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20 Gorgeous Wedding Cakes for Winter Weddings

20 Gorgeous Wedding Cakes for Winter Weddings

white wedding cake with holiday winter wreath detail

As we prepare to close out the year, we wanted to add to the sugar rush with some winter wedding cakes that are as sweet as your favorite Christmas pie. We are blown away year after year over the sheer creativity from cake artists and we are crushing hard on these cakes and think you will too.

all white winter wedding cake

You know we love ruffles, so obviously an elegant all white cake by Tessa Pinner with dreamy ruffles is right up our alley. Photo by Chris Isham

white and gold winter wedding cake with Christmas tree accents

Talk about walking in a winter wonderland, am I right? We love this gorgeous white cake by HE CAXAP with the prettiest gold, silver and clear details.

tall winter wedding cake with drippy accents

Ohhh deep jewel tones and glittering gold are perfect for this winter season.
Cake by Canberra Wedding Cake Studio

adorable winter wedding cake with macaroon topper

Wintery details and macarons are truly a match made in heaven. Cake by Emazing Creations

dark and earthy winter wedding cake with butterfly details

Earthy cakes with a pop of butterfly life is giving US life today. Cake by Lyubov Ki

winter wedding cake dripping with golden details and floral accents

Caked dripping in gold and beautiful florals qualify as a few of our favorite things! Cake by Canberra Wedding Cake Studio

white and blue winter wedding cake with black accents

We love how elegant and moody this cake by Tessa Pinner feels with the classic blue and white cake with a black twist. Photo by Chris Isham

tall winter wedding cake with mismatched tier heights and a massive floral topper

I was wishing I could wrap my whole life up in 24 karats of gold so this cake knew it would find a place in my heart, am I right? Cake by Angela Rose Morrison

colorful winter wedding cake

The perfect burst of color in all the right places is perfect for this time of year as the backdrop is often all white. Cake by 10 Bloom Cakes

winter wedding cake with deep jewel tone florals

Deep reds and greens perfectly elude to the holiday season without going overboard so naturally we are all about this breathtakingly gorgeous cake by 10 Bloom Cakes.

tall brown winter wedding cake with earthy details

Fruity details and dried botanicals are our winter love language. Cake by Winifred Kristé Cake

donut hole wedding cake

Our holiday sweet tooth can’t get enough of this cake paired with donuts. We’ll take two, please! Cake by Celestial Cakery

two tier wedding cake with fig details

Yes, yes, and more yes! We love the earthy and organic details abounding in figs. So it FIGures we love this cake as much as we do. Cake by Megan Joy and Photo by Megan Wynn Photography

modern wedding cake with blue and white details and blue ombre

This cake perfectly captured the winter night sky we all know and love. The ombre effect and speckles of gold are so dreamy so we are shouting from the rooftops: “We do!” Cake by Cotton and Crumbs

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delicate wedding cake with floral details

Hello, gorgeous! This cake is perfect for the winter wedding that’s embarking on spring with a touch of new life in the delicate floral touches. Cake by Annie Pugmire and Photo by Heather Nan Photography

tiered all white wedding cake with lavender detailing in middle tier

This elegant cake is oozing winter vibes and we love the ruffle accents and minimalist lavender touch. Cake by Sugar Cloud Baking Company, Photo by Almond Leaf and Linen by Silk and Willow

stacked cookie cake with rose and greenery accents

So we love cookies, and we love cake so honestly this is a dream come true! Cake by Teeta Cakes

white and modern two tiered winter cake

We are forever mesmerized but this gorgeous modern cake that’s oh so perfect for winter. Cake by Sugar Cloud Baking Co, Photo by Almond Leaf Studios, Planning, Design, and Styling: Alise Taggart and Florals by: Floressence Flowers

naked cake with reindeer details and christmas tree accents

Ok so this is precious! We love the minimalist look with the cutest little reindeer detailing. Cake by Cupful of Kale

white wedding cake with holiday winter wreath detail

How perfect is the winter wreath detail on the cake? #Swoon. Cake by Amy Swann and Photo by Jessica Reeve

Seriously, don’t these gorgeous winter wedding cakes satisfy your sweet tooth? I mean I was eating while scrolling through, but nevertheless… How amazing were these sugary confections? If you’re in looking for nonstop wedding inspo, or just all things pretty, follow us on Pinterest! If you’re looking for some more sweet inspiration, then this gorgeous cake table should be next on your list.

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