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THIS Is What Happens When Your Beau And AI Join Forces To Pick Your Engagement Ring

THIS Is What Happens When Your Beau And AI Join Forces To Pick Your Engagement Ring

cushion cut engagement rings

You don’t have to twist my arm to look at engagement rings, but I’ll be honest with you, it is like a full on scavenger hunt out there to find the perfect one. Amidst all the cuts + carats and stunners filling your Instagram and Pinterest feeds every day, it’s all. so. good. Which is why it’s not uncommon to start feeling overwhelmed early on in the engagement ring search. So brace yourself, because this next sentence might just change your life. Or at least save you endless hours of stress, confusion and trips to multiple jewelers. Digital diamond expert extraordinaire, ROSI, is the future of engagement ring shopping. The first of its kind in our big blue world, and soon-to-be the first in your heart, this is the kind of magic that happens when AI joins your SO to pick your engagement ring.

cushion cut engagement rings

Let me elaborate. ROSI is essentially a personal shopper with an IQ of 8000 and a masters in gemology. Using a pretty clever algorithm and AI technology that’s out of this world, ROSI scales down the 60,000 diamond inventory at your disposal to show you those specific GIA-certified diamonds that are the best match for YOU based on the information + preferences you provide. Hello, new best friend!

round engagement ring with a brilliant cut diamond

ROSI is the brainchild of RockHer, an online jewelry retailer with a penchant for artisan engagement rings that are celebrated by couples all over the world. They’re bringing a whole new meaning to the word clarity (see what we did there), which becomes evident when you try ROSI out for yourself.

bespoke engagement rings

The steps are easy as 1-2-3:

1. Pick a shape
2. Enter your budget
3. Filter by your preferences

We wouldn’t hesitate to spend a whole day lost in the wonderful world of RockHer engagement rings… after all, every single one they create is bespoke. Style, size and overall fit are made to order with 3D previews of the diamond that let you inspect every little facet of the ring before making the final commitment. Limitations? What does that word even mean?!

cushion cut engagement ring

Even through a virtual shopping experience, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to choose your unique engagement ring wisely, efficiently and frugally. Furthermore, if comparisitis is one of your things, and hey, we’ve all been there, you can use their Compare Your Diamond tool to glimpse how any other diamond measures up against their inventory.

round engagement ring with diamond halo

I’m in love with the shape of you

For the perpetually indecisive, choosing the diamond shape + style combo that’s practically perfect in every way might just stump you. At least one constant remains true – with the thousands of styles available at RockHer, you’re bound to find the one. A few of our favorites include…

three stone engagement ring

Three Stone Engagement Rings

An elegant symbol of past, present and future (and in many cases, friendship, love and fidelity), this classic engagement ring shape always draws our eyes. Though it’s been around for quite some time, gracing the ring fingers of beloved figures like Kristen Bell, Katie Lee and most recently Meghan Markle, modern romantics are looking to this style once again. The beauty is, you can choose a trilogy of the same stones or mix the shapes entirely. And RockHer’s unique three stone engagement rings are the beginning of everything.

oval engagement ring

Oval Engagement Rings

All hail the striking oval diamond, whether encircled with smaller gems or making a statement in its own right. Oval engagement rings have been growing in popularity these past few years, and it’s easy to see why the “elongated round” has been sweeping the world like wildfire. RockHer boasts an extensive collection of this ring style – the magnificent Dylan amongst them.

pear shaped engagement ring

Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Another style that’s majorly on our radar is the pear shape. With a teardrop silhouette, we’re fascinated by the way this contemporary ring style carries light and full-fledged glamour. Distinctive, yet delicate, pear shaped engagement rings are an excellent choice for those who seek a variation of the traditional brilliant cut that’ll have everyone talking.

diamond wedding band

We’ll be honest, these bespoke engagement rings have us floored. Not only because there are diamond styles to choose from for DAYS, but also because RockHer offers so much guidance along the way to connect you to that perfect piece. The forward-thinking ROSI Personal Ring Shopper seamlessly selects options based on your preferences in order to give you the all the benefits of an over-the-counter shopping experience from the comfort of your living room.

bespoke engagement rings

Ready for the cherry on top? RockHer has a special deal for Ruffled readers! Choose your perfect engagement ring using ROSI here and then leave the tab open with coupon code RUFFLED35 for bae to use at checkout and get 35% off any engagement ring setting. It just happened to be opened to that page of course 😉

This post was sponsored by RockHer. All opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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