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5 First Look Alternatives For Sentimental Couples

5 First Look Alternatives For Sentimental Couples

First Look Alternatives Jane Iskra

PSA: These first look alternatives will make you emotional. And we consider ourselves pretty rock solid in the keeping-it-together department. Okay, who are we kidding? We’re a puddle over all things weddings. But in all seriousness, couples who have been on the fence about a first look will want to take note of these wedding ideas because the beauty is, you can still share a meaningful moment before the ceremony and stick to the tradition of first seeing your partner across the aisle.
same sex wedding first look with pink wedding dresses
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One of the greatest benefits of taking a pre-ceremony moment together like this is the solitude. Everyone says your wedding day will feel like a blur, and it’s true! Once you say “I do”, your guests will be clamoring for a time to congratulate and celebrate with you. So finding (and savoring) these quiet moments of togetherness will be worth your while.
magical spanish steps first look with long sleeve sparkly wedding dress
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beach wedding emotional first look
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1 | First Touch
Perhaps the most popular first look spin-off is the first touch. It may seem like a simple thing, but the anticipation will kick all your emotions up by 110% and make that actual first look as you process down the aisle that much more special. It’s a time for you to whisper sweet nothings and just be before the wedding festivities kick into high gear.
modern bridal fashion with turban and wedding cape first touch
Photo by Jane Iskra
first touch
Photo by Kenz & Nick Photography
2 | Heartfelt Serenade
If you have a musical soul, then what better way than to surprise your partner than with a sweet song close to your hearts? We’d venture to guess a personalized tune you wrote for that very moment would bring on some feelings of love, sweet love too šŸ˜‰
groom wedding serenade
Photo by Benj Haisch
wedding serenade with bride in babys breath halo
Photo by Levi Tijerina
3 | Thoughtful Wedding Gift
If you’d rather wait till the aisle march to be in the presence of your partner at all, exchanging wedding gifts while you’re finishing up the last of the primping is a sweet way to be there, but not really. Have your MOH take this task by the horns, or enlist your dog of honor to be the courier – with a bit of handholding, of course. If there’s ever a time for mushy love letters, this would be it. Couples often gift each other things they can use on the wedding day, be it perfume, a nice watch, cufflinks, etc. But don’t be afraid to get sentimental with it. This bride gifted her groom a personalized pair of shoes from the guy who designs NBA sneakers!
bridal robe wedding gift exchange
Photo by Justine Milton via Style Me Pretty
4 | Sweet Reading
Maybe you want to read your love letter in person, or maybe there’s a special religious passage you want to share in these final moments before you share your vows with each other and the world. Maybe you’d rather write wedding vows for this moment instead of the ceremony, keeping these words intimately between the two of you. No matter the type, these tender readings have us weepy every time.
personal wedding vows first look
Photo by Vicky Baumann
5 | Keep It In Your Party
Perhaps you’d rather share a first look with your bridal party, or even your parents, instead. 10/10 would recommend – the emotions are equally as powerful and the love just as strong. Plus, everyone loves a grand reveal so you really can’t have too many first looks, am I right?
long sleeve wedding dress and beige bridesmaid dresses first look
Photo by Feather and North
And of course, the classic first look is always a good idea… see for yourself! (And grab some tissues).
lavender wedding dress and navy groom suit first look
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adventurous couple mountain elopement first look
Photo by Maddie Mae Photo
ruffled tulle wedding dress
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If any of these first look alternatives strike your fancy, be sure to let us know in the comments! And if you and your partner are planning one we didn’t mention, tell us #allthethings. We wanna know!

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