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DIY Burlap Bag Ring Pillow

DIY Burlap Bag Ring Pillow

We’re wild about this DIY tutorial made as a collaboration between Blue Label vendor and etsy vendor Emily Zych of whichgoose — it’s a burlap ring pillow that’s both supremely easy to make AND super cute! Better yet, if you’re short on time or even burnt out on DIY projects, you can buy one of Emily’s ring pillows right here.

burlap bag ring pillow

For this project you will need:
-piece of burlap fabric or small burlap bag
-length of jute twine
-large plastic needle (big enough to string the twine)
-needle and thread

1. Cut one large piece of burlap material about 9 x 13″ or a small burlap bag

2. Fold each edge over about 1/2″ and press with a iron (you can also pin into place if an iron is not handy)

DIY burlap ring pillow

3. Fold the entire piece in half long ways.

4. Sew along two of the open sides. Make sure to leave one side open.

5. Stuff your pillow with any sort of polyfill filling and sew remaining side closed.

6. String a piece of jute twine on a large needle.

DIY burlap ring pillow

7. Poke needle through middle of pillow, and back up again about 1″ apart.

8. Tie two ends together in a knot.

9. Finish up with a bow!

burlap bag ring pillow

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  • Look I did something like that for my wedding too: http//! thank god for burlap!:D

  • I just did a wedding that had a lot of stuff like this. The bride and groom even made their own rings. His had the batman symbol on it. LOL. Well……….it was unique.

  • What a lovely idea. My fiancĂ© and I did the same thing with some lovely patterned material that we found in a little shop where we live, makes a beautiful little pillow!

  • What an amazing idea. My friend did something similar with some material she found in her loft. She ended up making the most beautiful little pin cusions you’ve ever seen. A great idea. Lovely little gifts too.

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