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DIY Hershey Kiss Dotted Backdrop

DIY Hershey Kiss Dotted Backdrop

Behold, the ultimate dessert + candy buffet table backdrop! Oh the possibilities when you have Hershey Kisses in all colors of the rainbow and pegboard sheets. This DIY dotted backdrop was inspired by brushed dot patterns and our new found obsession for painterly and irregular shapes. And these treats, friends, don’t even need to be glued on!

DIY Hershey Kiss Pegboard Backdrop -

This is another DIY project we created for , which you can also find it on their page! This backdrop can be designed in many different ways (initials, big red heart, geo shapes and more), and all you need is two materials.

What you will need:

Pick out any colors you like! This project is all about your choice and your style. We used:

(colors we used were black, silver, red, purple, green, light green, blue, light blue and orange)
2 2×4′ Pegboard Sheets
White Butcher Paper (I have a roll of 36″ Butcher Paper from Paper Mart)
Tacky Glue Spray
Masking Tape (white)
Something to punch the paper, I used this embossing tool from Fiskars

DIY Hershey Kiss Pegboard Backdrop -

How-to instructions and tips in the step by step slideshow below:

[floslider id=”653827″]

And that’s really it as far as the DIY part goes! Have fun placing Hershey Kisses colors at random or play with shapes or letters. We were inspired by pattern play and colorblocking, so you can see how easily you can change it up to make your own!

DIY Hershey Kiss Pegboard Backdrop -

DIY Hershey Kiss Pegboard Backdrop -

DIY Hershey Kiss Pegboard Backdrop -

Thank you Hershey’s for partnering with us! You can find more .

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