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Whip up These Giant Christmas Wreaths for your Wall

Whip up These Giant Christmas Wreaths for your Wall

What’s not to love about a wall of giant Christmas wreaths?! We’re getting festive and decided to put on a wintry twist to these giant hula hoop frames using a mix of Spanish moss and large Magnolia flowers from Afloral. Let’s get to it:
Diy Giant Christmas Wreaths

Full list of supplies for these winter wreaths can be found here including alternative flowers. Here are the ones we used:
Oversigned Magnolia flowers
Spanish Moss
Hot glue and hot glue sticks
Hydrangea in Mauve
Pine Needle Spray with Pine Cones
Gold Spray paint
PEX pvc pipe
Floral Wire
Pipe Cutter
Duct tape
Oversizedchristmaswreaths 001
Oversizedchristmaswreaths 002
You’ll first need to make your wreath hoops to desired size(s). We actually used leftover PEX pvc pipe from this giant flower frame we shared earlier this year. You’ll follow the same steps to make a hula hoop.
Starting out with Spanish moss, glue it along the frame, leaving space for the flowers.
You’ll need a bit more surface to attach the large flowers, so cut a piece of cardboard and glue it on the frame.
Oversizedchristmaswreaths 003
Oversizedchristmaswreaths 004
Remove the stems from the flowers, and poke a large hole on the cardboard piece to fit the back of the Magnolia flowers. Dab hot glue on the back of the flowers and fit them on the holes on the cardboard. We used Mauve and beige tones with muted greens from the moss.
Using the Manoglia leaves from the same flower stems, stagger them around the flowers securing them with glue.
Oversizedchristmaswreaths 005
Oversizedchristmaswreaths 006
I spray painted the pine needles gold and used the pinecones in some of the wreaths. To attach the pinecones, use a piece of floral wire and wrap it around the pine cone, then around the frame. I added a bit of glue to make it extra secure.
Diy Paper Christmas Trees 02
Check out this section on Afloral to find more holiday flowers and decor!
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