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Your Wedding Style According to Your Zodiac Sign

Your Wedding Style According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Zodiac signs are believed to affect all the aspects of life, from personality to lifestyle to career choice. If you believe in star signs, arranging your wedding aesthetics according to your zodiac sign would be a whole lotta fun, and perhaps it can help you have a happy married life forever. To try the zodiac sign wedding, you don’t have to do much as we have listed out the wedding aesthetics matched with each zodiac sign. So check them out and have fun planning for your upcoming wedding!

Here’s How to Match Your Wedding Aesthetics with Your Zodiac Sign #zodiacweddingideas #weddingplanningtips #choosingweddingtheme

Photo by Shaun Menary Photography from this Arlington Hall wedding

Here’s How to Match Your Wedding Aesthetics with Your Zodiac Sign #zodiacweddingideas #weddingplanningtips #choosingweddingtheme
Photo by Alexandria Monette from this celestial bohemian wedding

Pisces: The Beach Wedding

Pisces is considered to be one of the most romantic sun signs and hence, you are always starry-eyed. To make your dreams come true, you would love to have a wedding near sea. A beach wedding could bring all the joy and happiness for you, and to make it more appropriate, you can have driftwood altar, Sperry tent and petals all around the venue and aisle.

Here’s How to Match Your Wedding Aesthetics with Your Zodiac Sign #zodiacweddingideas #weddingplanningtips #choosingweddingtheme
Photo by White Diamond Photography from this Tamarindo beach wedding

Aquarius: The Festival Wedding

Music fest themed weddings have gained lot of popularity in recent years, and your warm, fun-spirited soul would gel well with this style of wedding. Saying goodbye to old traditions may sound difficult, but the Aquarius star sign calls for whimsical, cost savvy and free-spirited wedding celebrations. Delectable food trucks, flower crowns, a tepee dance party and rad band is all you need to feel delighted during your wedding ceremony.

scarf canopy boho wedding installation
Photo by Raquel Benito from this free spirited warehouse wedding

Aries: DIY Wedding

When it comes to a zodiac sign wedding, Aries should remember that they are warriors and hence the wedding aesthetics that would suggest strength and grit are the best fit for them. So an industrial-inspired fete would be the perfect match for the Aries sun sign. With DIY touches, they can meet their creative cravings too.

Taurus: The Barn Wedding

A Taurus is a lover of nature, and they feel eternal peace when surrounded by it. Not confined to indoor spaces, the Taurus inspired wedding often includes all the natural elements like natural wood, greenery and everything that depicts nature. They love to incorporate handcrafted and organic details in their ceremonies, as well.

Cancer: Intimate Wedding

People born under this sun sign love everything that has a vintage feel attached to it. For this reason, a vintage style intimate wedding is the most ideal for Cancerians. In the presence of their closest family and friends, they love a meaningful wedding ceremony studded with everything that has emotional value to them. Vintage wedding fashion and heirloom memories are essential ingredients for their wedding.

Valentine's wedding bicycle
Photo by Nicole Sarah Photography

Leo: Luxury Drama

Big day means big drama for big cats! People born under the zodiac Leo love everything extravagant + over the top; and hence, their wedding planning often involves firework displays, lots of people, whimsical decoration, pops of color and everything that has the word drama attached to it. Even the invitation designs have to be something extraordinary and unique!

Gemini: Theme Weddings

Do you know that Geminis are complete foodies? Well, it should come as no surprise that Gemini weddings typically involve lots and lots of food. Other than this, they crave a unique identity, so a theme-based wedding often appeals to them. Since Geminis love to travel, the idea of having a destination wedding followed directly by a honeymoon is always a great thing for them.

Old Bay Seasoning wedding escort card display
Photo by Jodi & Kurt Photography from this decadent Maryland wedding

Virgo: Micro Wedding

Virgos are the most methodical sun sign, and they try to pull everything together with proper planning. The aesthetics of their zodiac sign wedding are often divine, but within a budget. Attended by just a handful of close friends and family, they include a gorgeous meal, unique wedding invites and jaw-dropping décor. When it comes to the wedding venue, they love to be surrounded by nature, so a forest or vineyard location often seems right to them.

Here’s How to Match Your Wedding Aesthetics with Your Zodiac Sign #zodiacweddingideas #weddingplanningtips #choosingweddingtheme
Photo by David & Kathrin Photography and Film from this mountain elopement

Libra: Hearty Wedding

Libras has a unique style sense that is absolutely effortless, and when it comes to their wedding, they just love to celebrate with lots of pomp and show. People under the Libra sign love to enjoy a trendy and hip wedding ceremony. The wedding is often held in fairy barn with all the classic wedding aesthetics, detailing and decorations.

ranch style rehearsal dinner in clear tent
Photo by Jaimee Morse Photography from this stylish rehearsal dinner

Scorpio: The Winter Wedding

Scorpios are fierce, passionate and lovers of privacy. Hence, their nuptials are often intimate weddings in the presence of few friends and relatives. Since they feel more confident about their birth month, they often have a wedding during the winter, resulting in aesthetics that are chic and slightly dramatic (in a good way!) They have a penchant for edgy details too.

Here’s How to Match Your Wedding Aesthetics with Your Zodiac Sign #zodiacweddingideas #weddingplanningtips #choosingweddingtheme
Photo by Plum & Oak from this winter wedding inspiration

Sagittarius: Destination Wedding

With their nomadic nature, a destination wedding is a no-brainer. This allows the Sagittarius to try out various worldviews, cultures, traditions, food and lots more. Even if their budget does not allow them to have a destination wedding, they try their level best to have one. If they are having a local wedding for any reason, their wedding aesthetics are sure to imitate various foreign cultures and flavors.

Here’s How to Match Your Wedding Aesthetics with Your Zodiac Sign #zodiacweddingideas #weddingplanningtips #choosingweddingtheme
Photo by Sotiris Tsakanikas from this Santorini wedding

Capricorn: The White Wedding

Rooted in family, Capricorns love to have a tasteful and timeless wedding with all the formality, tradition and culture infused in it. A formal ball, wintertime wedding, elegant decor and nods to antiquity are the key ingredients and aura of the star sign wedding of Capricorns. When it comes to the wedding venue, they often opt for a botanical garden, yacht club or country club.

Here’s How to Match Your Wedding Aesthetics with Your Zodiac Sign #zodiacweddingideas #weddingplanningtips #choosingweddingtheme
Photo by Sandy and Odysseas Photography from this chic Mykonos wedding

Here’s How to Match Your Wedding Aesthetics with Your Zodiac Sign #zodiacweddingideas #weddingplanningtips #choosingweddingtheme
Photo by winter marsala bridal inspiration

Guest post by Saurabh Agarwal  of IndianWeddingCards.

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