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DIY Film Roll Place Cards

DIY Film Roll Place Cards

If you loved the escort/place cards from our Film and Lace wedding ideas as much as we did, you’re in luck! Gianna of Chic Celebrations, with gorgeous calligraphy by The Left Handed Calligrapher are here to help you make your very own film roll place cards. These could also be made as a menu for your guests! Thank you Krista Mason for the images once again.

DIY film roll wedding place cards
place card ideas

This can be done with old and new film canisters. If you like the vintage look, check out a local flea market. They are full of great finds and I spot these all the time! You can also buy reloadable blank film roll shells here for 89 cents each. On a strip of paper (not too thick, as it needs to have some flex to it), write out the table number and guest names. Measure your paper strips so they are not quite as wide as the film that was in the canister, ours was 1 1/4”. We chose black since it mimicked the film, but used white for the place cards.

film canister place cards

Gently push the paper into the canisters slit, where the film would usually be coming out of. Use the corner of your paper to start off and then straighten out. You will feel the paper bend around the spool on the inside.

krista mason photography film and lace wedding inspiration

Roll the paper until the table number is completely inside, but the guests name is still out. How fun for guests to be surprised at their table assignment. This idea can be taken so far too – invitations, menus, even a little thank you note.

krista mason photography film and lace wedding inspiration

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