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DIY Paint Stick Keychain

DIY Paint Stick Keychain

Maybe you’ll remember this paint stick table runner I made last year or this teaser I posted on Instagram? This year, with a woodburning tool in hand, I dug out a few paint sticks I had left to make keychains with an ikat pattern! These were originally going to go in my key holder to be used in those keys for odds ‘n ends, but I think they would make fun wedding favors as well.

– paint sticks or wood trim
– a drill
– paint color of your choice
– wood burning kit (I used this one)
– keychain rings (I recommend this kind)
– small saw
– sand paper

optional for place cards / escort cards:
– flag paper punch (from Paper Source)
– vellum and cardstock (from Paper Source)

Start out by sanding the paint sticks. Cut 2 inch pieces using a saw. Paint the wood pieces in the colors of your choice, let dry for a few hours. I used various paint samples and added white paint for the ombre greens, so if you have most of these materials, the cost is very low.

Once the wood pieces are painted and dry, stack a few in a pile and clamp them onto the edge of a work bench to drill holes on them. If you don’t have clamps handy, you can just drill the holes individually. These holes will serve the keychain rings.

Sand the edges and any chips created from drilling the holes. Apply a second coat of paint, this time to include the edges (or paint the edges in a contrasting color). Let dry for a few hours.

Using the diamond tip of your woodburning tool, begin stamping one side of your keychain in a brick pattern. Press the stamp from top to bottom onto the wood, in a half-moon motion.

If you prefer, apply a coat of lacquer spray to seal the paint. Let dry and add a keychain ring! These would make great wedding favors, and can double as place cards or as a seating chart. Here I used this flag paper punch + vellum paper.

You can also use chalkboard paint + write the names directly on the chips and use them as tags!

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  • This is a great idea cannot wait to give it a try as luggage tags !

  • I have a bunch of paint sticks left over from various paint projects that I’ve been looking for ideas for how to use them. I can’t even burn them because they have paint on them, so thank you for the inspiration!

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