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5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Exit Toss Ideas & Where to Buy Them

5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Exit Toss Ideas & Where to Buy Them

bride and groom smile as they walk down the aisle while guests throw rice

To celebrate Earth Day today, we’re rounding up 5 different exit toss ideas that are biodegradable, eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional rice toss while you may be planning your wedding from home at this time! So if you’re wanting the moment for yourself while being environmentally conscious, we’ve got you covered! Because we love mother nature, we’ve rounded up 5 eco-friendly wedding exit ideas and where you can buy them.

Eco Friendly Toss Ideas Roundup 3
Photo by Aaron Delesie with production and event design by Lisa Vorce Co.  and floral and event design by  Mindy Rice

1. Lavender

We love all things lavender not only for its calming scent but because it’s pretty and easy to come by! As for how much each guest should have on hand to toss, you’ll want to use at least 1/2 cup per person and place on each chair at your ceremony or hand out at the end of your reception. Talk about speaking to all 5 senses, a lavender toss is like a signature scent for your wedding day!

Ilaria Andrea Submission
Lavender and dried petals from this Italian wedding captured by Serena Genovese

2. Leaves

Number one reason we love this option? It’s FREE! Whether you’re wanting to use whole leaves or use an adorable cutout that matches your theme, leaves are a great eco-friendly exit idea because well, they come from the earth. I think we can let you figure out where to find leaves on your own. 😉

olive leaves wedding toss
Olive leaves for ceremoy toss from this family-style wedding in Tuscany captured by Lindsay Madden Photography planned by Chic Weddings in Italy

3. Dissolvable Confetti

Let’s be honest, people use confetti because it’s SO much fun and gorgeous in photos. So if you’re on the hunt for dissolvable confetti, we created this DIY biodegradable shimmer confetti we shared a while back! This is a great replacement option for fresh petals since some venues might not allow for them to remain on the grounds. Usually, the grass can be killed before the petals can fully decompose, so some venues will either not allow them at all or require for them petals to be cleaned up at the end of the day.

Eco Friendly Toss Ideas Roundup 2
Photo by N Barrett Photography with planning by Summerfield at Tate Farms

4. Dried Flowers

If you have your heart set on being showered by flowers, a good alternative to silk or fresh is to use dried flowers for your ceremony toss. Much like dried leaves, these pretties biodegrade fast and add an explosion of color!

brides kiss as confetti falls around them
Dried flower toss | photo by Roxane Nicolas

Photo by Lindsay Madden Photography from this Family Style Wedding in Tuscany

5. Herbs

Herbs make for both an eco-friendly exit option and a meaningful one. I know we already mentioned lavender specifically which can symbolize luck, but there is also sage which can symbolize long life, and mint for wisdom. It will be as if your guests are throwing lots of good vibes your way. Literally. This DIY option can be pre-set on chairs in paper cones, or can even be a station where guest can make their own toss blend!

Eco Friendly Toss Ideas Roundup 1
Photo by Sally Pinera with planning by DM Events

And there you have it, folks! They don’t even have to be something you toss necessarily – ribbon wands from upcycled fabric, vintage brass bells and flutterfetti are other wedding exit alternatives to consider too. So while you’re working your way through your ceremony or reception checklist, you can ensure mother nature’s stamp of approval with these eco-friendly wedding exit options.

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