Gift Box Ideas: For Dads

This next gift idea created by Michelle Edgemont is Sunday morning wrapped in a basket. It’s such a sweet, yet surefire way to please anyone who loves to read the news along with a good cup of coffee!

gift basket ideas

From Michelle Edgemont: Today, let’s talk about dads. When I was a kid, I remember my dad would drink a lot of coffee and watch a lot of news, which at the time I thought was boring. Now, I ride the train with the strongest coffee I can find while reading the New York Times on iphone. The perfect gift package for anyone, especially dads, who appreciate a dash of news, strong coffee, and a delicious snack in the morning. For this gift package I included a coffee mug, strong coffee beans, a coffee spoon, biscotti, and a homemade gift card for the New York Times. Print out the gift tag and the homemade gift card for your personal use. To keep with the newspaper theme, I lined a black, metal basket with the Sunday edition of the Times. Before placing the items in the basket, crumble up a few pages of the newspaper to fill in the bottom and lift up all those great, little gift items.

#001: striped mug from Target, #002 newspaper subscription of your choice or a gift card to Kindle, #003 his favorite coffee, #004 coffee spoon from Pier 1, #005 biscotti

gift basket ideas

Download Gift Box Labels: Your Perfect Morning

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