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DIY Hanging Lightbulbs

DIY Hanging Lightbulbs

Some of you asked for a tutorial on how to make that gorgeous industrial lightbulb chandy that Gianna of Chic Celebrations made yesterday for Film and Lace wedding ideas shoot, and today you’re in luck!

diy hanging lightbulb chandelier

You will need:

  • chicken wire
  • 1×2 wood strips (at home improvement stores such as Home Depot, they can cut to desired size for you)
  • chain
  • small nails
  • 4 small hooks (to attach the chain onto each end of the wooden frame)
  • lamp kits
  • L brackets
  • liquid nails (or other wood glue for the frame)

diy lightbulb chandelier

Mount wood frame to desired size and secure the inner joints with L brackets. Stain or paint your frame if you’d like. Layer chicken wire over the top of your frame, and secure it with nails. This will help you divvy up the space between each lightbulb. Drill a hole on each end of the frame to attach the hooks, where the chain will mounted. From the bottom of your frame, thread your lamp kits through the wire mesh.

Be sure to check out the Film and Lace shoot captured bby Krista Mason in full right here!

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    • With lower voltage bulbs this could easily be wired into a junction box or two on a higher capacity dimmer switch, no need to worry about the plugs. Should be a simple project for any electrician to do.

  • Love this! But I’m wondering the same thing about the other ends of the cords…how does they all attach to the ceiling?

  • This looks like a doable diy project. Might not fit all home decors but it works well with that brick wall. Do I see an Edison bulb?

  • Hey!

    I love the design and am going to do the project for my new apartment…but am having a super hard time finding a place to buy the pendant lights…any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  • This is very nice, thinking an old picture frame could also be used, would save a little time and effort.

  • I’m looking to do something like this in a dorm. Is there a way to group all of the lights so I don’t have a dozen plugs? Without rewiring the electricity in my dorm?

  • got really excited when I saw this but it doesn’t actually tell you how to make it…
    What happens on the ceiling? i.e. where do those wires go and what is a ‘lamp kit’
    Ideally I want a way to have as many bare bulbs coming out of as little power supplies as possible if anyone knows :)!


  • You can get the lamp kits for relatively cheap (I think $5, including a bulb) at Ikea, they come in black and white and are designed to go along with their mix and match hanging shades, but they can be used on their own for something like this.

  • I am with the others… I LOVE this idea, and have a few pendant light kits that I purchased some time ago with the hopes of creating something similar. It would be great if you could post a picture of how you tied all of those lovely lights into a junction box AND made it look pretty.

  • im with the others ,how do you get all those wires into a celling junction box,plz show the how to thanks love it

  • Hi- This description seems rushed. You didn’t explain how you combined all 12 pendant light cords into one single cord. That is what I came here for! 🙂 I was thinking doing that many would be a power overload.
    Can you please explain? Thanks.

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