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Father’s Day + Groomsmen Gift Boxes with Free Printables

DIY Projects, Favors and Gifts, Free Downloads

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we couldn’t help but share gift box ideas for the OG man in your life (*ahem* Dad). The card for Dad is just the beginning, so we laid the groundwork in case you wanted to write some sweet nothings to your groom before the big reveal, and even added a thank you printable for the groomsmen to boot. Now that we got a few important men in your life covered, it’s time to grab these free printables!

Father's Day + Groomsmen Gift Boxes with Free Printables
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Hello! From SF With Love is based in San Francisco. We cover local weddings within 2-3 hours of SF. Our photography style is urban, modern, timeless, editorial & authentic. We try to catch the in-between moments that reflect who people really are & their loved ones in an artistic way.

We love to photograph people & living a creative life rich in culture here on the West Coast. Finding & being found by the right couples is a beautiful thing.

Please get in touch if you think we are a good fit.
Packages range from $3,500-6,500.

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Handcrafted Jewelry by Erin Pelicano

Gift Guide

Photos by:

Erin Pelicano

Starting our Gift Guide with a bang, let us introduce you to . If you haven’t heard, Erin designs beautiful handcrafted jewelry meant to be cherished and worn for years. Each design has a special meaning in between the person giving the gift and the one receiving it, making for a sweet gift idea for sisters, grandmothers/mothers/daughters, dads/daughters, mothers/daughters and to your beau as well. The jewelry is made of sterling silver, gold, and our favorite, rose gold, and you can mix and match by choosing a birth stone, initial or a symbol charm. Find more great gift ideas here.

Handcrafted Jewelry by Erin Pelicano

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Valentine’s Day Friendship Bracelet DIY

DIY Projects

Photos by:

Cambria Grace

While there are plenty of gift ideas for your honey out there right now, we thought it’d be nice to show off this cute Valentine’s Day (or any day!) gift for your girlfriends. Not only are these friendship bracelets the perfect way to perk up a friend’s day — they’re also a perfect add-on gift for your bridesmaids. Thank you so much to Cambria Grace for capturing this tutorial, and Lauren of Lauren Wells Events for sharing her tips!

bracelet diy tutorial - photo by Cambria Grace - view more:

bracelet diy tutorial - photo by Cambria Grace - view more:

bracelet diy tutorial - photo by Cambria Grace - view more:

From Lauren of Lauren Wells Events: I have always loved sending my girlfriends Valentines. They appreciate pink and glitter and xoxo’s way more than my husband does, and it’s always fun to let your friends know you are thinking of them. This year, I decided to make some old school friendship bracelets. They are the perfect snow day activity, and so simple to make. Not to mention all the colors you can choose from!

For this project, you will need:
-Embroidery Thread
-Clipboard (optional, but helpful!)

bracelet diy tutorial - photo by Cambria Grace - view more:

Classic Chevron DIY
1. Cut 5 colors of embroidery thread 60-70″ in length, then fold in half and tie a knot. You should have 10 strings total, 2 of each color.

2. Secure the knot down (we used a clipboard, but you can use tape or a safety pin, too), and separate the 5 colors to each side. Make sure the order of the colors mirror each other as shown in the photo.

bracelet diy tutorial - photo by Cambria Grace - view more:

3. Starting with the thread on the far left (in this case, green), cross it over the thread next to it (blue) in the shape of a 4. Holding the blue thread taut, pull the green thread tight and secure into a knot. Repeat, so the same knot is tied twice.

bracelet diy tutorial - photo by Cambria Grace - view more:

4. Using the same green thread, move to the next thread (red), and repeat the same knot twice.
5. Repeat two knots on the pink thread, and then two knots on the gold thread, until the green thread is now in the middle.

bracelet diy tutorial - photo by Cambria Grace - view more:

6. Repeat the entire process on the right side, beginning with the outer most green thread once again. Rather than making a 4 shape, cross the thread over in a P shape. Then, tie each knot.
7. Once you have reached the middle, tie the two green threads together, again knotting twice. Your first row is done!
8. Repeat the steps above, using the new outer thread each time (the second row will now be blue), and you will see the classic chevron pattern emerge a few rows down!
9. Once the bracelet is long enough, separate the extra thread into two braids, and tie around the knot to secure.

bracelet diy tutorial - photo by Cambria Grace - view more:

bracelet diy tutorial - photo by Cambria Grace - view more:

Heart DIY
The heart DIY is almost the same as the chevron, so once you have mastered that, this one will be a cinch.

1. Select 2 colors, and cut 2 60-70″ pieces of each. Fold in half, and secure with a knot. You should have 4 pieces of each color, 8 strands total.
2. Secure the knot down, and separate to each side, alternating colors. Make sure the order of the colors mirror each other as shown in the photo.

bracelet diy tutorial - photo by Cambria Grace - view more:

3. Make the first two rows the same as you made the classic chevron. We will call these the “classic rows.”
4. For the third row, take the thread that is second in from the left. Make a “P” as you would on the right side, and knot twice. Then, take the thread you just knotted on, and complete the row as you normally would, with figure “4” knots.

bracelet diy tutorial - photo by Cambria Grace - view more:

5. Repeat on the right side, taking the thread that is second in from the right, and making a “4” knot on the outer thread, knotting twice. Complete the row as you normally would with “P” knots, and knot the two strands in the middle once they meet. We will call this a “heart row.”
6. For the fourth row, repeat steps 4-5, making another “heart row.”
7. Alternate two classic rows, with two heart rows. Once the bracelet is long enough, you can braid the ends, and tie it on! Friendship bracelet success.

bracelet diy tutorial - photo by Cambria Grace - view more:

bracelet diy tutorial - photo by Cambria Grace - view more:

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The Paper Flower Market

The Paper Flower Market provides brides with everlasting blooms in a magnificently realistic fashion and stunning composition that can be showcased forever in semblance of the love represented on their special day.

This is a floral design and creation company with an artist who works solely with premium papers imported from Italy and Germany.

Each flower is delicately made by the artist with hand coloring and styling techniques to create absolutely swoon worthy wedding blossoms. We specialize in custom bouquets, but also have preset bouquet styling options on our website. We extend our services offering floral crowns, Bridesmaids’ bouquet options, and other floral needs, providing gifts and keepsakes for all special parties involved on your wedding day.

Special Discount Code: RUFFLED15

Credit for all images:
Photography by Lawrence Te
Model Christy Creson

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Winter Bridal Shower Ideas + DIY Personalized Mugs

Wedding Ideas

Photos by:

Cambria Grace

Cozying up with some warm apple cider + doughnut holes and getting your craft on with your besties – doesn’t it sound like a fun bridal shower idea for a winter bride? Lauren Wells Events and Krissy of Pollen Floral Design recently threw such an event at Fenway West Elm captured by Cambria Grace Photography, where they taught their guests how to make some supremely cute mugs and flower arrangements. The best part? These hand-decorated mugs and plates would double as amazing bridesmaid or bridal shower gifts!

organic tablescapes via

From the stylist, Lauren Wells: Krissy Price from Pollen Floral Design and I hosted a styling workshop at West Elm a few weeks back. I styled the table, and in lieu of “placecards,” personalized each person’s plate with a porcelain pen, writing why I was thankful for them. Krissy designed the flowers for the table as well. We then showed everyone how to bring two of those DIYs to life – the floral centerpiece, and DIY porcelain mugs. It is the perfect season for steaming cups of cocoa and hot, spiced teas, and I thought these mugs would make a thoughtful (and inexpensive!) gift for the holidays.

winter bridal shower ideas via
hot cocoa wedding favors via

diy holiday mugs // via

For this project, you will need:
-plain porcelain mug
-porcelain pens (we used these)
-carbon paper (optional)

1. Make sure your mug is clean and completely dry, and make sure your pens are fully shaken and blotted.

2. Get creative, and start drawing! You can freehand it (as shown in the images), or you can use carbon paper to trace a monogram or other detailed image. (If using carbon paper, just tape the carbon side to the mug, and the image you want to trace on top, face up. Use a pencil or another sharp point to trace over the image, and then remove the carbon paper. Trace over the carbon lines with a porcelain pen. The first time you place your mug in a dishwasher, the remainder of the carbon will wash off)

donut holiday parties via
winter bridal shower ideas via
diy personalized mugs // via

diy porcelain mug event at west elm via

3. Once you are done, let sit for 24 hours.
4. Bake as directed on the pen (bake temperatures and times vary based on pen brand).
5. Let sit 72 hours, then place in the dishwasher.

west elm parties via
flower arrangement parties via
handwritten plate diys // via

Fill up that mug with your favorite hot drink, and enjoy!

mixed wedding flowers via

west elm holiday diy event // via

diy porcelain mugs via

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Shoot Location: Boston, MA / Photography: Cambria Grace Photography / Event Design, Styling and Porcelain Mug DIY: Lauren Wells Events / Floral Design: Pollen Floral Design / Venue: West Elm Fenway / Donuts: Union Square Donuts

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best day ever floral design

We are a boutique floral design studio based in los angeles that believes beauty creates magic. We’re talking about that whimsical, golden-hour, moment your never gonna forget kind of magic. We live for that. We love pairing different textures and adding in surprising elements to keep our designs original, organic, playful, and ethereal. We think flowers are pretty rad around here and are extremely passionate about making a brides vision come to life. We are driven by creating beauty and believe that filling a space with fresh blooms brings it to life.

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Engagement Gift Kit

DIY Projects

Annie, the designer behind Anniemade is our most recent DIY Contributor and we’re super excited to be sharing packaging + gift projects. You may very well remember her from her wedding we shared a few months ago. We will let let her take it from here:

engagement gift box

This is a great project for an engagement party that won’t tax your time or your bank account. In fact, you’ll need just a few things to whip up this quick gift package:

Supplies (Time: 30 Minutes // Cost: Approximately $20-30)

Magazine File (IKEA Kassett)
download Congrats text (or design your own – font used is “Alex Brush”)
A digital photo of the couple
2 sheets of 8.5 x 11” adhesive label paper (we used Staples Sticker Paper)
One pair of scissors
X-acto knife and cutting mat
tissue paper
1 large cellophane bag
A card and wedding related goodies
wedding gift idea
wedding gift idea
wedding gift idea
wedding gift idea
wedding gift idea

Step 1: Print and Prepare your labels. Using your computer, blow up your photo to the size indicated by the photo placeholder template. When ready, print the photo template page and the “Congrats” text on your sticker paper.

Step 2: Cut + place your labels. For the photo and side elements, grab your cutting mat and x-acto knife. You’ll need the x-acto knife for the front cutout, and a cutting mat (or paper cutter) can be used to cut the photo with straight edges. For the “Congrats” text, use your scissors to carefully cut a loose border around the edges. Peel away photo and side labels and place on file. You will want to work from the edge to ensure there aren’t any air bubbles.

Step 3: Insert all your goodies into your magazine file and tuck a few pieces of tissue paper inside for the finishing touch. Then wrap the whole thing in cellophane and tie it all together with a beautiful satin ribbon.

If this is being given as a group gift, you may even want all the bride’s friends to use a sharpie to sign the magazine file itself. Here are some fun ideas of what to place in your magazine file to provide your bride with great inspiration: a Congratulations card, wedding mags, card with wedding blog musts, passed down wedding books, stylish pen + pencil, notepad, sticky notes, thank you notes, your own piece of advice if you’re already married!

Project and project photos by Anniemade.

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Husband and wife wedding photographers based in New Orleans, Paris and destination locations.

It all starts with “Yes.” There was a feeling when you knew; that gut feeling that told you, your partner is the one. We won’t allow you to settle for anything else when choosing your photographer. Emotions, stories, and experiences power our photos. Let us document the best of yours.

“It doesn’t end with “I Do”. That feeling of forever will dance through your spirit as you relive those special moments with the photos captured by Arte De Vie.

A wedding isn’t a job for ADV, it’s a partnership in trust. We’re excited and ready to capture the magical nuances that make your love special!

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Gift Box Ideas: For Dads

Free Downloads

This next gift idea created by Michelle Edgemont is Sunday morning wrapped in a basket. It’s such a sweet, yet surefire way to please anyone who loves to read the news along with a good cup of coffee!

gift basket ideas

From Michelle Edgemont: Today, let’s talk about dads. When I was a kid, I remember my dad would drink a lot of coffee and watch a lot of news, which at the time I thought was boring. Now, I ride the train with the strongest coffee I can find while reading the New York Times on iphone. The perfect gift package for anyone, especially dads, who appreciate a dash of news, strong coffee, and a delicious snack in the morning. For this gift package I included a coffee mug, strong coffee beans, a coffee spoon, biscotti, and a homemade gift card for the New York Times. Print out the gift tag and the homemade gift card for your personal use. To keep with the newspaper theme, I lined a black, metal basket with the Sunday edition of the Times. Before placing the items in the basket, crumble up a few pages of the newspaper to fill in the bottom and lift up all those great, little gift items.

#001: striped mug from Target, #002 newspaper subscription of your choice or a gift card to Kindle, #003 his favorite coffee, #004 coffee spoon from Pier 1, #005 biscotti

gift basket ideas

Download Gift Box Labels: Your Perfect Morning

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Whim Hospitality

Since our launch in 2012, Whim Hospitality has set about distinguishing ourselves by offering unique products in a unique way. While we may offer traditional services – catering, event and tent rentals, florals and venue management – we are innovative by offering all of them. Whim has brought to the special events industry the uncommon experience of being able to work with a connected family of premier vendors.

We bring people together!

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Gift Box Ideas: For the Boys

Free Downloads

This one is for the boys! Drink kits would also make great hostess gifts, just mix and match your favorite cocktail ingredients. From Michelle Edgemont: This thoughtful and personalized gift package includes a rocks glass, initial drink stirrers, a miniature can of soda, and a miniature bottle of Maker’s Mark. Miniature versions of anything are my favorite. This is a gift box that will get any party started.

To build the package, first print out the labels on kraft sticker paper. It’s your lucky day because these labels are available to you for FREE for your personal use. To make the initial stirrers, cut out the rectangles from the kraft sticker paper and fold around a wooden stirrer. Use a black pen to hand draw your friend’s initial on one side of the flag. Hand drawn details really give this gift package a personalized touch.

Use a glossy, black box and natural crinkle paper filler as packaging. Try other soda and liquor combinations to create different varieties of this fun gift. Sprite & Vodka or Tonic & Gin would be cool alternatives.

Download Gift Box Labels: Drink Kits

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Clarence Chan Photography

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life. It should be full of fun, laughter, and love; so should your photos. My goal is to capture beautiful moments by using a natural, artistic, and light photographic style. I’m passionate about story telling and I seek to document moments big and small—from the moment the bride walks down the aisle to laughter shared among friends—so that your photos will be cherished and shared for generations.

I have covered weddings across the United States and internationally and am a member of the esteemed Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) and Fearless Photographers.

In 2012, I married my inspirational, creative, and loving wife. When I’m not shooting a wedding and traveling, I’m often at home with my wife, playing with our rambunctious corgi.

Based in New York City and the Greater Washington D.C area. I also travel domestically and internationally.

Featured in: Washingtonian Bride & Groom, The Knot, Borrowed & Blue, Be Minked, District Weddings, Artfully Wed, Bridal Musings, Intimate Weddings, United with Love

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Gift Box Ideas: For Your Girls

Free Downloads

This week Michelle Edgemont will be sharing gift box ideas for everyone in your wedding. Just in time for the holidays, or plenty of time to prep a little something for everyone who is helping you plan leading up to your wedding day! Scroll down to download your very own Sparkle & Shine labels.

From Michelle: Yep, this was my favorite gift package to put together. It’s filled with glittery, glitzy, and bubbly items that I know I would love to receive. Gift your bridesmaids with a super fun package of shiny items that they can use to jazz up everyday outfits. Don’t forget the individual cans of pink champagne! Perfect for getting NYE party started or toasting you on your wedding day.

gift box ideas
Included in the bridesmaid’s gift package are shimmery eye shadow, glitter nail polish, a metallic pouf, can of champagne, and sparkly hair clips. I used a round, white tin that I first filled with white, crinkle paper and gold tinsel which can be found at craft stores.

gift box ideas
Those multi colored sparkle hairclips were purchased from a neighborhood pharmacy. An easy tip to make inexpensive, store bought accessories look more personalized is to re-package them onto your own homemade tags. So easy and so much better. With this sparkle and shine gift package, all of your best girlfriends will look extra glittery for the holiday season!
gift packaging ideas

Download Gift Box Labels: Sparkle and Shine