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5 Essentials for Your Beach Wedding Welcome Bag

5 Essentials for Your Beach Wedding Welcome Bag

5 Essentials Beach Wedding Welcome Bag Cover

The heat index is peaking, The Beach Boys are blasting and fruity cocktails are making their appearance amidst tender sunset skies. Summer is a favorite season of mine for many reasons, but one of the biggest has to be the prevalence of beach weddings happening in destinations all over the world! We love seeing the luxe details couples are incorporating into their special day where sand meets sea – especially the creative, yet functional ingredients they’re including in their welcome bags! So as the sunny season is in full swing, I wanted to share my top 5 essentials to include in your beach wedding welcome bags. Let’s get started, shall we?

5 Essentials Beach Wedding Welcome Bag Cover
Photo by Melissa Marshall from this Tulum beach wedding

beach wedding first look
Photo by Duke Moose from this roundup of 5 first look alternatives

Tulum Beach Boho Wedding of our Dreams #tulumwedding #beachweddings #Mexicodestinationdwedding
Photo by Melissa Marshall from this Tulum beach wedding

Cure Hydration

First things first – recovery materials! Whether you’ll be partying all night long with your guests (and pals Jack, Tito and Bud) or you have guests traveling from destinations near and far, you’ll want to make sure they are well equipped with a natural hydrator to combat any hangovers, sickness or travel-related exhaustion. There are a lot of powders out there for “hangover remedies”, but we’d recommend Cure for a few reasons.

1) It’s effective! Cure contains 4x more electrolytes than your average sports drink, so we’ll just leave that fact there…

2) It’s all-natural. And y’all know we’re all for avoiding added sugars + artificial sweeteners. Cure is made from real foods including Organic Coconut Water, Pink Himalayan Salt and Lemon Juice (which brings me to my next point)

3) It’s liability-free. Since it’s made from real food, Cure is technically a food product, not a supplement. If you’re feeling a little iffy about giving “supplements” to your guests as a non-licensed pharmacist, you can alleviate that concern entirely with Cure.

4) Yum flavors. Between ginger turmeric, mixed berry and main squeeze lemon, these flavors are F-R-E-S-H!

5) The packaging is pretty darn cute! Welcome bag aesthetic is probably top of your mind, and rightfully so! Which is why it’s nice to not worry about repackaging your hangover remedy 85 or so times because Cure is already good to go with portable “stick packs” your guests can just tear and pour into their water bottles.

Cure is a no-brainer for a wedding welcome bag (especially in that summer sun that’s hot, hot, hot), but I digress… on to the next few items!


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tikki chic wedding in Cabo
Photo by Jessica Rieke Photography from this camel beach wedding

Turkish Towel or Pashmina

We love this idea, especially if you have guests staying for the whole weekend! They will love being able to take their Turkish towel out to the beach for some R+R or lounge upon it poolside with the latest Elizabeth Gilbert novel. If you’re worried about the breezy evening chill, a pashmina is a great alternative for the ladies!

Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas JillianMitchellPhoto
Photo by Jillian Mitchell from this roundup of wedding welcome bags

This coastal ceremony backdrop is to die for! #elopement #photographyworkshop #weddinginspo
Photo by Niki Rhodes Photography from this Oregon elopement inspiration

Sunscreen + Sunnies

We’ll consider this one item because, let’s face it, these are a dynamic duo if we ever saw one! It’s so easy to forget to pack sunscreen (and to apply it!), but it’s never been more important to keep your skin protected. Give your guests a gentle reminder by packing a tube of sunscreen in their welcome bag alongside some stylish sunglasses to keep them from having squinty eyes as you walk down the aisle!

bridal cape and feathered wedding dress and black groom suit
Photo by Jenny Smith & Co from this South-meets-Cali beach wedding

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Custom Koozies

For those ice cold refreshers your guests are sure to beeline for, we love the idea of personalized koozies in your primary wedding color with a monogram, crest or motif of the wedding venue (and your date!)

wedding ideas - photo by Adriana Morais
Photo by Adriana Morais Fotografia from this roundup of chic DIY wedding favors

This coastal ceremony backdrop is to die for! #elopement #photographyworkshop #weddinginspo
Photo by Niki Rhodes Photography from this Oregon elopement inspiration

Water Bottles

Again, bonus if they’re custom! If you’re already including your monogram or wedding crest on your koozie, perhaps replace the branded water bottle wrapper with a personalized one that reflects the pattern on your envelope liner, invites, day of goods, etc. Plus, your guests will be well-equipped to add Cure electrolyte powder (see above) to their water if they have a bottle in hand.

This coastal ceremony backdrop is to die for! #elopement #photographyworkshop #weddinginspo
Photo by Niki Rhodes Photography from this Oregon elopement inspiration

Welcome bags that are layered with love + careful thought, such as these 5 essentials, will be received with much gratitude. Believe me – I’ve been on both sides! It’s easy to get caught up with local treats and petite joys that are too cute for words, but remember to leave room for those items that have function too.

wedding ceremony setup with large palm tree
Photo by Jessica Bordner Photography from this Florida Keys destination wedding

You’re not sacrificing aesthetic with any of the essentials I mentioned, and it’s nice, as a guest, to not panic over having forgotten their sun-protectant gear and be late to your outdoor wedding because they’re stuck navigating an unfamiliar city for the nearest CVS. OR missing your post-wedding brunch because in their hungover, dehydrated state, they just can’t muster the energy. So if you have one take away from this roundup, let it be that beach weddings are awesome, but they level up to become an unforgettable experience when you get your guests one step ahead of the game via welcome bags that count!

This post was sponsored by Cure Hydration. All opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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