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DIY Yarn Ball Boutonnieres

DIY Yarn Ball Boutonnieres

This project sent by Stephanie is a kid-friendly alternative to the traditional boutonnieres. It’s simple, easy to make and so adorable – specially when the flower girl has a matching yarn basket. Too cute for words.

 diy yarn boutonniere
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What you’ll need:

– Yarn
– Floral Wire
– Floral Tape
– Jewelry Pin
– Glue Gun
– Pencil
– Scissors
– Wire cutters

 diy yarn wedding ideas


Create mini yarn balls by rolling yarn around in a small ball pulling taught. Once ball is formed cut the yarn and glue end of the mini ball. With the pencil in one hand, wrap a piece floral wire (about 8 inches) around the pencil stopping about 2 inches from the bottom (leaving straight) . Slide the pencil out. Now you have a corkscrew. Put a piece of glue on the top of the corkscrew and insert into mini yarn ball. Make two of these. Bunch them together and wrap the ends with floral tape to make a “stem”. Glue a jewelry pin on the back.

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