My Dear suite – they’re so adorable and cheerful! We both love plays on words as well, so they’d be perfect for our eclectic, small wedding.

  • Ooo I love the Victorian Luxe designs!! Gorgeous combination of romantic with a touch of modern. Perfect for our wedding!

  • I love the Refined Type design! Great font pairings get me every time…

  • Aww we need thank you cards!! The Love Struck Thank you cards are perfect!

  • Ah, CAN I PICK TWO? I looooove the Cheri placement card and also the Antique Chic thank you card. This website’s a beauty!!

  • I love the heart to heart invitation/save the date-so cute and unique. It just makes me so happy!

  • We love your blog and plan to use y’all for our save the dates! … Now we just have to set a date ;>

  • Antique Chic Thank you cards are really really nice.
    Could use them, fit our wedding!

  • I love the “Antique Chic” and “Charming Woods” invitations! I’ve actually had them bookmarked on my web browser for months!

  • They’re all so wonderful! I want to have vow renewals every year with my fiance so we can use them all. I have to say, I love the Cheri the most for our garden wedding, though.

  • I had such a hard time deciding what my favorite design was! They are all so wonderful! I’d probably choose the Note Card Save the Date. <3

  • I love them all, but the clad in plaid and fine line really catch my eye!

  • Ooh! I’m such a Love vs. Design groupie! I was stalking them at the Wedding Wise show! 😉 I LOVE LOVE LOVE the “Vintage Label
    Save the date”!

  • how do i pick just one! but, subtle elegance does stand out from the rest to me. i in love with the cute calendar!!

  • I loved seeing your designs at the Wedding Wise show in San Diego on Sunday. You are doing great things!!

  • It’s too hard to pick just one favorite! But if I had to I’d have to pick the Love Struck invitations. So precious!

  • I love the heart to heart invitations and the green trees save the dates!

  • Ahhh I ? the “Antique Chic” thank-you card! With our wedding coming up on May 28th, I’m now looking for the perfect post-wedding thank-you’s. These definitely fit the bill!

  • All of their work is adorable…but the heart to heart design just makes me swoon! Love 🙂

  • I love the fine line series, especially the place cards! I’d just change to baby pink to grassy green and they would be perfect. I also cannot wait for their rehearsal dinner invitations to launch!

  • I think the “Fine Line” invitations are FABULOUS!! The colors and design is just what I’ve been looking for! Thanks for sharing Love vs Design with us 🙂

  • Got a chance to meet with Love vs. Design at the Wedding Wise showcase (where they were doing live silk screening, rad!)and see their designs in person. My favorite is the letterpress Heart to Heart invite. So cute! I love the Save The Date version in that it says “We are making it official”.

  • I love all things love birds these days, so crushing on the Love Birds Invitation! So cool you have entire matching suites…

  • Love them all! So hard to choose but I definitely love In Cursive 🙂

  • The Cheri Invitations are super cute! I absolutely love the font style and color!

  • awesome!
    my favorite is Heart You Invitation!!
    thanks for sharing,
    love from france

  • The Well Tailored invites are absolutely adorable! I would do stone and lemon as my 2 colors or stone and grass. So perfect for my fiance and I!

  • I LOVE the simplicity and sweetness of the ‘Green Trees’ save the date. This is definitely a company I want to work with!!!

  • What a great business! My favorite invitation design is the Well Tailored.

  • I LOVE the Subtle Elegance “save the dates” and wedding invitations. I would love to have those for my wedding 🙂

  • I am absolutely smitten with the “Cheri” design! It is simple yet very glamorous!!

  • I have been eying the 2 meshing hearts at the top right for a while…love it!

  • I love the “Heart to Heart” Save the Date! Simple, sweet and utterly perfect.

  • I love the “clean and classic” design. It’s so modern and chic!

  • I can’t choose just one! I adore the Stitched save the date design as well as the Love Birds & Heart to Heart invites. Lovely work!

  • sweet antiquity is my favorite. Would love to win anything from this precious company!

  • There are so many great things to choose from. I really like the Refined Type invitation! Definitely will be checking out more on this site for my 2012 wedding!

  • Love the “simply modern” whole group of items – great programs and menus!

  • I love the Full Bloom Invite!!! and i would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEE to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the “lovely vintage” design is, well, lovely! they’re all beautiful, but that one works well with what i hope we can pull off in our garden wedding.

  • I’ve had my eye on your website for our wedding planning for a while now… Problem is I can’t decide between In Cursive or Cheri – love them both!

  • Wow. I seriously love everything! But for the sake of entering the contest, I guess I’ll say the deco charm invitation is my very favorite.

  • The engagement picture calendar save the date card is PERFECT for the style of my wedding!! I also had amazing engagement pics taken by Andria Lindquist – and I really want to show them to all my invitees!
    I actually really need a personalized Rubber Stamp because I am using burlap bags for my candy bar and want to get a personalized stamp to stamp not only my invites but my candy bags as well!
    Fabulous Fabulous company!

  • I have spent way too much time stalking this site in the past few weeks, and was SO excited to see it featured! And a giveaway too?! I love the sweet antiquity invitation and Save the Date.

  • Waoouu..J’adore! Love all! But I do love ‘Cheri’!!This is a perfect match with our wedding theme!!

  • I love all of them! It took me a long time to decide which one I love the most – In Cursive it is! I love the knocked out type! It’s got such a cute charm to it. LUV~!

  • I think the Stamped Bubble Save the Date is absolutely adorable… It combines a lovely photo template with super cute, whimsical text that could fit in with so many different wedding styles. The default font and color are ideal for our summer, vintage wedding. Love!

  • My sister’s fiance is wearing his kilt in the wedding so I think the Clad in Plaid Invitation would be most appropriate!!

  • These are all so amazing! The “I heart you” invitations are so darling and are totally my favorite. My fiance reminded me that “i heart you” is how I first told him that I love him… so silly!

  • The Clean and Classic design is — as it is! How else to describe it? I’ve admired the Heart to Heart since I first stumbled upon your website and the digital photo Make a List save the date screams JOY! Thank you for the giveaway!

  • I adore the high contrast invitations and save the dates! I’m a sucker for dots and florals! And the antique chic invitation is super sweet but very elegant!

  • I am drawn to the “Full Bloom” design. The soft yellow is beautiful.

  • Love, Love, Love it website!! I am really drawn to the “High Seas” invitation!

  • I am in love with the whole Sweet Antiquity set. From the invitation to the table numbers, the place cards to the programs, it’s fun and classy and just what I’m after!

  • I love the My Dear collection! It would be so perfect for my summer barn wedding out in the country!

  • in love with the “refined type” save the date…i’m all about keeping it simple 🙂

  • It’s difficult to master cute and elegant at the same time, but the “My Dear Invitation” does just that. I can’t stop looking at it! It would be the perfect way to announce our forest wedding this October.

  • I love the “heart to heart” invitation. It’s so cute with character, yet simple. Thank you for showing us this website!

  • The high seas invitation is perfect for my beach themed wedding!! I love it!

  • It was hard to decide on a favorite since I love about 5 of them but I think I’d go with Victorian Luxe. It looks like the perfect fit for my vintage Halloween wedding!

  • The Full Bloom Invitation is absolutely stunning, and just perfect for summer farm wedding, All of them are wonderful though!

  • I love love their designs! Especially the Green Trees save the date, gorgeous!

  • I LOVE the sweet antiquity design! 🙂 and their sample is perfect in our colors of navy and pink! What a great site, thanks for introducing us!!

  • I can’t decide. Modern Gold..Sweet Antiquity .. Deco Charm?? They are all fantastic! It’s too hard to choose!

  • gosh. its all so adorable and so my style!

    I personally love the Heart to Heart designs. 🙂

  • I love their designs! Cheri, Keep it Simple, and the High seas are some of my favorites! How would I ever decide??

  • I adore the “Keep it Simple” suite. Fresh, clean and well, simple 🙂

  • Love them all! So hard to choose a favorite, but I’ll go with Fine Line. Great designs!

  • beyond in love with the “love struck” invites (: making me swoon just looking at them and they’d be perfect for our CO wedding!

  • All of their products are so lovely! I’m over the moon for the Antique Chic Invitation design! 🙂

  • There are so many cute invitations but I think my favorite is Subtle Elegance. Besides the fact that it’s really cute it has the save the date style I was looking for, a picture with a calendar. I also love how the initials are used throughout all of the different pieces.

  • What a wonderful give away! My fiance and I are LOVING the Deco Charm & the Keep It Simple invites. It would be such a joy to win, as invites are the one stresser for us.



  • I’m in love with the Heart to Heart invitations. There is a certain grade school charm and that’s where me and my beau met so it would tie things in nicely! The Save the Dates rock my world though. I think Green the Trees displayed above is fantastic but so is the Subtle Elegance. The boy is bit of a modernist with design so I think Subtle Elegance would suit him. I love everything about it even the fact that it would represent my fondness for calendars. Thank you for showing me LOVE vs DESIGN! It is now a new bookmark favorite! 🙂

  • I simply adore the In Cursive invitation. The blue that they have posted is the exact blue tone for my wedding! I think it’s just the perfect mix of fun and formal.

  • Torn between Cheri & the Simply Modern… but I am sure my fiance will like a totally different one. Beautiful.

  • The DECO CHARM INVITATION is gorgeous and would actually fit perfect with my theme!

  • My favorite is the “In Cursive” invitation! So simple and sweet, just like I want my wedding to be 🙂

  • I love the Floral Chic Save-the-Date. My fiance and I are getting married in the fall and I think the subtle, muted colors will provide our guests with a hint of what is to come. Thanks for letting us know about their stationary!

  • They are all so sweet, but the High Seas invitation is exactly what I had in mind when picturing my invitations. J’adore!

  • I love all the High Seas products, but especially in the invitations. They make me think how ready I am for summer to be here!

  • I am entering on behalf of my daughter’s wedding. I would encourage her to get the Sweet Antiquity Thank you cards!

  • I love the Subtle Elegance Save the date! I love the fact that it is a calendar, and incorporates a photo…so cute!

  • I love all of their black and white concepts … perfect for my vintage wedding : )

  • lovely vintage and my dear are my favourites! just started my invitation shopping for my september wedding . . . love the printable option! so smart! 🙂

  • My favorite is the stamped bubble save the date. Very cute! I also really like the full bloom invitation.

  • I love love love the green trees save the date! I just started planning so save the dates are one of the first things I am searching for and we are hoping to get married outdoors in a wooded area so I’m envisioning something similar to this.

  • I think ‘in cursive’ is my favorite! I love the fact that you can purchase a PDF and print at home..

  • SO many fun designs it’s hard to choose! I really love the heart to heat design and the love struck invite <3

  • there are so many cute designs! it’s so hard to choose just one (: it’d be cool if i could customize them for my graduation instead of weddings.

  • Gotta love Love vs. Design for their stylish and sleek-yet not stuffy-designs! The photo save the dates are great-especially the “stitched” one. Adorable!

  • It’s a tie for me between the Fine Line and Lovely Vintage invites. But all are so pretty!

  • They are all so great it’s hard to decide!
    I think I love the heart to heart invitation best though! So cute!

  • My favorite is the “in cursive” design. So formal and still personal!!

  • I have to say that Love struck is one of the cutest and most unique ideas i’ve seen in an invite. love it!

  • These invitations are absolutely precious! They are simple yet very chic.

  • please oh please! we’re doing a low-budget wedding and have been looking for sites like this! “in cursive” or “victorian luxe” would be PERFECT for us! i mean, really…just LOOK at how beautiful that “in cursive” thank you card is!

  • I love the cursive invites! One of the cutest stores I’ve seen in a while 🙂

  • I love the In Cursive design, but how do you pick just one when they are all amazing!!

  • Heart to Heart is my favorite, with lovestruck as a close second. And the green trees save the date is just lovely.

  • I’d have to say the Heart to Heart Invitation invitation is sweet, romantic, and hip all at the same time. I love it!

  • the clean and classic save the date is right up my alley!
    and a tote bag and address stamp are fabulous additions to the giveaway!

  • postmarked save the date – very fitting as my fiance and i are currently long distance (hopefully not for long!)

  • I love the ‘Sweet Antiquity Invitation’ design! Those are my theme colors as well. 😀

  • I am so excited to find this website! We will be using the Lovebirds invitations for sure! It’s so perfect- I emailed my mom immediately to tell her I found our invitations! Our colors are lavender, plum and pewter and our wedding is in a barn with a lovebirds theme- I couldn’t have designed anything better myself! Thanks, Ruffled. You’ve helped me so much planning my wedding!!

  • I am loving the Love Struck program! With less than 2 months til our big day, these last-minute paper projects would be a breeze with Love vs. Design!

  • Absolutely am in love with the HIGH CONTRAST invitations!!
    Our colors are all black and white and doing purple flowers.
    This totally ties the them of the wedding reception together!

  • I absolutely LOVE the “I heart you” invitation. I think its such a cute illustration and the type treatment
    is adorable. I absolutely love it and it be a perfect invitation design for my cousin’s baby shower in June.

  • I love “Full Bloom”! Plus it’s fitting because the name matches my name. It must be meant to be! ;o)

  • I really like the “In Cursive” invitation. There are so many wonderful designs to choose from! I would love to win this giveaway!

  • I absolutely LOVE the vintage floral fabric inspired backer! Grey is my favorite color so there was no question between me and my fiance that it would be one of our focal colors in the wedding! My absolute favorite is their design “Love Struck” which isn’t featured here but had caught my eye a couple weeks ago! I do also like the sketch-like details from the “In Cursive” design. 🙂 I love the creativity of Love vs. Design!

  • I totally enjoyed the My Dear Invitation. The stag and doe are so unique. I have never seen them on an invitation before.

  • They are all so lovely and unique! I am totally crushing over the My Dear. A totally unique and whimsical look that is sure to be memorable.

  • I’m in love with the Sweet Antiquity because I love two different color fonts on invitations. It gives that pop in a subtle, not over the top way.

  • Adore the simplicity of the image-focused ‘save the date’ designs. The subtle design of the postmark in the Postmark Save the date is my favourite – tasteful, beautiful and focused on the couple in order to allow their unique personality shine through. Gorgeous!

  • Adore the simplicity of the image-focused ‘save the date’ designs. The subtle design of the postmark in the Postmark Save the date is my favourite – tasteful, beautiful and focused on the couple in order to allow their unique personality shine through. Gorgeous!

  • Adore the simplicity of the image-focused ‘save the date’ designs. The subtle design of the postmark in the Postmark Save the date is my favourite – tasteful, beautiful and focused on the couple in order to allow their unique personality shine through. Gorgeous!

  • i love love love the cheri invites they are so classic and chic!!!!!

  • I’m still loving the ‘stamped bubble’ save-the-date card!!

    And actually my fiance really likes the ‘Love Struck’ invitation as well! =)

  • These are great – the Sweet Antiquity is my absolute favorite! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • the first company where i LOVE each piece i see. I simply cannot choose! Heart to Heart, Love Struck, Refined Tape, ZigZags… it goes on… 🙂

  • I absolutely adore the Lovely vintage Wedding Invitations! It fits my wedding perfectly because I’m doing a Rustic Vintage theme. It’s seductively sweet!

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