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This Is How You Pull Off The Mismatched Bridesmaid Look

This Is How You Pull Off The Mismatched Bridesmaid Look

sophisticated emerald bridesmaid dresses

You’ll want to make like Lionel Richie and dance all night long in these shiny new stunners from the Fall 2019 Jenny Yoo Bridesmaid Collection. If you’re like us, you become giddy every time you see a mismatched bridesmaid portrait that pulls. it. off. (And if you’re really like us, you may even find yourself screaming “Yassss honey!” at your screen). Suffice it to say, mix n match bridesmaid styles are taking over the world with their fierce energy and delightful color combos. But I’ll be honest, it is an art! And if you’ve ever been a bridesmaid facing such a challenge (or keep hitting a wall as you share recs for your gals now), you can relate.

ivory and champagne bridesmaid dresses with silky fabrics

Today we are over the moon to be sharing this first look at Jenny Yoo’s newest bridesmaid collection which seamlessly executes the mismatched bridal party style so well everytime. With these complementary gowns in a range of colors, fabrics and silhouettes, it’s hard not to do. You’re set up for success with flattering designs that #werk for all sizes, shapes and price points, but we’ll give you the DL anyways. In other words, we’re about to make like Regina George’s mom and share all the hot goss!

sophisticated emerald bridesmaid dresses

silk faux wrap bridesmaid dress
But first, let’s ogle over a few things together:

1. The high key G-L-A-M-O-U-R of the Lana dress with it’s sleek spaghetti strap halter and satin back crepe shimmer
2. The sexy center slit of the luxurious stretch velvet Malia gown (and that plunging neckline!)
3. The laidback woodland princess vibe of the Marin dress with its effortlessly chic flowy skirt, romantic flutter sleeves and sweet waist tie

We’re off to a strong start, friends. We’re off to a strong start.

peach and pink bridesmaid dresses with velvet and chiffon

sage green bridesmaid dress with faux wrap and silk chiffon

off-the-shoulder bridesmaid dress and red spaghetti strap bridesmaid dresses

Contemporary romance is the name of the game for this collection featuring all sorts of textures including rich, lustrous velvet and billowing silk crepe. Add some tantalizing colors to the mix and we are sold – lookin’ at you whipped apricot! But it’s not all about the color + fabric. That’s why we’re stepping into modern bridesmaid fashion 101 mode faster than you can say “ow owwww”.

plum bridesmaid dresses with velvet and silk fabrics and sexy high slits

strapless silver bridesmaid dress with beaded satin fabric

marigold velvet bridesmaid dresses

So what are the rules for mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses?

1. Play with prints

Dainty patterns and prints are a great way to spice up a mismatched bridesmaid look when you want something to accent or “pop” from the solid colors that act as the foundation. One of our favorite printed bridesmaid dresses from this new collection is Selma with its floral Ivy Burnout Velvet and sultry A-line silhouette.

french blue bridesmaid dresses with velvet and printed fabrics

2. Color outside the lines

Now, the traditional rulebook might tell you to play it safe and stick with the same color. And it’s easy to do when you encourage your gals to make their pick from the same designer because you can trust these colors will be consistent. But ladies + gents, it is 2019 and modern bridesmaids are coloring outside the lines by mixing color groups entirely (not just shades from the same family). We’ll always recommend you guide your bridesmaids (see the last bullet!) during this process to make sure there is balance and complementation across the board, but girl, live your best life + do it colorfully! If you want that extra level of assurance before your bridesmaids go all in, you can order sample swatches directly from Jenny Yoo to get a full understanding of the look and feel of the colors + fabrics you’re thinking of mixing.

fall bridesmaid dresses in peach, marigold and sage colors

3. Treat texture like your BFF

Jenny Yoo is fearless that’s for sure. And this risk-taking attitude pays off in the styles she’s just unveiled that are brimming with texture through embroidery, beading and other embellishments. Now we don’t recommend varying too many features in your mix + match process. So if you’re sticking with the same color but granting free reign on styles, invite a small percentage of your gals to add some different textures to the mix. Likewise, if you’re already having them mix color families, maybe stick to the same texture to pull it all together. It’s always a good idea to find consistency in at least 1 detail and use that as a foundation.

silver sequined bridesmaid dress with a plunging neckline

4. Accessorize cohesively

Along the same lines, one way to reinforce consistency is to give them identical accessories to wear on the day. It’s an easy and subtle way to wrap the bow on a polished look, and regardless of if they ever wear the bridesmaid dress again, they sure will find many occasions for the accessories.

silver bridesmaid dresses in silk, chiffon and luxe crepe fabric

5. Guide your gals

When I say there are endless style possibilities, I mean there are endless style possibilities. That’s why we recommend sourcing all bridesmaid dresses from the same designer and still giving them a little guidance. Because let’s face it, if you just give them “dusty blue bridesmaid dress in whichever style you like”, you might end up with 3 floor length one-shoulder gowns in 1 shade, 1 in another and an outlier that’s not only another shade, but knee-length as well. On their own, there’s nothing wrong with any of these styles. But there’s an art to composition, and you’ve gotta lead the way!

Sourcing from the same designer sets them up for success a little more from the get-go as there will likely be consistency in textures, colors, fabrics that can act as the glue. Ask your girls, too, if they can send you a preview of what they’re thinking during the buying process so that you can re-direct if the look they’ve pulled is too similar to others that have been chosen (or on the flip side, too out there!)

red and burgundy bridesmaid dresses for fall weddings

There’s nothing more liberating as a bridesmaid than having the freedom to choose a gown you love 1000%, and that’s why we’re head over heels for all the ways that Jenny Yoo lets you personalize. Be it their convertible bridesmaid dress staple, the Annabelle, or the luxurious sheer paneled Evie overskirt, this designer encourages you to come as you are. And my, do we love the diverse interpretations of each gown that are shared everyday!

blue convertible bridesmaid dresses

plum velvet bridesmaid dress with plunging v-neck

sage green bridesmaid dresses with high slits and flutter sleeves

red and burgundy bridesmaid dresses for fall weddings

Now to the good stuff. Where can you find these fall bridesmaid dresses that are sugar, (pumpkin) spice and everything nice? Their online boutique, department stores and retail partners such as BHLDN will be your yellow brick road, so click here to be one of the very first to shop their fall 2019 bridesmaid collection. Nothing but captivating gowns ahead in today’s forecast!

This post was sponsored by Jenny Yoo. All opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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  • Stunning. Chic. Modern and Classic all at the same time. We truly love it when couples decide to see their bridesmaids as a color palette rather than trying to match everyone to the same shade. The results are far more striking images as the variations are expected, instead of distracting should one persons dress be slightly off from the “official color” – This allows the eye to embrace the variety of hues, rather than be distracted by it. Bravo!

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