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DIY Wood Frame Favors

DIY Projects

We’re not done with our woodburning tool just yet! These seating frames that Anniemade created for us is such a good twofer. It can be used as a seating card and guests can take them home as favors made just for them. Or using the same template, you can use it as a “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” gift. Annie will take it from here:

DIY Wood Frame Favors via

From Annie: We’ve all seen those inexpensive square wood frames at our local crafts stores. These beauties, with their attractive price tags and ready availability, are primed and ready for not one – but TWO, great Wedding DIYs.

With the same set of supplies, we’ll show you how to use a wood-burning pen to create some really unique and reusable pieces of wedding greatness.

Here’s what you need:

– Wood Picture Frames (ours are Square Frames with a 3.7 x 3.7” opening from Michael’s, often found in the dollar bin)
– Wood Burning Pen (ours is from here)
– Graphite Transfer Paper (ours is from here)
– Pencil with eraser
– Painter’s Tape
– Paper
– Cardstock for table numbers
– Scissors
Ruffled Editable PDF Template
Printable table numbers

DIY Wood Frame Favors via
diy favor frames

The First Way:

The Frames as Escort Cards with Table Assignments…

Step 1: Set up and print your templates

Leveraging Ruffled’s template PDF, fill out the file with the names of all your guests. Then, customize the Table Assignment squares with your own Table Numbers/Names.

When ready, print the frame templates with the names on regular computer paper (you’ll only use it for tracing). Then print the table assignment squares on regular paper or for a more finished look, on white cardstock.

Cut out the table assignment squares to fit in the middle of your frame and set aside til the end of the project.

DIY Wood Frame Favors via

Step 2: Transfer your name designs to the frames

Use a scissors to cut the frame with guest name template out so that it’s the size of your actual frame. Tape it to the top of the frame with painter’s tape.

Follow by sandwiching a piece of graphite paper (paper that’s basically a giant colored pencil), graphite side touching the frame, between the template and the frame itself.

Press down firmly with a pencil and trace the printed name design. When finished, you should be able to lift the paper and the graphite paper and see your design left behind- ready to trace with the wood-burning pen.

DIY Wood Frame Favors via

Step 3: Burn the Frame

With this font, we used an angled flat tip on the wood-burning pen. Plug it in and allow it to heat for 4-5 minutes before using. We also recommend wrapping the pen in a small towel to make it easier/less hot to hold as you “write.”

Set the pen to the design you transferred onto the wood. Embrace the angles and any straight lines you’re able to make as you press the hot tip to the wood.

Note: The longer you hold the pen in one place, the darker the burn will be and these frames burn quickly since the wood is soft. It’s a great idea to practice on a scrap piece of the same wood or the back of the frame- just to get a feel for how to move the pen. Other than the time factor, it’s basically as simple as using an angled brush pen.

diy favor frames via

Step 4: The Finishing Touches

Glide your hands over the wood-burned design to gently remove any remaining graphite. You could use an eraser, but we found that rubbing gently with our hands was enough to remove anything and not leave any eraser residue.

Now you’re all set – all you need to do is pop in the appropriate table number in the frame for each guests and set them out on a table. Your guests will love all the thought you put into their escort cards and enjoy taking them home as a special favor too.

diy favor frames via
diy favor frames

The Second Way: the frames as Bridesmaid Gifts or Bridesmaid Ask Keepsakes

diy favor frames via

Repeat the process as you would above, but instead leverage our PDF template for making the frames as Bridesmaid gifts.

Rather than printing table assignments, fill the center with a favorite instagram photo of you and your bridesmaid printed on photo paper.

You can give this as a final wedding party gift by just adding your bridesmaid’s name to the bottom. Or, you can use the second part of the PDF to add “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” to the top of the frame, wood-burned as you would the name, to create a special way to ask your girls to be a part of your big day.

However you do it, you’ll never look at those basic frames in the craft aisle the same way again!

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Follow our DIY Project board on Pinterest for more!

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DIY Paint Stick Keychain

DIY Projects

Maybe you’ll remember this paint stick table runner I made last year or this teaser I posted on Instagram? This year, with a woodburning tool in hand, I dug out a few paint sticks I had left to make keychains with an ikat pattern! These were originally going to go in my key holder to be used in those keys for odds ‘n ends, but I think they would make fun wedding favors as well.

– paint sticks or wood trim
– a drill
– paint color of your choice
– wood burning kit (I used this one)
– keychain rings (I recommend this kind)
– small saw
– sand paper

optional for place cards / escort cards:
– flag paper punch (from Paper Source)
– vellum and cardstock (from Paper Source)

Start out by sanding the paint sticks. Cut 2 inch pieces using a saw. Paint the wood pieces in the colors of your choice, let dry for a few hours. I used various paint samples and added white paint for the ombre greens, so if you have most of these materials, the cost is very low.

Once the wood pieces are painted and dry, stack a few in a pile and clamp them onto the edge of a work bench to drill holes on them. If you don’t have clamps handy, you can just drill the holes individually. These holes will serve the keychain rings.

Sand the edges and any chips created from drilling the holes. Apply a second coat of paint, this time to include the edges (or paint the edges in a contrasting color). Let dry for a few hours.

Using the diamond tip of your woodburning tool, begin stamping one side of your keychain in a brick pattern. Press the stamp from top to bottom onto the wood, in a half-moon motion.

If you prefer, apply a coat of lacquer spray to seal the paint. Let dry and add a keychain ring! These would make great wedding favors, and can double as place cards or as a seating chart. Here I used this flag paper punch + vellum paper.

You can also use chalkboard paint + write the names directly on the chips and use them as tags!

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DIY Monogrammed Cutting Board

DIY Projects

Custom cutting boards are the perfect host and hostess or newlywed gift. Today Annie of Anniemade is going to show us how to make a monogrammed cutting board. You can use any font or design you’d like with the help of transfer paper and a wood burning tool. Yes folks, time to dust off your wood burning project memories from school for this preppy chic gift!

DIY Monogrammed Cutting Board

Gifts for the kitchen are always a great choice for the bride and groom, and there’s nothing like a truly personalized gift. Today, we’re so happy to share with you how to take an ordinary registry item like a wood cutting board, and with just one inexpensive tool, turn it into a lifetime keepsake for the newlyweds!

Here’s what you need:

– Wood Cutting Board (ours come in a set of 3 from here)
– Wood Burning Pen with multiple nibs (ours from here; also sold at craft stores)
– Graphite Transfer Paper (used this one)
– Pencil with eraser
– Painter’s Tape
– Ruffled Cutting Board with Monogram Editable PDF Template (Download editable honeycomb monogram or Download editable monogram only for different size boards)

DIY Monogrammed Cutting Board

Using your template (you can download ours Download editable honeycomb monogram orDownload editable monogram only), print on a regular sheet of paper and trim according to the size of your cutting board. Tape the printed pattern and monogram sheet (facing upwards) to your cutting board with painter’s tape.

DIY Monogrammed Cutting Board
DIY Monogrammed Cutting Board

Slide a piece of graphite paper beneath, between the wood and the design, with the graphite (darker) side facing down and tape down the edges. This paper is essentially a giant colored pencil so as you press down, it will leave a trail of marks that are just as erasable as a pencil – perfect for tracing and transferring designs. Using your pencil, trace and press down firmly over each line and letter until you’ve gone over the entire paper. Once completed, remove both the graphite paper and the printed pattern.

You’ll see the design on the cutting board, ready to trace over with your wood-burning pen.

DIY Monogrammed Cutting Board

Time to trace the design with a wood burning tool. We used a multi-nibbed tool and used a flat angled nib for all the straight lines in this design. If using the same pen we used, allow it to pre-heat for 4-5 minutes and test the pen and different burning strokes on a scrap piece of wood to get used to it. When ready, carefully guide the pen over the wood, tracing over the graphite lines you created. The longer you hold the pen in place, the darker and bolder the line will be. The whole board took me about 20-30 minutes to do it but the straight lines were very easy to trace.

Erase the blue lines and wash your cutting board before using and you’re done!

DIY Monogrammed Cutting Board

DIY Monogrammed Cutting Board

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Check back next week for part II!

Project exclusively made for Ruffled. Anniemade is currently accepting bookings for custom wedding paper goods and projects.

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