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DIY Wishbook

DIY Wishbook

This project sent by Sanja is DIY as it gets. She made her wedding guest book entirely from scratch – from the sheets of handmade paper to binding!

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What you’ll need:
– 3 sheets of printing paper
– 1 sheet of watercolor paper or heavy stock paper (you can find it here)
– half a handful of cotton wad
– 3 tissues
– 1 tbsp rosemary leaves (you can find it here)
– 1 tbsp lavender flowers (you can find it here)
– 5 cups water
– sisal craft twine (you can find it here)
– food processor
– rolling pin
– hole punch
– scissors
– glue

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 diy paper sheet album

 diy paper album book

The amount above is sufficient for 1 A4 sheet of recycled paper, or two 9×5 inch sheets for the wishbook. Depending on the wished quantity of sheets, increase the amounts of ingredients.
Step 1. Tear the paper into 1×1 inch scraps. Pull the cotton wad and tissues into similarly sized pieces. Mix. Add 4 cups of water. Heat the remaining 1 cup and pour over lavender flowers and rosemary leaves. Let it stand for 5-10 minutes to release the scents. Pour over the paper mixture. Let stand for at least one hour, or overnight.
Step 2. Pour the mixture into the food processor. Pulse until well-blended, resembling cooked oatmeal. Spread a 16×16 inch piece of linen. Pour the mixture over. Cover with another 16×16 inch piece of linen, and tap lightly with your hands, to arrange the mixture into a sheet. Roll the rolling pin over the sheet, to reach 0,2 inch thickness. Uncover and leave to dry (for approximately 1 day).
Step 3. During the first several hours, cover the sheet with linen and then with a towel, and roll the rolling pin across, so as to absorb the extra liquid.
Step 4. Once the sheet is almost dry, you can form different textures on it. Apply the wished motif and press (with books or other heavy items).
Step 5. When the sheet is dry, you may cut it into wished shapes and sizes. Sheets for this wishbook were cut into 9×5 inch pieces. When cut, punch two holes on each piece, and pull the twine through. You can use a rosemary sprig to tie the opposite ends of twine to it.

 diy wishbook

 diy wishbook hand letters
Step 6. For the title, use one of the scraps of paper and write the title on it. Slightly press with the pencil so as to imprint the title. Dab some glue into each of the letters and press the twine into the indentations.

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