The Biggest Trend in Men’s Wedding Bands

Wooden Wedding Rings Trend 17

A unique fashion trend is hitting the world of men’s wedding bands, and y’all best prepare yourselves for some serious creativity. Let me introduce you to the fascinatingly original concept of wooden wedding rings. Eco-friendly, durable and pretty darn customizable, there’s a reason more couples are taking advantage of this alternative to the traditional metal bands. Not only do sources like employ salvaged materials which would please even BBC nature narrator David Attenborough, the material itself encourages creativity. Over 70 different types of wood are at your disposal, meaning gone are the days of what’s expected. 

Wooden Wedding Rings Trend 18

We’ve talked your ears off about how we love the focus on personalization in modern weddings, and the fashion is no exception. Have a tree you shared your first kiss beneath? Why not use its wood as a sign of your everlasting love? Or maybe one of your favorite memories together is that romantic trip to Tuscany. Show off some olive wood on your left finger for life! You can go so far as to send them the physical materials you’d like incorporated as well if you’re a sentimentalist at heart. And it’s not restricted to wood alone! They can turn significant rocks, pebbles or even sand even into beautiful inlays. has shown UP with a section on their site explaining which tree stands as a symbol for each month (and what the deeper meaning is), in case you want to nod to a significant date like the wedding or anniversary. 

Let’s talk about the design options for these men’s wedding bands in particular though. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you the lingo! 

Solid Wooden Rings

Wooden Wedding Rings Trend 05
Red Oak Wooden Ring

Solid Wooden Rings | Cut from a solid piece of wood, these smooth rings are given a beeswax finish (though you can opt for a glass-like waterproof finish for extra durability if you’d like) and are the most economical wooden ring option. 

Layered Wooden Rings

Wooden Wedding Rings Trend 09
Maple, Oak & Osage Wood Ring

Layered Wooden Rings | Cut from solid wood and layered with multiple wooden grains for a more dynamic look – another great economical option!

Metal & Wooden Rings

Wooden Wedding Rings Trend 13
Olivewood and Stainless Steel Wooden Ring

Metal & Wooden Rings | Metal ring core (translation: sterling silver, stainless steel, copper, cobalt, tungsten or gold) combined with a wood veneer for a look that gives you the best of both worlds

Bentwood Wooden Rings

Wooden Wedding Rings Trend 01
Birch Wooden Ring Bentwood Set

Bentwood Rings | Wood bent in a circle (easy enough to remember!) and laminated for strength – the structural integrity is the real deal in these rings, and they are hand-crafted with meticulous care

Aside from the obvious visual allure of these modern bands, men’s wooden rings are a plus because…

  1. They can be made quickly (3-5 days woop woop!) 
  2. They come with a lifetime warranty that includes complimentary refinishing
  3. They’re durable and incredibly waterproof
  4. They can be customized to no end with over 70 types of wood from every continent AND over 30 inlay options including metals, meteorites and fossils to name a few

Heck, if you have an inkling that a wooden engagement ring might be right for you too, these just might be the perfect fit. And you can customize the width of the band to your liking as well! 

Wooden Wedding Rings Trend 17
Photo by Kristina Adams

Wood rings are on the up + up in the world of men’s wedding bands, that’s for sure. And I’m sure after seeing these real life examples, you can agree they’re here to stay! Head over to to browse your favorite styles or dream up a personalized option now – they even have a ring sizing tool for extra measure. Pun intended 😉 

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