DIY Vintage Book Ring Holder

Happy Friday! I thought I’d leave you with an easy peasy DIY project for the weekend. Brittni from papernstitch sent over this DIY vintage book ring holder tutorial. Brittni made one for her own Library wedding last year, but this ring holder would look beautiful in any ceremony. I can imagine using this ring holder as a keepsake, tucking your vows in the book to reread them on your anniversary…

DIY vintage book ring holder

From Brittni, of papernstitch:

Its for a unique ceremony ring holder made from a vintage book. I made one for my own wedding, which was almost a year ago. And now that my wedding is long gone, I’d thought I’d share the idea. We wanted something different that would tie in the ceremony site with the reception (the reception was at the Downtown Library rooftop about a mile from the ceremony), and I couldn’t find anything that would work. So, I made this. It’s very easy, and will take all of ten minutes to complete. Perfect for the busy bride.

What you’ll need:
– vintage book
– ruler
– pencil
– xacto knife
– ribbon

DIY vintage book ring holder


Step 1: Choose a book that has special meaning to you or your relationship. Or perhaps is the color(s) of your wedding.

Step 2: Turn to almost halfway through your book (a little less than half), and draw a small two inch box center right (toward the outside of the book).

Step 3: Using a straightedge and an xacto knife, follow the guide of your box and begin slicing through along the lines. You will want to press down hard and go over each line over and over, so that you go through as many layers as possible. I would recommend cutting over each line at least six times.

DIY vintage book ring holder

Step 4: Once that is done, you can pop out the paper, revealing your hollowed out box. You may have to repeat step 3 several times to get the desired deepness for your “box”. Remember it only has to be as deep as the rings that will be going inside of it.

Step 5: Now slip a ribbon through the cut box (making sure to go through all of the pages that are cut).

Step 6: Slip the rings onto the ribbon and rest them inside your hollowed box. Close book and tie ribbon with a bow.

DIY vintage book ring holder

Thanks so much to Brittni of papernstitch for sharing this DIY with us!

  1. Thanks for this, i love this site, but i can’t help but feel a pang inside whenever i see someone cutting up a book.

  2. Thank you so much Amanda for posting my tutorial on Ruffled. I have really enjoyed reading through all the comments here as well.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. This is a neat way to keep the ring for the ceremony… I might do this project for my cousin’s wedding. It would have been really nice to see the engagement ring inside the book. Your comment made me think actually. I’d like to be proposed to in the same manner. Knowing how much of a bookworm I am. Oh well, I have yet to wait for the question to be popped.

  4. Thank you! After thinking of the general idea on my own, I refined it with your website and it worked wonderfully!

  5. I love this idea, I love books and was trying to find a way to incorporate them into the wedding. My friends who were like me not sure we had the heart to cut up a book even thought that buying a nice vintage or cool looking hardback journal would do the trick and I think that’s what I’ll do!