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50 Bridesmaid Gifts Under $50 You’ll Love Giving This Year

50 Bridesmaid Gifts Under $50 You’ll Love Giving This Year

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You’ll want to bookmark this post because we’ve rounded up some of our favorite bridesmaids gifts that are practical, beautiful and best of all, all under $50! We covered a wide range of prices, so you can also mix and match smaller gifts into a fun thank you gift box. Pin now and revisit as we approach the holidays so you can get all your gifts covered for the women in your life!

50 Bridesmaid Gifts Under $50

Being a part of your bridal squad is no simple feat. They’re there planning your bachelorette party, throwing a bridal shower (remember this who pays for what post?), going to all dress fittings and anything else you may need during your wedding planning…a nice thank you gift is a sweet way to celebrate this milestone with them too.

Here it is ladies, our top 50 bridesmaid gift ideas under $50! Some of these you might want it for yourself 🙂

We curated gifts ideas for the fitness girl, for the boho soul bridesmaids, for the artful gals in your life and overall gifts with an organic and colorful aesthetic that are as practical as they are to look at! Your bridal squad will love receiving a gift that’s specific to their lifestyle that they will use again and again. Because that gorgeous floor length bridesmaid gown might have looked perfect, but receiving a fun straw bag is something that will be even more eager to model 🙂

We had so much fun choosing these gifts, we might selfishly want all of them to ourselves, so trying not to hoard them was tough!

There are so many adorable gifts out there and we hope this helped you find the perfect gift your your besties. Since your wedding day is right around the corner, here are a few ways to practice self-care on your wedding day. You owe it to yourself.

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