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Cozy Mountaintop Wedding

Cozy Mountaintop Wedding

This Oregon wedding sent by Julie Randall Photography is truly unique. Kalisa and Mitch were married in a small lodge atop a snowy mountain, and their guests were transported there on snowcats! I’m having a bit of guest envy right now. How fun would that have been?

More from the bride, Kalisa:

We definitely wanted to have our wedding in a place that offered natural beauty, unique and allowed our 30 guests to experience somewhere they may never go on their own. It was important we had our wedding somewhere that didn’t require a lot of decorating to transform the place. We wanted a place that would be the main attraction and a place that would compliment our decor. We planned on making a lot of our decorations and such, so the place we found was perfect! A gift is what we wanted to give our guests who traveled to celebrate our love with us.


Mitch was searching on the internet for unique wedding destinations and we stumbled across Hood River and Mt. Hood in Oregon, so from there we found the Silcox Hut which gave us chill bumps looking at the photos. We knew that was the place the minute we saw the photos! The venue only allowed a max of 40 people, guests were transported by snowcat!, it’s a beautiful historically restored building that includes a beautiful lava rock fireplace and flooring and is absolutely breathtaking!

 Cozy winter wedding in Oregon

Unique, cozy, eccentric, intimate and adventurous are some adjectives that would describe our wedding. We didn’t have a theme per se, but we did make almost all of our decor.

 Paper flower and branches centerpieces
 DIY wedding invitations blind embossing pull up envelope
 vintage wedding dress

For our guest book, I drew all of our guests on canvas squares and sewed them on one large canvas that we stretched to hang on our wall as a piece of art so that we can forever remember our friends and family who joined us that day.

 Stitched hand drawn wedding guest book patches
 Hand stitched guest book fabric drawings
 DIY flower paper crafts weddings
 Mt Hood Oregon wedding
 snowy winter white wedding

We constructed a k+m board that hung above the fireplace from letters we bought at Anthroplogie with .50 cent scrap board from Home Depot and some twine.

 snowy Oregon wedding
 Silcox Hut winter intimate wedding

I made origami boxes that held thai bells for the guests to ring during the ceremony when it was official!!!

 intimate wedding ceremony indoors and paper origamis
 wedding ceremony benches set up

Me and some friends made all of the yarn balls and needle felted designs on them and felted birdies to hang on the Japanese Mitsumata branches for the centerpieces.

 polaroid wedding photo

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Polaroids! We made a picture hanging board from the same .50 cent board from Home Depot and hung twine, bells and yarn balls from. We wrote on the board: step 1 take a photo, step 2 write a message, step 3 hang it up and step 4 repeat. It was a lot of fun and wish we would’ve bought more film!! It was a hit.

 paper flower and willow branch centerpieces modern wedding decor ideas

A friend made all of the book flowers from an old Gandhi book. Our friend hand-wrote all of the menu cards and we adhered the book flowers to them.

 yarn balls wedding ideas
 wedding cupcake heart shape topping

Some advice from Kalisa:

Enjoy every second because the day will go by extremely fast! Try to take one hour to yourself the day of your wedding to just relax and think about all the wonderful moments you are about to endure, and all the people attending your wedding who are there to support and celebrate your love for one another. Take time throughout the evening to pause and take mental snapshots throughout the day/evening. It will be the most wonderful day of your life and don’t be surprised to be a little bummed when it’s over because it’s so much FUN.

Wedding Vendors (Mt. Hood, OR):

Wedding Venue: Silcox Hut / Photographer: Julie Randall Photography / Wedding Planner: Elis Byrne / Florist: By Sallie Mishler with flowers purchased from Tammy’s Floral Shop / Caterer: Timberline Lodge / Cake: Jaciva’s Bakery / Bride’s Dress: HB6953 by Saja / Bride’s Shoes: Tory Burch

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  • Love this wedding! Most of all because it was Mt Hood…It gave me chills just looking at all these great photos! I’d LOVE to learn how to make those paper flowers!:)

  • Although we specialize in painting watercolor designs by hand on stationery, accessories, and gifts for weddings of a tropical feel, I’ve got to say that this winter wedding is sooo intricate in its most intimate details! Kalisa seems extraordinary, and her advice at the end – to take a breather and really enjoy your shining moment – is flawless 🙂

    Looking forward to more tweets and inspiration from you, Amanda. Take care!


  • beyond adorable! those cute little paper trees are divine!

  • this is why i keep returning to your blog. that is absolutely… no words to describe it. i love it. love it. makes me wanna get married all over again.

  • This is so quirky, unique, and intimate. I love it! I love all the DIY details, just over flowing with personality!

  • This is just too lovely. What a beautiful celebration that’s not pretentious, not too overdone, and just right! Love it!

  • I loved the wedding! Where did you get the bells from? I have been searching in the internet for hours and found nothing 🙁 i want some!

  • Lovely!
    My wedding was wonderful, but I wish I had known this blog before getting married…I would inspire a lot with those posts.
    Everything looks so cozy on this wedding!

  • Hi Adriana!

    To address your question about the bells, Kalisa says: “I got the bells from my friend who is in the visual merchandising business. He got them from a store in New York that apparently is no longer in business; he got them for an event a couple years ago. We’ve been trying to locate a vendor that has them now, but are not having any luck.”

    So sorry, but I do hope you can find some bells that you love–or something equally as cool!

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