This weekend is going to be jam packed with the last half of our chosen DIY entries! Patricia made a retro ring bearer bowl using vintage sundae cups. The sparkly initials and the pinwheel detail at the end of the ribbon make for a most whimsical ring holder.

 diy ring bearer ideas

What you’ll need:
– Styrofoam ball
– Sundae cup
– Fabric tape
– Ribbons
– Wooden letters
– Toothpicks
– Moss

 unique ring bearer ideas

Step 1. First, make sure your Styrofoam ball fits nicely in your sundae cup. In my case, the ball is slightly too big and I sawed it into half.
Step 2. Fill up the cup with moss, or some glitters or little meaningful trinkets and spread them around the inside of the cup. Check that there is no ugly gap.
Step 3. Apply a layer of white craft glue over the Styrofoam ball and cover it with the moss.
Step 4. Using a long needle, poke through the Styrofoam ball with the ribbon running through it. Beginning at the position where you want the rings to be tied, through the other end of the ball and create another entry point 1cm away from the last point of exit. Make sure the other end of the ribbon ends up near its other end. This is where you will tie your rings to.
Step 5. Next, for your initials, attach a toothpick to the back of the wooden letters with clear tape or superglue. Then decorate your initials with either your choice of colour or coat it with fabric or glitter, making sure the toothpick is hidden.
Step 6. Stuck the initials onto the Styrofoam ball.

 diy vintage ring bearer ideas

Step 7. You may accessorize the sundae cup with some ribbons or fabric tape.
Step 8. Your garden sundae ringbearer is now ready to house your rings to the alter!