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10 Bridal Ring Styles to Drool Over

10 Bridal Ring Styles to Drool Over

It’s no secret that a diamond engagement ring is timeless – and do we love fawning over their sparkle. But today the engagement + wedding ring game is getting more and more impressive. From the twist on the tradition that fancy cuts offer to the beloved halos – there’s something for every bride-to-be and style. Today we’re partnering with Jared to share 10 Engagement + Wedding Ring styles that are here to stay.

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Jared is so beyond than just he went to Jared; it’s their personal customer service that for years has set them apart from competition. They carry exclusive designs from top designers like Neil Lane, Vera Wang, and more. If you’re not able to fall in love with a ring that’s in stock, you can take advantage of their full custom design service they have in every store! Like all of Jared’s jewelry pieces, any Jared diamond engagement ring comes with the guarantee that all of the diamonds are hand-inspected and are of the finest quality.

10 Engagement Rings Styles to Drool Over -
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10 Engagement Rings Styles to Drool Over -

5. Diamond Engagement Ring 1 ct Oval, 6. , 7. , 8. , 9. Neil Lane Bridal Set

In addition to being experts on what’s popular in engagement rings, Jared also continues to innovate to offer guests new and exciting options. They have recently launched Chosen by Jared a diamond line that is exclusively refined, cut and polished by their own experts.

With Jared’s new and unparalleled Chosen by Jared line, the process of selecting the jewels for this collection start with the diamond in its purest and roughest form and from there, is refined in Jared’s own facility where it is also lasered, cut, and polished to perfection. With the GIA Certificate Number your engagement ring will come with, you can search for specific information about your own diamond.

Chosen by Jared is currently available in select stores, but starting in October this option will be available in all stores. Find a participating store on their website, and happy ring shopping!

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