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DIY Confetti Save-the-Date

DIY Confetti Save-the-Date

In the spirit of New Year’s Eve (next month!), this confetti save-the-date project is a great way to kick off the holiday season. And if you needed any more convincing, it costs well under a dollar each to make them. Let’s see how Anniemade created them:

DIY Confetti Save-the-Date via

From Anniemade: Nothing says celebration more than confetti, so why not kick the party off right with this clever and bright save the dates?

With the use of a few hole punches, here’s a fabulous way to feature your engagement photos, photos of your wedding site, and send some fun to your guests from the get-go.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Supplies (to be adjusted per Save the Date quantity needed)

2.5″ hole punch
1″ hole punch
1/8″ hole punch
Baker’s twine
Tissue Paper or cardstock in different colors
8.5 x 11″ pieces of white cardstock
Printed Photos
Spray Adhesive
Glassine Envelopes

DIY Confetti Save-the-Date via

DIY Confetti Save-the-Date via


Prepping your circles

In Word Doc or similar, type your information to fit on 2.5″ circles (the font we used is from Google Web called Oswald). Print the amount you need for your save the dates onto cardstock sheets.

DIY Confetti Save-the-Date via

Punching your circles

Using your printed sheets, punch each circle out with your 2.5″ hole punch.

When finished, turn to your photos (we chose five different ones) and punch 2.5″ circles from each photograph.

If you’d like, you can use the excess 4×6″ photos to create abstract confetti to add to your envelopes. If you’re a whiz at the computer and want to make things even faster, you could also use digital or scanned photos to print many on one page of photo paper, digitally cropped to 2.5″ circles. Both of these suggestions are optional though.

DIY Confetti Save-the-Date via

Assembling the circle garland

Use spray adhesive to adhere each photo circle to each cardstock piece. When each combined circle is dry, use your 1/8″ hole punch to punch a hole on both middle ends of your cardstock circle.

Then tie small pieces of your bakers twine with a double knot on one hole. Connect the small piece to the next circle using the hole in that circle, creating a chain. We recommend beginning with “Save the Date” then tying to “The Wedding of” so the text reads left to right.

DIY Confetti Save-the-Date via
DIY Confetti Save-the-Date via

DIY Confetti Save-the-Date via

View step-by-step photos

If you’d like, amp up the confetti by punching 1″ holes from your favorite colors of tissue paper using the 1″ hole punch. Drop in a clear vellum envelope with your confetti chain save the date.

Your guests will pull out a whole lot of awesome when they get this fun heads up in the mail.

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  • cute idea, we had something like that but then in alllready fabric made years ago.
    i like this version because you know the following parts directly. Well done!!!
    thank you for the sharing and your greate tute;-D

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